Tuesday, April 26, 2011

and the Fedora for Etsy

I mentioned in another post that I bought a fedora for myself and one for Etsy. ;) I finally photographed Etsy's fedora, edited the pics and posted it, (um that was today that I posted it!)  

Came home to a note saying  I was in a treasury in Etsy. The treasury is called " Behind Every Etsy's Shop There Is A Real Person." It's because I'm modeling my own listing.  It's a lot easier than trying to get someone else to wear my vintageness, cus I'm always here with myself. Ain't goin' nowhere! (But sitting on old tires up against a brick wall ends up with itchy skin in places that shouldn't itch. FYI!)

I am addicted to thrifting.  I don't go every day, but I do go almost every week. Last week I went 2 days in a row.  The 2nd day I was looking for lightweight pants that fit for work. To be honest I've put on a bit of weight, and I just got tired of wearing my uncomfy "work" jeans.  Someday I may post me in a "work" outfit. I don't do my stylin' thing so much when I go to work.  For one thing skirts don't work too well as a Nursing Assistant ;)

I did find another vintage treasure last week.  I found a LBD, or Little Black Dress. I'd guess it's from the 70's. I believe it's made out of polyester with shoulder pads and a draped neckline.  It is machine washable!   There are black sequins almost as epaulets at the shoulders and a black sequin belt.  I knew it was vintage because of the material and the tag.  I may style it with my patent yellow pumps with some BRIGHT red lips! Lookin' forward to it.  

I'm inspired to model it soon and post in in my etsy shop

In my pics of the "Etsy Fedora" I'm wearing vintage from the neck up.  A vintage blouse I haven't put into my shop yet, earrings that are there and a belt that I keep personally for myself ;)

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Eva Girl said...

Love the specs! Cute blouse too : )
Can't wait to see the LBD!!!