Thursday, October 20, 2011

Asian Circles

My mom took these pics at the park in town awhile ago.  I had a "Tokyo" perfume sample on to go with the Asian flair.  The whole red lip and top knot remind me of a Geisha.  

I love adding pops of red to an outfit.  Try pops of red with light blue or even chambray blue! I'm telling you the red will POP!  Try a burnt red with lime green.  For a long time I wanted to get red shoes.  Since I've acquired 3 pair, a dressy pair of flats, these sandals and a pair of casual red with white anchor rocket dogs.  I stay away most of the time from large swaths of red in an outfit. I recently picked up a red shirt but still haven't worn it.  I can wear red but it's a powerful bold color.

sandals: on sale Michigan $1?
dress: thrifted H & M
skirt under dress: thrifted
cami: Walmart?
necklace: from my sister, from Africa
hair flower: made by me
red pearl studs: from Valley Discount

The dress is actually one I've had for a long time!  

Side note on my life!! Wow I've been busy. I'm going to college in January. Starting pre-nursing classes.  Ummm I got my hair chopped off, sometime I hope to put some pics up.  I went to a singles retreat this last weekend, it was awesome!! I'm going to a Square dance this coming up weekend.  

I know I haven't blogged in forever. Just keep coming back, eventually I get around to blogging. I have more outfit posts to edit and put up.