Wednesday, December 19, 2007

NYC Christmas Update

Dear Friends and Family,

I am here in Harlem on the upper East side where I've been living since Sept. 15th. I am on staff with Youth With a Mission. It's been hard and good and stretching. God has been showing me more of Himself and His love for me.

One of the things I've been learning about is humility...which is not the same as humiliation. Humility is knowing who you are in God. Knowing who He says you are...not more than that or less than that. Anything other than that is pride.

Last night I met up with some other Christians near Times the cold and we sang Christmas carols behind a live nativity. Ok...half alive nativity...Joseph and Mary were real and some of the time baby Jesus was too...(he was switched out with a doll part way through.) There were 3 sheep hanging out there to but they happened to be stuffed...but almost if not life sized. I ended up singing with other believers from My church, Morning Star NY and people from other churches joined us too. It was COLD out there. BUt it was good and fun. We sang mostly true Christmas Carols...the ones that are truly "Christmas" oriented in the sense of telling about Jesus the reason of Christmas:)

Late last night one of the girls heard water running and thought it was our dehumidifier and eventually we looked up and there was a leak and water drippin' through the ceiling and a the water just kept spreading along joints in the ceiling where walls from the 2nd floor meet the ceiling. I tried calling my leader Tom but couldn't get him, he was already in bed so one of the students, Lissie and I walked up the street to get him. We tried ringing the door bell over and and over again. And no one was coming. I was like we need to pray that Jeremy comes down... And Jeremy happened to be downstairs (which he doesn't really do-he lives on the 4th floor in the same apartment as our leaders) and heard when Lissie knocked on the door which she only did one time! So God even made a way for us to get in contact with Tom by causing Jeremy to be downstairs at the right time to hear Lissie knock on the door. It was a team effort. So Tom came down and dealt with it.

I'll be goin' home for break on Saturday. Than we'll all return on the 30th. Outreach begins! The 31st of December, New Years Eve we'll be joining another ministry and helping to pass out 2008 Gospels of John near Times Square!

We have about 3 months of outreach. Two of the months we'll be in NYC. The other month some of us may be in Jamaica, and some in San Fransisco...we're still not sure. God will open and close the doors He wants us to go through.

So we, YWAM-Manhattan are almost done our Lecture Phase, when we've been discipled hardcore. It's been good and challenging and stretching. We're about to embark on a differnt type of Journey of Learning about God and making him known. Now it's our turn to go out into all the world and make disciples. Our target age we hope to work with is Jr. High-High School.

Please keep us in your prayers! Write me and tell me what' s goin' on in your life too...any ways you want me to pray?

I love you guys! Merry Christmas!!!
Enjoyin' where He has me, Marie