Monday, December 28, 2009

my next "move"

A few new things from my etsy shop! Other than the hair bows these items are a bit bohemian aren't they. The necklace is called "the gypsy's keys."

I sold alot of items for christmas! That was fun and a big blessing. Sold a number of hats. I still have a number of hats in my shop. Recently I tallied up all the items I'd sold and the item that has sold the most in my shop is earrings at 26 pairs, than t-shirts at 12 shirts. The least amount I sold of a certain item is my vintage. I have alot of vintage in my closet that I need to photograph.

Etsy takes alot of time. But it gives me something to do during christmas break. I have break for about 2 weeks because the schools do. I'm a substitute teacher right now.

Often I'm very verbal about my next plan. This time I haven't been. Some people know my plans though. It's a bit hard because everything isn't all figured out. But that's normal for me... plans take shape sometimes for me last minute... which is ok with me. I'm moving in faith. I feel like I'm blind moving forward.

My next "move" is moving to Richmond. I am all signed up for a CNA course. It is a 6 week course. I just have to find a place to live. I have a few leads. But I need to keep looking and pray. I believe God will help me find a place. It's hard though when I don't know what will happen. My course starts at the beginning of Feb. I have my place reserved in the class. God provided in a special way for my tuition. And for some extras. I already have my scrubs bought. I need to go out and find white sneakers/nurse shoes and a watch with a second hand.

Soo yes it's true I will be trained as a CNA. My "vague" dream is to go on with more training in the nursing field and some day be a PA. But time will tell. Maybe someday I will go with CFI and do nursing; medicine in the jungles of Burma. I could even teach the backpack medics how to take care of people. This is nothing that is certain but daydreams... things that may happen someday.

I know being a CNA is the "grunt work" for nursing. I think it will be good to learn though if the Lord does lead me to overseas work at some point than I'll know how to bath someone, know how to move a bed ridden person. It will be work that I can do anywhere too. And it will be a ministry to people. Just basics that are soo benificial to know. I'm excited.

So what I need to find is a place to live in Richmond from at least the beginning of Feb. and the month of March, for 6 weeks. I'd love to move down there for awhile. To live in Richmond after the training. I need an affordable place to live. I'm hoping to find a job at first outside of the CNA. The classes are Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesday from 8:00-1:30. I have alot of time where I could have a job. After a couple of weeks we have clinicals on Saturdays.

If anyone knows of a place I can rent at an affordable price in Richmond let me know. If someone needs a roommate or an older lady needs someone to live with her, etc.

And if anyone knows of any job leads. I've taught. I'm good with kids. I've had 2 nanny jobs... I've worked at a gourmet shop, Panera, I've substitute taught for over 1 1/2 years. I'm also good with internationals...

I lived in Richmond in 2003 while I was a student with Youth With a Missions Dicipleship Training School for 3 months. I like Richmond and I know people there so that will help!

I'm excited about this new venture! Pray for me that God will guide me as I look for the doors to go through. He's already opened a HUGE door by providing for the schooling and securing a spot for me in the course happening in Feb.

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Jim said...

Hi Marie,
I will follow you. Thank you for letting me.

I am trying to learn about blogging; seems like a reasonable place to offer thoughts, journal and such. No one is following me, but that's okay.

I hope all is well for you. Let us be about praying and acting for the Haitian people; all children of God.