Saturday, January 08, 2011

To Trust

     I wrote this bit on Jan. 5th. I wrote it in response to a very difficult month our family has been going through.  I believe that crises or sickness of any kind can be an opportunity. An opportunity for God to deal deeply with that person. I believe physical healing is needful, but inner emotional healing may be even more important.  

     Sometimes when I write it's like I'm connecting with the creative flow of my Creator.  I'll read what I wrote after and it's so moving to myself.  It's like it's beyond myself. It can be raw sometimes.  It comes from my heart, my inner life. My life in Christ.  Maybe I connect with God in a special way, like He's whispering in my ear creating with me and through me.  Maybe that's what they call "the anointing."  This is one of the things he made me to be. An artist, and sometimes that's creating art with my words.  

     I'm actually a bit nervous sharing this with you. It's me being vulnerable. This is written from my inner core, my heart.  To be an artist is to share your heart with the world.  The ultimate artist God, did just that.  He gave his heart, his son Jesus to the world in the most daring, shocking, beautiful display of art. The life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

To Trust

To trust is to be at peace.
 To let love flow, like the ocean, to give like the going out of the tide. 
To receive like the tide coming in.

To not trust is to be frozen, like a giant lake in the winter. 
You can't breath, you can't relax-the soul can't be at ease. 
Loving is as natural as breathing, as natural as the breathing of the ocean. 
As it gives and takes. 

To trust is to truly live. 
To trust someone, and someone greater than yourself to love you is ultimately to live.
  To allow the life or your Creator to breath in you, so you can receive,
 and so you can give.
  In turn so that you can trust those around you.  

Not to demand, not to control, but to be.
  To be at peace, at ease...
 as you would lying on a beach, a smile on your face, the sun warming you.
 Embracing you with it's soft easy glow.  

The ocean at peace with the earth.
 Breathing, giving and taking.
 At peace with who it was made to be.
 Rejoicing in being, in doing what it was made to do.
 Reflecting the sky and the Sun.
  Giving to the living creatures enfolding them in it's living life giving womb.
  Allowing the earth to hold  it, it is cradled in the arms of the earth.
  Entwined like lovers, where one starts and one ends the passion and love creating a beauty, a dance-a balance.
  Without one you could not have the other.  

Different in and of themselves. But so whole and complete in the arms of the other.
  Giving and receiving, like the fall and rise of breathing.  Everything holds and is held.
The love balance of all creation.
  The love balance of the Creator to the created.
  The love balance of us to each other. 

It is a dance, a story, started before time.
  A romance that will live beyond time.
 It is our essence.  It is the heart of the Creator.
 It started in the Creator, exploded out into the creation, starting it all.

At the center of it all is love.
  For He is love.  Love holds it all together. Stay in that love.
  It is life and will hold you together.
  Give to Love, receive His love.
  It is the only true life. 
Let it wash over you like the breathing of the waves for it is your breath.
  Your soul's breath.
 Let His life be your life and in turn you will live in Love.

January 5th, 2011

(I took these ocean pictures in Jamaica in 2008 in Montego Bay when I was staffing a DTS with YWAM out of NYC.)

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