Tuesday, January 25, 2011

something borrowed, something blue and something mustard!

yellow flower: handmade by me
necklaces: borrowed from my sister (vintage locket from Grammie)
blue denim tunic: borrowed from my sister
striped sweater: borrowed from my sister
belt: thrifted, borrowed from my sister
skinny pants: Old Navy $15
leather Brazilian booties: $2
vintage ring: thrifted $6

The last 3 days, Saturday, Sunday and now today I've been borrowing my sister's clothes. It's been fun :)  She has a nice collection of clothes and quite a collection of jewelery. Like myself she has several pieces from my grandmother.  

Today I didn't do much.  Life has been crazy and difficult recently. Maybe I'll post more about it later.  

Lord willing I will be going up to Mass. at the end of the week with my brother.  We won't be there long. I hope this is how it works out. That we'll drive up or Greyhound it up on Friday than come back Monday.  I am toying with the idea of staying longer since I don't until Thursday of next week.  I will work Thursday of this week though.

I need to work on my sisters invitations tonight. :)

If you are a person of faith, please pray for my family and for my extended family.  Thank you.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dorothy Shoes

So I posted about finding these beauties last weekend with my brother.  They are so Dorothy of Wizard of Oz.  Such a whimsical find.  They are vintage, leather, red, and they have these adorable bows.  But they don't quit fit me.

I wear size 7 1/2 these are a tad too big.  Wasn't sure if I was gonna keep 'em or not.  Not, is the decision. I posted them today on my Etsy shop.  I think they are super cute and unique.
Today has been a weird day. Normally Saturdays are my Sabbaths, think sleep in and be lazy/on the computar all day, maybe watch a movie.  Today I cleaned our bathroom, did the dishes, swept the kitchen floor. Took pictures of my "Dorothy Shoes." Edited them and posted them on Etsy.  Sometimes just being lazy is less fun then doing some work :)  Silly me huh? :)

I did stay in my pjs all day though. About to go and take a shower! :) 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wedding dress shopping, and more

This is my baby sister, Krista. She's getting married at the end of May!! Wow! It's exciting, but also sad. Cus' she'll move away and she won't belong to us the same way anymore.  When I was little I wanted a little sister so that I could play barbies with her. God gave me Krista!  

Here's a number of pics of my sis trying on dresses and me having fun photographing her. Shouldn't she go into modeling? She's one of the most beautiful people I know, inside and outside.

I'm proud of her and love her so much.  I'm her maid of honor and favorite sister (ok she's only got one ;) We had the chance to go to David's Bridal yesterday. it was like a 1 1/2 hour drive!

These are some choice pictures of her in different dresses. I purposefully didn't post the pic of the dress she will get or have made like it.  I also didn't post the dress I'll be buying on purpose too.

Shh, it's a secret.  You'll haveta wait until after the wedding day ;) to see what we wore.  

Yesterday was a long day that was dedicated to wedding preperation
What was accomplised

1. Design/style of dress decided on, check.
2. my dress decided on, check.
3. shoe style for maids, check
4. 3 dress options for flowergirl to choose from
5. a suggestion for dresses for "ladies in waiting"
6. All the materials bought and collected for invitations (we had some materials already at home), did I not tell we we will make the 200 invitations by hand!!!! OMW! (Oh my word!)
7. came home and started making them

phew!  I got to bed maybe between 12:30 and 1am last night and boy am I tired today! Yesterday was a full and very good day; we got a lot accomplished! God blessed the day, that's for sure!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

keyed up

After lunch I dragged my brother to a local park to get these shots. There's this cool bridge over a stream I had my mind on.  He got some great shots! Thanks Adam!  Maybe it's cus he's left handed and uses his right brain and yes maybe he takes better pics than I do.  I wish he'd be my regular photographer.  Mom does a pretty good job too.  

I was insecure that this outfit was too young. But I like it.  It's really fun.  And I really like my new $3 pink key shirt. It has some great details. I admit I really enjoy clothes and being creative in putting them together!  It's another way to use my creativity. 

The other day my sister said I should go into design. I'd love to.  In some ways I feel wiser than my years and have since I was younger. But in other ways I feel like a late bloomer.  I think I'm a bit of an "Orchid" personality. I have to have the right type of environment to really bloom completely. To be myself. I do have fears that keep me back. And also soo many different desires!

 I think Orchids need the right type of soil. And as I'm writing I realize that if I'm planted in God He will help me bloom.  The nutrients of His love will be my food.  And I can explode into an amazing blossom :) 

What are some of your dreams?  That for whatever reason you hold back on?

boots: $1/$2 thrifted
over the knee socks: $3, NEW! Steve Madden
brown tights: Gabriel brothers?
skirt: free from a friend
pink key shirt: $3 NEW! Gabriel brothers  (I love it!)
turquoise shrug: free, from my sis
scarf: from my sis
earrings, ring bling, vintage key: borrowed from sis
chain: gifted, from another necklace
grey wool cloche: $6 Gabriel brothers
brown men's leather belt: Old Navy $1 yard sale 

total: $15

Lunch with Adam

This was our last hurrah of sorts before Adam goes back to school. I was feeling sad some earlier today because he's leaving.  He will drive back to Liberty tomorrow am.  We decided last night that we'd go into town and have lunch.  

We hit up this little Burger Shop, "3 brothers burgers." This was our first time going. It was good with reasonable prices. I got a hamburger add lettuce, tomato, onion and cooked mushrooms. I was sooo hungry, low blood sugar!  Can you see my relief and happiness to be eating? Top left pic of me I look like a little kid that is about to eat. Have you ever been around a little kid that's practically laughing and crying 'cus they are about to eat? (That's me, almost ;)  

Ohh and my brother paid for my lunch as an early bday gift! I came back from the ladies room and the ticket stub was gone, he'd just been at the cash register he gave me a smirky smile and I was like "I need to pay." And he told me he already had. Blessed my little heart.  

We were passing one of my favorite thrift stores, Salvation Army. I asked if I could go in for 5mins. He really didn't want me to stop and go in. (I can honestly take ALONG time in a store/thrift store.) And I was telling him I really wouldn't take long.  Instead of 5 mins. it was actually about 10 mins. I did sooo good! And I got 3 things.  

1. Vintage red pumps with bows-reminiscent of Dorothy 
2. Kate Spade-orange coral purse $1
3. beige with brown details purse $1 

Bargains baby! I did good! :D

Then we did some errands for Adam. I brought my movie back to Redbox and got a couple more. We also stopped at a park in town and Adam took my outfit pics for me.  (Blog to come.)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

blue and the grey

Steve Madden boots: gifted form parents $75 (?)
black tights: cheap, $2?
berry tights: $2?
socks: $2?
grey dress (as skirt): $6?
sweater: free from sis
sm. man's button down: free
belt: $1 vintage thrifted
earrings: $2 Target

total: $90 (around)

I went into town later today to meet up with my sister.  We did some browsing/shopping for wedding invitation materiels. Yup we will be making them.  She bought some glittery peacock green/blue embossing powder, a stamp that has an invitation layout and a peacock stamp.  

She had to go to work so i continued on for awhile without her. I looked for vellum, that clear paper that is on top of invitations sometimes. I found it for .40 cents a piece at an art store in a complimentary Peacock green.  I also looked at Staples for envelopes and cardstock. I didn't buy any of it but used my handy dandy cell phone and took some pics. :) 

We will be making the invitations!!! We might make about 300!!!  It's a wedding on a budget.  It will be fun. It means I get to spend even more quality time with my bestest sister!  

Yeah tomorrow we're looking at a church, that I mentioned in another post.  We will see. We will go before I go to work.  We have an appointment for 9am.

in the red

So silly me. I came home from work last Friday night and changed my clothes, put some make up on and added a braid to my ponytail. Actually it was relaxing.  And it was nice to dress up a bit.  I was in my own little world.  

It was late and I got the impetus to take pics of my outfit, (which I thought was cute.) Even my dad complimented me on it ;)  I and my brother took a lot. It's hard to get good indoor shots.  A lot were kinda dark, or awkward. I did quit a bit of editing even to the ones I posted.  A friend complimented me on my outfit (the top pic) on my FB page so it made me decide to go ahead and post this outfit on my blog.

Like I've said I wear rather serviceable clothes to work.  Usually jeans a long sleeve shirt with a cardigan or zip up sweatshirt and a scarf.  The sweater and scarf to pull on and off if I'm gettin' to warm or chilly.  I don't really put much of an outfit together for work.

My sister and I worked on the guest list yesterday.  We made 3 lists.  One long list of everyone she'll send invites to, and she can add to that list.  The "probable" list, everyone that will probably come. And then the "Intimate" list.  If, worst case scenario, she had to have a small wedding.  It was fun.  

Tomorrow we're going with my dad at 9:00am to a local church to scope it out.  The problem is that the church only holds 100 people. But the plus side is since my dad knows the pastor we'd only have to give a donation to use it. We might look for a meadow around here and do an outside wedding then use the reception hall for the reception.  We live in cow country, rolling hills and meadows and mountains. A meadow wedding would be beautiful! See the picture?!!!  (We might have to look out for cow patties though!!)
We need to decide on a venue and a date SOON!  I know a number of you ladies in the blogging world are also doing wedding planning.  God bless us all!! ;)

boots: thrifted $1 or $2
leggings: ? (have had them for a long time/
don't remember where I got 'em)
socks: Gabriel brothers $2?
skort: thrifted $2?
long sleeve thermal: free
short sleeve cardi: Walmart/Kmart $3
scarf: $5 Walmart
belt: vintage thrifted $1
locket: from my Grammie
earrings: Gabriel brothers $3

guestimated total: $18