Tuesday, April 08, 2008

overweight bags, root canals and street children

Well here I am at home typin on our computar with dial up. Boy is it a drag sometimes... waiting for a page to upload. Notice I said "at home." Yup that's where you'll find me these days.

My time in NYC ended on March 22nd. Took a bus home with 3 crazy big suitcases. I was suppose to pay for the third bag but they never got around to weighing it (it was over weight!) and charging me so as one of the greyhound attendants said, "if it ain't broke don't fix it!"

So I've been home for about 2 and a half weeks. Since being home I've had my taxes done, had my brother down here with his family for a week, got the stomach flu (took a long time for my stomach, days later to feel right), and than yesterday to top it all off I had basically a construction crew (ok one to two dentists and a helper) in my mouth, jabbing needles and taking somethin' like a jackhammer and grinding and pounding one pour little tooth that didn't know how to take care of himself... he was full of SIN and of death the little bugger... but now he's dead filled with a temporary filling and waitin' around for the permanent filling and a crown (wow there's a spiritual allegory there waiting to happen!!!) I don't wanna eat on my left side cause my jaw is sore too ugh! Six plus months ago I had two wisdom teeth out on my right side too, so this lil' mouth of mine's been through ALOT! But I am thankful for the way God is providing for me so that I can get some BIG work done in my mouth!

Alot of you probably wonder what "adventure" Marie is going to do next. You know what I'm not 100% sure. But if you know me I'm already thinking and learning about something that I may do:)

Krista gave me some excellent advice. That I shouldn't do another 3/6 month stint somewhere but get a focus a vision of what I want to do and do it . Be committed to something for like 2 years.

I really like that advice. I'd like to put my roots down for longer than 3 or 6 months ya know.

What I'm looking at is possible going with Youth With a Mission again in 4 or so months...or whatever... and doing a school called "Children at Risk." After the initial training part we'll do an outreach and work with children at risk than I'm suppose to commit to a year long internship with a ministry that works with Children at risk. One of the schools is in Belo Horizonte Brazil and the other is in Switzerland. I don't know what the time frame for the Switzerland school is, like how long everything is but it may be similar.

In Belo Horizonte they have some permanent ministries goin' on. They have a home for x-street boys, and one for girls, a home for teen mothers, a school for the deaf and I believe a home for HIV/AIDS kids.

Truly working with street kids has been a dream of mine for years.

So this is just some stuff I'm lookin' at and learning about to see if possible it'd fit into my future. I'm not sure if any of this will work out but you and I will find out huh!?:) God holds my future and He knows I'm willing to go anywhere and wanting to go anywhere, "get me outta this house Lord!!;)".