Tuesday, April 26, 2011

and the Fedora for Etsy

I mentioned in another post that I bought a fedora for myself and one for Etsy. ;) I finally photographed Etsy's fedora, edited the pics and posted it, (um that was today that I posted it!)  

Came home to a note saying  I was in a treasury in Etsy. The treasury is called " Behind Every Etsy's Shop There Is A Real Person." It's because I'm modeling my own listing.  It's a lot easier than trying to get someone else to wear my vintageness, cus I'm always here with myself. Ain't goin' nowhere! (But sitting on old tires up against a brick wall ends up with itchy skin in places that shouldn't itch. FYI!)

I am addicted to thrifting.  I don't go every day, but I do go almost every week. Last week I went 2 days in a row.  The 2nd day I was looking for lightweight pants that fit for work. To be honest I've put on a bit of weight, and I just got tired of wearing my uncomfy "work" jeans.  Someday I may post me in a "work" outfit. I don't do my stylin' thing so much when I go to work.  For one thing skirts don't work too well as a Nursing Assistant ;)

I did find another vintage treasure last week.  I found a LBD, or Little Black Dress. I'd guess it's from the 70's. I believe it's made out of polyester with shoulder pads and a draped neckline.  It is machine washable!   There are black sequins almost as epaulets at the shoulders and a black sequin belt.  I knew it was vintage because of the material and the tag.  I may style it with my patent yellow pumps with some BRIGHT red lips! Lookin' forward to it.  

I'm inspired to model it soon and post in in my etsy shop

In my pics of the "Etsy Fedora" I'm wearing vintage from the neck up.  A vintage blouse I haven't put into my shop yet, earrings that are there and a belt that I keep personally for myself ;)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

settin' my cap

I purchased this fedora a while ago.  I've had a hard time figuring out how to style it. I'd seen fedora's on other blogs and wanted to get one.  I got mine at Goodwill. (I got one for me and one for Etsy) :)  I know it's vintage because the previous owner had a smaller head then I did and had folded up newspaper from 1987  put it inside the hat band.  

If ya'll have any ideas of what I could style it with that'd be appreciated.  

My t shirt is also vintage, as you can tell by the dates. This may have been my dad's t shirt. The coronet was a boat that people from the church I came out of would sail around the world to pray for the different continents.
The locket came from my grandmother. In side the locket is a picture of my grandmother and grandfather when they are young adults.  The earrings I would guess are also vintage, a thrift store find. 

The top half of me is almost all vintage. I actually don't wear a lot of vintage clothing.

I kept the masculine vibe by adding the velor suit coat. And  kept it casual with canvas flats and jeans.  I enjoyed wearing this outfit. Got complimented on the hat at Panera!  

In other news I bought 2 PAIR of glasses from Zenni Optical for about $31. They are prescription too! That's just exciting. (smiles!)  I will have to let you know how they work out for me.  

And today I stared working with my new client.  I work in a beautiful old house in town with another caregiver. I only work 4 hours a day, which is kinda a weird shift but 5 days a week.  I think I'll like this job.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Patrick and Melissa, April 10th, 2011

Here's a storyboard of sorts of my friend Melissa's wedding and reception that I had the opportunity to attend. (Yup there's a lot more pictures where these came from.)  I went to Bible School with Melissa in New Hampshire years ago. That's where our friendship started.  Through a lot of the loss I've experienced recently Melissa has reached out and been a listening ear.  We both have a desire to follow our Lord Jesus without the bondage of religion clouding the relationship we have with Him.

I'm thankful that God blessed her with a good man. It's funny because my brother knew her husband Patrick quite well because we grew up not far from Patrick's family in Maine.  

The wedding took place in a simple old church in Rhode Island.  Pastor Joe Wakeman married them.   The bride was beautiful!  Pastor Joe kept us laughing with his dry humor through the service.  Then we drove to Melissa's family's house for a reception held in a tent.  

There was 13 chili's to choose from for dinner. Each guest chose a plate to eat on (there was a stack of vintage, thrifted and old plates) and that was the "favor" we could take home.  I love that idea!

I rode to the wedding with my Aunt Roxy and at the wedding caught up with with my cousin Lisa and some other ladies I knew through Bible School.  

Patrick and Melissa rushed off to an early flight back to North Carolina where Patrick is in the Military.  They will be re stationed to Japan.  

Congrats Patrick and Melissa!  
Melissa my friend I am so happy for your joy and the gift of marriage placed in your life.
  May God bless you both as you start your lives together!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

turquoise and purple

This outfit was inspired by the pendant from my grandmother that I'm wearing.  I've had it for years but hardly if ever have worn it.  I enjoyed the romantic feel of the pendant and my fluffy curly hair.  In my heart I'm a romantic.  

I did my eyeshadow in turquoise and purple.  I did layers with turquoise and a really light/almost white purple to tone down the turquoise, than added a swipe of purple on both eyes.

Late last night I was on the computer and started feeling itchy and hurting behind my left knee.  I jumped up cus it persisted. I ran into my room and ripped my jeans off, yelled for my mom to come in and check my leg. I had a tick biting me. I threw on some loose carpis, my dad came in and removed it with tweezers.   I don't think it was in my flesh long.  I live in Va and the type of tick that was biting me was a dear tick. They carry Lyme's disease. It was God's grace and mercy that I felt it and we found it and promptly removed it.  

I learned that I shouldn't sit on stone walls in our back yard.  I believe I picked it up when my mom was taking my pictures.  She did good didn't she!

butterfly flip flops: from Thailand
rainbow embroidered jeans: thrifted
purple lace tank: Gap from Gabriel Brother's
turquoise tank: thrifted
necklace: from Grammie
vintage goldfish earrings: thrifted
re purposed vintage earring hair pin: by me

I'm driving today to Richmond to go to a really good friend's wedding tomorrow. I just got back Wednesday from New England for a wedding last weekend. I'm thinking about doing a post from the weddings. :) Is love in the air?  I needa get me some of that air....

Thursday, April 14, 2011

tulip red

It was a warm day today. I wanted to wear a skirt with a t shirt.  

This outfit is very me. I love to travel. I love bohemian and ethnic flair.  The t-shirt has an ethic lady and almost art deco background.

I pulled out my BIG red skirt I purchased in Israel in 2003 for $20.  (Yes I remember such things.)  The funny thing though is that it was made in India. I really liked it and spending $20 for a piece of clothing was a lot, and still is.  It's hard for me to spend $20 on one piece of clothing. :) (I recently spent close to $17 on a skirt from Old Navy. It's an investment right!)

My dad took me outside to show me the tulips.  Both he and I took some pics of the tulips. I think the red of my skirt is similar to the red of the tulips.  

I arrived back last night late from Massachesetts.  The wedding was really nice.  Very personable... for example differnt people they know brought a big pot of chili. There were 13 types! And they had a stack of vintage/thrifted/old plates to eat dinner off of.  After you ate off of it you could wash it and bring it home.  (Somehow I lost my plate... oh well.) I love that idea of the plates!  (Maybe I'll do that when I get married.) 

I was able to catch up with different ones I knew from Bible School.  I especially enjoyed talking with my cousin Lisa from Florida (who I got to know through Bible School.)  I also spent a lot of time at my brother's place and with my Aunt Roxy.  

moccasin flats: Old Navy
skirt: Isreal $20
tank: Old Navy
t shirt: Gabriel Brother's
green hoops: Old Navy
feathers: gift from brother-Peru
necklaces: thrifted and from Grammie
ring: vintage thrifted

I used coconut body wash and Suave Mango Manderin lotion and I have smelled my yummy smell all day. Just thought you needed to know ;) I just looked up the lotion for the link and see they have it in body wash too. I'll haveta check that out!! I'm all about scents.