Monday, December 28, 2009

my next "move"

A few new things from my etsy shop! Other than the hair bows these items are a bit bohemian aren't they. The necklace is called "the gypsy's keys."

I sold alot of items for christmas! That was fun and a big blessing. Sold a number of hats. I still have a number of hats in my shop. Recently I tallied up all the items I'd sold and the item that has sold the most in my shop is earrings at 26 pairs, than t-shirts at 12 shirts. The least amount I sold of a certain item is my vintage. I have alot of vintage in my closet that I need to photograph.

Etsy takes alot of time. But it gives me something to do during christmas break. I have break for about 2 weeks because the schools do. I'm a substitute teacher right now.

Often I'm very verbal about my next plan. This time I haven't been. Some people know my plans though. It's a bit hard because everything isn't all figured out. But that's normal for me... plans take shape sometimes for me last minute... which is ok with me. I'm moving in faith. I feel like I'm blind moving forward.

My next "move" is moving to Richmond. I am all signed up for a CNA course. It is a 6 week course. I just have to find a place to live. I have a few leads. But I need to keep looking and pray. I believe God will help me find a place. It's hard though when I don't know what will happen. My course starts at the beginning of Feb. I have my place reserved in the class. God provided in a special way for my tuition. And for some extras. I already have my scrubs bought. I need to go out and find white sneakers/nurse shoes and a watch with a second hand.

Soo yes it's true I will be trained as a CNA. My "vague" dream is to go on with more training in the nursing field and some day be a PA. But time will tell. Maybe someday I will go with CFI and do nursing; medicine in the jungles of Burma. I could even teach the backpack medics how to take care of people. This is nothing that is certain but daydreams... things that may happen someday.

I know being a CNA is the "grunt work" for nursing. I think it will be good to learn though if the Lord does lead me to overseas work at some point than I'll know how to bath someone, know how to move a bed ridden person. It will be work that I can do anywhere too. And it will be a ministry to people. Just basics that are soo benificial to know. I'm excited.

So what I need to find is a place to live in Richmond from at least the beginning of Feb. and the month of March, for 6 weeks. I'd love to move down there for awhile. To live in Richmond after the training. I need an affordable place to live. I'm hoping to find a job at first outside of the CNA. The classes are Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesday from 8:00-1:30. I have alot of time where I could have a job. After a couple of weeks we have clinicals on Saturdays.

If anyone knows of a place I can rent at an affordable price in Richmond let me know. If someone needs a roommate or an older lady needs someone to live with her, etc.

And if anyone knows of any job leads. I've taught. I'm good with kids. I've had 2 nanny jobs... I've worked at a gourmet shop, Panera, I've substitute taught for over 1 1/2 years. I'm also good with internationals...

I lived in Richmond in 2003 while I was a student with Youth With a Missions Dicipleship Training School for 3 months. I like Richmond and I know people there so that will help!

I'm excited about this new venture! Pray for me that God will guide me as I look for the doors to go through. He's already opened a HUGE door by providing for the schooling and securing a spot for me in the course happening in Feb.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Handmade new fetish

So recently I have been making handmade flowers!!! I love how they came out! I have one added to my hat called, "Le Fluer" and the blue flower is called, "The Daphne Rose." The red flower is called "The Spanish Rose." They are all handmade. I processed the edges of all the petals and hand sewed the flowers together. The centers are either buttons or beads sewn in. Each "hair flower" is glued to a button than glued to a hair pin.
A great gift for a woman in your life that likes feminine and unique pieces!! (oh that might be you!!!)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Add a little plaid

Soo I found this "Leslie Kay Sportswear" vest the other day. It was kinda crazy because when I shopped at where I shop for my vintage finds I ended up buying all blue items. It was crazy!

I got a blue long wool (VINTAGE) Herman Kay coat, a pair of crazy cobalt blue swede boots, blue heels and this blue vest:) My "blue day..." I look good in cobalt blue;) I do like the shock of blue that some of these pieces bring.

I've admired blue glass for years. The vibrancy and aliveness of this color. It's very rich.

So I named this vest, "add a little plaid"... and I have it paired with my "million hearts" women's blouse.

I picked up from lookin' at a blog on vintage stlye to match 2 different patterns together. The way to do it is to have one pattern "quieter" than the other pattern. With the "million hearts" blouse it picks up on the red in the vest with the tiny understated bright red hearts.

I've also been checking out this one store, "Mod Cloth" click on the link:

It's super cool! And the clothes are either vintage or vintage feel by new designers. Someday I may splurge and buy something from that shop.

(this is some of my late night ramblings to the empty void of virtual land.... I'm home alone tonight and kinda lonely, but excited about fashion, and vintage and my etsy shop etc...)

These are a pair of boots I want to buy sometime. I saw them on a girl at the local Maurices and I told her, "this is kinda random but I love your boots, where did you get them?" And she said they were from right there. They were Maurice boots. Soo when I have some money saved up, or for christmas I want to get these boots! You'll haveta click on the link to see 'em... and I like 'em in "cognac!!"

This is definately late night's 2:34am... I don't stay up this late often. But everyone from the "fam" is gone tonight. I'm loving my alone time...

Some thoughts for you. Do not try to manipulate your life, or control it... trust God with it...with every step. If he seems to "take" something from you view it through the eyes of eternity, or the bigger picture. There are times where he may keep you from a relationship/ or remove you from a relationship because HE knows that person is not good for you or His best. (I learned that from Corrie Ten Boom in her book "Tramp for the Lord" (buy it here: Of course this doesn't apply across the board to everything. For example divorce. I believe once you are married it is God's will for you to stay with that person, etc...

We get hurt and disappointed when God removes things from our lives, especially relationships. Relize everything God does is with a touch of love. He allows things to happen, the good and the bad... realize He will work ALL THINGS for your good if you love and follow Him.

When he doest start writing a story, or writing you towards your destiny it will blow your mind. He wants to give us beyond what we ask or think. A big key to having that story written for you is WAITING for His timing. That means if you get impatient you better not try and make something happen, especially what YOU think should happen. Because you will get less than you really want. He is the "author and finisher" of our faith. Ultimately that will lead us to the "ending" of "they lived happily ever after" in heaven if you know Jesus but I also think it applies to our lives here and now. Let Him, Let Jesus write the faith journey of your life. When you are NOT in control you don't know what will happen. When the ultimate outcome is left in your saviors hands, you're not calling the shots. That is scary, that means there are alot of unknowns. The best atitude to take is "thy will be done." He knows best, so let Him do best. He WILL make "ALL things beautiful in its time." But the key is timing.

I think for us singles it's especially hard. May I venture to say more hard for women?... Which I could easily see the case that it's just as hard for guys, but in a different way. Us women want to be married and alot of us have waited for a LONG time. Some of us LONGER than we ever wanted to or expected.

I've wanted to get married since I was 17 years old!! That is 10 years, going on 11 years! I didn't expect to be the one in my family to get married older than most in my family. Ok my parents were 23 and 24 I think. My grandparents on both sides were younger than I am now. Both my brothers were younger than me when they got married.

I am tired of hearing "you're still young." Ok that is the truth... but I'm not as young as I expected to be and to be married. And too if you haven't been an "older single" you can't understand the pain, heartache, frustration, broken dreams... deferred dreams that we go through. I know people are trying to encourage us when they tell us that, "you're still young."

I've learned that it's really encouraging for older people, older women to come alongside us and tell us "this must be hard for you." And not try to put a band aid on it. To be allowed to hurt as we wait... and not be cuffed in the chin with the encouragement to "keep your chin" up is showing understanding that we don't always get from people. I've know I've had some encouragement along that lines and it meant alot to me. It was a balm to my heart, because I could feel her love. And my heart was safe to feel pain. Not questioned and encouraged to hide the feelings even deeper, almost as if you shouldn't be feeling this way. Which as a single I know many of you do feel this way.

I know God has timing. And for some reason He has kept me single and not married until the "ripe age" of 27. I don't know when the "fufillment of time" for me will be. God does!! (Well wine gets better with age, so I guess I must too.)

I am more at peace now with my singleness than I used to be. There are many guys that I cared for... and kinda tried to get to know....but I am thankful that God closed every one of those doors. He's got better for me.

I think to get into a relationship at this point would take more courage for me than to just say "no." I have been disappointed over and over again. There are lies in my head that tell me, "you're not good enough" "you're not pretty enough" "why would someone want me?" I think these lies or thoughts can be compounded into our minds sometimes if we are a bit older and single. "what's wrong with me, why hasn't anyone pursued me? Why have I been single soo long, or "why did it never work out"

When it does happen for some of us it will be more of a leap of faith than for others. I know for me it will. Since I've never been in a relationship I will have to trust God to lead that guy to pursue me. And trust that God will give me someone I can trust my heart with. That's scary to think about. That there is some man somewhere with whom I will be vulnerable with. Guys for us girls there's a fear of rejection too. A fear that what we feel and who we are deep inside isn't something you want to know. That we're too emotional, too soft, too sensitive that you won't know how to handle us. Especially initially as we get to know you. We do put walls up because we don't want to be hurt. (Ok this may not apply to all women, but I'm talkin' from my own heart hear.) There's a reason that God spoke of women as the weaker vessel. Part of it is that who we are inside... the vulnerable side of us is delicate.

I got a picture when I was with YWAM in NYC. Ok God is our father right. And he knows when "christmas" will come. "Christmas", you know when the time is right to bring that guy into our lives. But He won't give us christmas in July.... and He knows when it's coming... why are we worried and wringing our hands. Thinking "God's holding out on me!" When actually the time is just not right. It'd be weird to get a Christmas present on Easter right?! There is a time and a day and a season for everything that God has for us. Also I got the picture that He is excited about giving us this gift! He's got something special up his sleeve! "Every good and perfect gift comes down from the father of lights..." It may just be the planning, preparation time for God right now. He does work behind the scenes. He's setting things up... for the right time.

I've heard it all about Marriage isn't the ultimate goal... and you won't find complete fufillment in your spouse. I know and I understand all of that. Ultimately Jesus is the only one that can fill our deepest emotional needs.

But I also know what it's like to have a young women's heart. With all those longings and desires... desires that many of us keep locked way down inside. Throbing desires that we don't even want to look at because it hurts to much. The desire to marry and the desire to have children. God has wired us for marriage. God has wired us to be mothers. For most women I believe it is God's heart to have us married. I've heard it said if you don't desire marriage than you have the gift of celibacy.

Remember God does give us the desires of our hearts. I believe when we follow him He places in us desires for things he wants to fufill. But we can't hold them soo tightly and give God orders of how He will do it. Tell God what you want, but also hold loosely to "the list" that you expect your man to fufill. God has bigger and better plans for you than you can imagine. I've picked that up from some wiser older women in my life recently. If you hold sooo tightly to your own expectations you may miss or not see "THE BEST" God is wanting to give you.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths."

As a mentor of mine said "You can't mess it up when you're trusting God. And even if you do mess it up, He knows how to fix it."

Relax in the process and let the "author of your faith" write your life story. He knows what he is doing!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Orange Sherbet

I think this necklace is super neat! I found it the other day. It's soo funky and cool. It's a 46 inch chain of chunky white with orange sherbet tassels with gold chain.

You can wear it as a long necklace as a short necklace... wrapped around your wrist. However! I just posted it tonight to my etsy shop. I have a pic here that I didn't use in my etsy shop, so if you visit my blog you may see some "unseen" shots!!

Recently I found many more really neat vintage pieces. I just need to get around to photographing them and editing the pictures. There's this one grecian sea foam 70's gown... I don't know if I can part with it. It's just amazing... and it's totally VINTAGE!!!

Oh my word I found some amazing things. Even found a pair of "bug eye" sunglasses (BIG LENSES) with red rims...!!

Keep comin' back to the blog for new updates and go to my shop to see what I have for sale. I also posted a number of vintage blouses!! Great for that classy secretary/artsy look!

Update about my life. My car is road worthy and I will be leaving either at the end of this week for my LONNNGGG trip back to VA or I will leave sometime next week. I've had a bad cold and hope I'm not gettin' sick again... I've been gettin' over the cold, but than had a low grade fever tonight and havent' felt right.

I want to be feeling good when I drive 16 or so hours to the south!!

Soo come on by my shop and see what's new (ok VINTAGE ain't new, but you get the point) and if you're from the south, VA around let's do coffee or somethin'! It's will be hard to leave Michigan, even though it's gettin' cold and we've already had a touch of snow AND some hail I'll miss people here. It's about the people right!!?

Friday, October 02, 2009

50 sales before my 1 year anniversary!!

I have hit 52 sales and it's not even my one year anniversary on Etsy yet. I wanted to hit 50 sales by Oct. 5th. I broke the goal and am beyond it! God has really been blessing my sales at my etsy shop recently.

Thank you to all my customers and repeat customers!! It's been a blessing. I've told some people that right now this is one of the ways that I support myself.

I have been up in Michigan since May 20th as a mother's helper to the founders family of Christian Freedom International. They are in the process of adopting 8 Karen kids, while still having 2 of heir biological children at home. So they have had 10 children here at some point while I've been here. At the beginning of Sept. we took the 5 oldest karen kids to Bible School in NH.

Soon I will be goin' back to VA. I'll be movin' back in with my parents for awhile. Hopefully for not very very long... :) My thoughts of what I'll do next is maybe get my CNA license and look for work maybe. I could still use the sales on my etsy... especially as I transistion back into "regular" life where I'm not living as a "missionary" the same way.

I have just expanded my business to include vintage. I have 2 pairs of vintage shoes listed. Here are some pics of my finds! Enjoy....

Shabbat Shalom!!

Monday, September 07, 2009

"Maiden in waiting" and "Caribbean Blues"

So I have 2 new necklaces posted on etsy. Did that today. One is called "Maiden in waiting"... a lovely necklace repurposed from a funky old necklace I had. The old necklace had 3 strands of with silver and faux pearls and silver beads spaced out in the chain. And a funky chain tassle.

I took the chain with the faux pearls and silver beads and took the beads out and connected the beads together than added a flower attachment. I made the flower from cloth flowers, a rhinestone center glued to a button. The button has beading wire looped on both sides to connect to the chain. The pearls and silver beads are in the center of the necklace than the flower is off to the side. Very lovely and pretty...if I do say so myself!!

The 2nd necklace is made from beads with some colors I love. I called it "caribbean blues". The focal point is 2 strands of chunky green than chunky turquoise glass beads hung between chain.
Very pretty and bold.

This necklace has already had 30 views today. I posted it in the evening after dinner.

I hope to sell one of the necklaces before too long!:)

Thursday, September 03, 2009

been Etsing all day long!!

You can see I've been busy!! I made 3 new shirts today (one I plan on keeping), another one was a reserved listing... a special order... and the third was the blue shirt you see here with all the dragonflies!

1. and 2. the reserved listing
3. Pretty in Pink
4. Red Love (women's tunic jersey shirt)
5. The Messenger (man's black shirt)
6. I Believe (in gray)
7. Dragonfly sky

Some of the other shirts I had made but had never photographed or had photographed. I took pics of my shirts being modeled... I modeled shirts... than I uploaded the shirts and did editing... and I also washed alot of the shirts. After they're made they MUST be washed... the bleaching process smells strong on the shirts.

Right now Etsy is one of the ways I support myself financially. I am in Michigan volunteering with the family that started Christian Freedom International. The husband and wife are adopting 8 Karen kids. So I live with the rather LARGE family and help the mom out. Like today I did dinner, delegated some cleaning/dishes, worked on laundry and drove with one of the girls as she practiced driving with her permit!!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

I've hit 40! (sales that is on ETSY!!)

Today I opened up my etsy account and I saw that I that I had to leave feedback for 2 items...which meant that I had 2 new sales!!!

From a good friend Sarah from my DTS with YWAM. She bought #39 and #40 of my sales in my etsy shop.

I thought it was kinda fitting to be at 40 sales on Sept. 1st! The beginning of a month at 40!!!

I'll have been on Etsy for one year on October 5th... Soo almost a year. I hope to hit 50 sales by my one year anniversary on Etsy. I have one month and a bit to do that.

(sometime I'll try to post a picture of one of the items she bought.)

Yeah for God blessing me in my etsy sales. I'm doing good with Etsy!! (Someday I'll hit 100 sales if I keep my shop open;) )

Thanks to everyone that has supported me in my shop!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

I've hit 50!!!! (listings on Etsy!)

Wow! I've been on a roll tonight listing hair flowers in my Etsy shop. I've finally hit a total of 50 listings (aka items) in my Etsy shop. I've sold a total of 38 items so far since October of 2008. I've done ok.

My hair pins seem to sell quit well. Also my t shirts sell well too.

The hair pins are "flowers for your hair." They come in different sizes and are named after women I know.

So far I've named a flower:

Tara-(a good friend)
Patricia-(my mom)
Krista-(my only sister)
Lexi-(my sis in law)
Blanche-(my grammie)
Nancy-(one of my aunts)
Katie-(I know a number of Katies)
Sarah-(a good friend from my DTS with YWAM)
and Jodi-(a good friend from my home church)

Sooo go check out my can special order if you want... and keep comin' back for more... and I keep popping up new items. I love variety~!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Dreamer" I finally painted!

While home on a bit of vacation from my time in Sault Ste. Marie Michigan I finally did the painting thing.

I dunno but for me as an artist, more so with drawing and painting it's a bit of an emotional leap to start a piece of art. Not sure why :) any ideas?

Anyways there's this wonderful picture my sister took of herself with her boyfriend (now an x) where she looks awesome. It has these wonderful contrasts. Very dark values and very light values.

Soo one morning I did my computar stuff than in my unwashed state and still in my pj's I set up my painting stuff in my sisters bedroom (she has a sort of easel) and I started painting.

I first painted the background black with blue mixed in. Than I traced the shape of her face with white paint and went from there.

Some tricky areas were her eyes especially. When an eye is hardly seen (her right eye) it's hard to know how to do it. And I had trouble with the nose. I also had to go in and adjust the lips. When they were "First done" they looked to tensed up.

I haven't painted in acrylic for years... my last big painting project was the set for our churches christmas project.

I had fun on this...there were times when I was a bit on edge cus there were elements that I had to work at...had to mold and even redo or adjust.

I really like how this painting came out.


it's also listed in my etsy store: