Friday, February 17, 2006


Here's some pictures I've drawn for ART class and for fun...(ART is fun too, but it's assigned know what I mean!:)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Love isn't just for couples

Happy Valentine's day everyone, Kinda late, at about 10:30 at night. Oh well it's Valentine's Day all day! I worked today and wore pink, with alot of black. One of my kids told me, "Miss Parker you look lovely." Than he was like, but I'm lovelier. Makes me laugh!

Isn't this picture great. It's so beautiful and artsy. The line and shadow... I won't tell you what magazine I got it out of, it may wreck it for some of you... (the type of magazine starts with an "O" and ends with an "prah")

A friend of mine sent out an e-mail and was talking about having Jesus as her valentine. Her e-mail made me get a little teary eyed. As a single Jesus can be your special someone in a way that married's don't have. Becuase they have that other person, but us single's all we have is Jesus. Of course we have friends, but it's different as a single.

My family had a special Valentine's dinner this evening. Thanks to Mary A. we had chicken burritos, it's her recipe. They came out good:) I took out the two leaves in the table and made it more of circle/oval, and set it up with 4 chairs... one on each in resturants... I put my hat box in the middle of the table and draped it with black velvet like material. On that I put a lantern, an antique one and had it surrounded by mini goblets (they are really little, like2 and a half inches tall, from the $ store) with little red votives in the goblets.
Than on the next level, table level I had little stem ed glass custard cups, 6 around the hat box and a votive in each of those. Than I had our water glasses (these also have stems) and the regular plates and silver ware, and I had my off white cloth napkins and a off white table cloth. It was lovely, and we had all the lights shut off, we had enough light with all the candles and lantern lit... and there were a few other candles on the bar too.

One thing I did that was nifty was put 8 votives in the deep snow on the deck...I pushed them down into the snow a little than as they burned they got deeper into the snow and they got to a point where all you could see was the snow glowing-a circle of golden light. I put the candles in a heart shape:) It was really cute. And i drew around the votive heart-drew a heart and the finger drawn shape picked up the light so that was glowing some too. It was a luminescint picture of beauty...:)

At dinner each of us had some little presents. My dad gave me a stuffed lion and he gave me a card that I treasure. He doesn't do gifts that he picks out and from him, much, if hardly at all. The gifts are often from my mom and my dad. My mom gave me a rose earlier. So I had a special evening with my family. The meal and the gifts. I'm a gift person. :) Especially if it's something I want or they know I'd really like it, if some thoughts gone into it and if it's sentimental... that's the type of gifts I like-ususally:)

Here's a poem that I just liked. I got it off the "site for sore eyes" (there's a link to it in my links section...) I think it's appropriate for us single girls. Don't be embarressed girls and guys this is what we're really looking for, what really matters. (Handsome is definately a plus...specially for me I'm an artist and visual;) This is a really special poem.

Dear God, I prayed, all unafraid,
(as we’re inclined to do)
I do not need a handsome man
But let him be like You
I do not need one big and tall
Nor need he be some genius
Or wealthy, Lord, at all;
But let his head be high, dear God,
And let his eye be clear,His shoulders straight,
Whate’er his state
Whate’er his earthly sphere;
And let his face have character,
A ruggedness of soul,
And let his whole life show,
Dear God,A singleness of goal;
That when he comes(as he will come)
With quiet eyes aglow
I’ll understand that he’s the man
I prayed for long ago.

Ruth Bell, written in 1939 before she met Billy

Sunday, February 12, 2006


Good evening senorita, I love your sombrero! Will you be my amiga! This was at my birthday dinner. Krista and I went out to eat at Jalisco's a mexican resturant in town. It was very nice.

Krista got chicken quisadilla's that were excellent! And I got this grilled chicken platter with mexican sausage on top of the chicken and cheese and the refried beans etc...

I asked the waiter guy if they did anything for birthdays... and he found out it was my birthday. They did.

So like 5 of their employees come out with this huge desert, and they sing to me. You can see it in my picture! It was fried ice cream with all this whipped topping and rainbow jimmies, a candle and a cherry on top. It was really yummy, and BIG... so they have this polaroid camera and one of the mexican guys gets a bite of the whipped topping and puts it on my noise/in my noise and they snap a picture, oh yeah and i was wearing this huge sombrero, the pic is kinda cheesy that they took. The whole birthday thing they did made me blush. It was embarressing, they sang this Birthday song while they were clapping to the beat and the whip topping in the nose guy would whistle these loud shrill whistles at certain times during the birthday song:) It was great. That hat's not comfy at's stiff and my heads too big...or something. Maybe it's suppose to perch on your head. I don't know I don't normally wear a sombrero:)

My platter of food was huge. Oh and I got this cool mexican soda, mango soda, I actually asked for strawberry but he misunderstood me or something. Oh well, it was still good.

I may just go back there sometime and get the chicken quasadilla's:) (wiggle eyebrows in anticipation!)

Come visit and maybe we can go to Jalisco's and we can say it's your birthday...(jk.-but it's fun... yeah and wrong.)

Enjoy the pics. We did. and do and are still doing.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

One Happy Family!

This is the fam. Fam say hi to my friends...friends say "hi" to fam. Well at least this is my mom and dad and the rest of us single kids. Left to right, Krista, Adam, Me (I look a little fuzzy headed), Mom and Dad. In the picture it's like a 30 mins. into the new year...2006:)
Wanted to give my loving audience something else...and a picture. Aren't we a lovely family! The 3 on the left are single so take note!;)

Friday, February 10, 2006

The Bigger Picture...what does it really look like?

I just made myself laugh. Remember it's Friday night and I'm also tired...with that said. I was sitting here at the computar, couphing... and it was making my temple hurt. And then I'm like... where does the Holy Spirit live... you know our bodies are the temples of the Holy I'm laughing at myself... you know temple-temple. It went something like that. Maybe he has a little apartment complex up there in my head. Don't you get frustrated when you're trying to get across what just happened but you forget the exact verbage of went through your head:) anyways

I did my little regular shopping trip to 2nd hand stores today. I "shop" bout once a week at mostly Salvation Army. One of the places I go is actually run by two guys...they are more than friends. It's called Thriftique...they are really nice cool guys...they're just lost. I'm hoping that in some ways I can be a light to them. I actually gave one of them the brochure from our church and invited them to come. Sometime I man bring some of my earrings there for them to sell. I wanna keep the bridge open for them to come to church if they ever get around to it. One of them's said they would sometime. Pray that the Holy Spirit will move them too. They need Jesus' freedom and healing. By the way I bought a pair of jeans for $2 there.:)

Then they referred me to Sally's store. Another 2nd hand shop in the area. They were telling me how to get there and I'm a visual learner so people can be like you go down such and such a street and it's 2 rights from this street...basically I don't get very far:) with those type of directions. I'm like "huh? what?" So I asked what it was near and I used my knowledge of the area and the business card had a little map on it...and got there. This ladies store was packed! Packed with stuff! Tons of clothes all pushed together on racks...just too much stuff. I bought a skirt and a movie for my Dad there. Skirts for me!:) It had so much stuff that it hindered me from actually looking as much as I normally would've...yikes:) Too much!

Than I hit the Salvation Army. Got my mom a cute white short sleeved button down cotten shirt, um a 2 video movie, an oldie, black and white, with Shirley Temple and another Actress I've seen's about the "Homefront" as the dad's away at World War II. Probably watch at least part or all of it later tonight. We do watch alot of movies. I feel like what I do for fun is watch movies and read. I'm kinda tired of reading some. Even when I sub sometimes I'll read alot. I do draw sometimes, like for the art class. I'd like to do more with people. I live so far from alot of my friends. And too all my BIble School friends especially. Hey it'd be fun to hang out with all ya'll sometime. Hmmm....Come to think of it I do have a good friend that lives like 15 mins. away:)

I don't think we're going to the Father Daughter dance after all. (refer to previous post) Wish we were. WOuld've been nice. *sigh*:) We might do something special in the evening with Krista, Dad and me dinner and a movie. Another movie... I really do love stories... whether in a movie or book! Like I said before.

Today I taught ART and really enjoyed it. I actually worked on the same project the kids were doing and sat with them and talked with them. It was interesting:) Met one kid who's a satanist...but I don't really know if he's a die hard satanist or just says he is to be in rebellion against his parents... cause they are catholic and being a catholic is boring... anyways. I was even talking about suicide bombings and how I was in Jerusalem, living there the first I was in Isreal and how 2 went off and talked about the one on French Hill. We actually had some intelligent conversation. I like 8th and 9th graders:) There's a girl I had in one of my classes and her last name is the same as mine P______:) She was an emotional creature, laughing alot then the next minute ticked at someone... that period was intersting. THe teacher made a note, this is the only class that can misbehave...:) hmm, after having the class I understand what she meant. They're the kids from I think inclusion, where special ed is with the regular class. This class the kids were more loud and immature... they probably have more emotional and family problems and learning difficulties. One of the boys in there was actually gay too...

I'd say I have a heart for kids 6th grade to highschool-young adult. They are at a stage where they can understand things differntly and you as an older person can love them and influence them differntly than if you were one of their peers. I'd like to do that, but how effective can just subbing here and there with differnt kids everyday be. There are kids I do see every so often...that I remember. It's at least good training and I learn about this generation and their lives just from being around them. It's an education in itself. Which can be sad. But hey these kids are people too. They're just kids, they just want a friend, someone to talk to, someone that cares... and I know I can be that person to an extent for some of them. Even if they get positive acknowledge from me once in awhile if I'm at their school, they can know someone likes them. An adult likes them. That's good huh:) Just to love them. That is the most important thing. "The greatest of these is love." Half the time I'm not interacting with the students the way I was able to when I was the ART teacher. What would a ministry look like that catered to this age groups specific needs and was such that was able to reach this area? Youth groups are good...are really good. But there are soooooo many kids just here in Front Royal. The school today that I was at is only 8th and 9th grade, but there's around 950 kids in that one school! Isn't that crazy! There's such a huge need it's overwhelming. Huge need for Jesus and a life changing relationship with Him and Christian mentors and discipleshipers!:) And if I got training in a certain area, I'd be gone and these specific kids would be 2-4 years older... but that shouldn't stop me from pursuing a goal and becoming better equiped to minister to this age group. Hmmm. Something to think about. I have been ya know.

Life is kinda overwhelming... trying to figure it out. I know all the "right" things to say as a Christian... but It's just gonna havta be a journey of trusting God to lead me. To show me what's next where to go, when to go. I just really have trouble with fear. I don't want to try to do something and it not be God...I've done that before and if you think it's God it can be really painful if it doesn't work out. But I know God has some important things for me to do. He has a calling on my life. I have a destiny to fufill, a purpose to walk in. And if I'm willing even though I may be scared to death, God isn't scared, God will move me in that direction. I just need to keep putting one foot in front of the other. He's knows my weakness. He is gentle. He is my gentle guide...with big plans for me. What I just wrote can be applicable to all ya'll too! If you're followers of Jesus:)

It's friday night so Shabbat Shalom ya'll. God bless and love ya'll too!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Killing Time and Filling Space..........

Thanks Asaphat you inspired me to post today! I'm back at work today. First day back since being sick and tired. Day was ok. I was an English teacher in high school.

Day after day the teachers at lunch...well when it's "English Lunch" vent about certain kids...the roughness of it all. It's kinda negative. Not very uplifting. Anyways I think part of the problem is there are incidences... where a teacher will stand up to a student, discipline, and its serious and the administration won't support the teacher. Sad huh! How are they suppose to run a school if the teachers aren't supported.

Anyways, my last period we watched like 50 mins. from the movie Remember the Titans. I was gettin' into it:) You know they type of gettin' into it where you're not as aware of your surroundings as at other times.:)
Came to the library and tried to find it...they don't own it yet...oh well:)

Did I mention that when I was teaching 2nd grade on monday a girl asked me how to spell, "olina"... She has this wicked cute soft sothern drawl...I asked her a few times, "huh?" "alina"...she needed to know how to spell the rest of Carolina! I love it when kids are cute like that. She was really cute even without that question:)

Well tomorrow I'm an "Art Teacher." Yea ha! I am looking forward to that. I hope we actually get to do something...and not just "busy" work. It's Jr. High-8th and 9th grade. WHich is the long blocks...(periods) one and a half hours long each. I think the teacher knows I'm artistic so hopefully she'll trust her "treasures" (students) to my care and let us play with the paint!(or markers, or pens, pencils, crayons,

Nest Thursday I'm going with a number of people from my church to a David Crowder, Third Day Concert. I haven't been to a concert concert ever, really... not like Christian contemporary...actually years ago I went to a Steve Green Concert and once to a George Beverly Shay...(he sings really low...hymn music):) I'm not even huge on David's or THird's music, but I wanta go, the whole experience will be fun. WE're stopping at Chipotle to eat giant burriots. I wanta go:) David plays a hoe down I'll probably where my sweet cow boy boots, cept they hurt sometimes.

It's nice outside today cept cold. We're supposedly getting snow on Saturday. Oh yeah Krista, Dad, Mom and me are all goin' to the eye doc. on Saturday. Yes! I haven't gotten new contacts for years. Maybe got my last pair in Bible School, yeah I think so. It's a special deal where you get contacts, the exam and glasses for like $150... I possible will add some more to get nicer glasses or at least to be able to choose differently than what they have in that "price bracket."

I'm waiting here at the library for 4:30ish to pick up my sister from work. When I first sat down I had two rough lookin' guys on either side of me... a little was really big...the other has a big tatoo on his hand...he's still next to me, in a camo jacket and'd be embarressing if he noticed I was writing about him, hurry up and read what I'm saying so he doesn't see okay!;)

Um what else could I write. Do you ever get a sensing that God is moving you in a different direction? But you don't know where. SOmetimes it's hard to believe that He'll show you what's next...that's why He surrounds you with people to remind you that He will.

Okay, kinda random I know. That's my middle name, random... I was known for my randomness when I was younger. And when I was younger, like way younger 2 people told me I talked too much... I don't really have that problem now. SOmetimes I personally feel I don't talk enough. anyways moving on...:)

I've thought about getting a dog. Just thinking about getting a puppy, puppy thoughts are heart warming. But my dad wouldn't want us to get another pet. To have a friend you know:) I do have friends but I don't own them. They arent "mine" the way pets are.

This Saturday is a Father Daughter dance. I hope we go. My dad hasn't decided yet if he's going. It'd be fun. Never been escorted to a dance by my dad:) It's going to be alot of different ages...I think mostly younger girls with their dads. But I have a friend in high school (senior) whose goin' with her dad and sister. I was gonna help with decorating but I have the eye appointment saturday. My dad doesn't feel very confident in his dancing skills, he's okay with waltzing, but I think he means the way you "waltz" at a wedding where it's like you step back and forth, back and forth...not really a "real" waltz:) Anyways, just moving to music's know just be joyful!

I'm kinda killing time and filling space.

Here are some of my all time favorite jokes...they are the guys with no arms and no legs jokes. I love 'em. If I get the right type of people around me I'll let 'em rip! I think I learned them at Bible School so this may be old news to alot of you. Enjoy for the sentimental value okay, gimme a break;)


What do you call a guy with no arms and no legs in a pile of leaves?........

give up...

come on....


Isn't that great! I love it!

Ok, what do you call a guy with no arm and no legs hangin' on the wall.........



ART! I love ART! Poor guy wonder how he got up there.

Ok, what do'ya call a guy with no arms and no legs, being pulled behind a motor boat?

...oh this one's painful...


Whad do'ya call a guy with no arms and no legs, in a pool?

...come on this one's easy...

BOB! (hilarious laughter fills the room as everyone stands and gives Marie a standing ovation...Marie rises and gives a short oration, "THank you for listening to these hearfelt sentiments I've treasured for years...which I learned in Bible School oh those tender years where I was very impressed upon with the important things in life...)

Earth to Marie... must indulge in a few minutes of insane revelry at least once a day if you can.

Boy I may be or am a little embarressed by my previous lapse of insanity. But you know take it or leave it, the choice is yours!:)

Do you like shopping just for that little bit of job you get from purchasing something. Even if it's just from the dollar store. I just had a momentary craving to go and buy something at the dollar store. I don't have any dollars on me today. Just tons of dimes, they were rolled... and I opened them and put alot in my wallet to buy my $2 lunches at school:) I like public schools chocalate milk. I get it ever lunch. Yup. That's what I used to get when I was a younling going to school. Oh the days, just kiddin'. But at least I got my chocalate milk back... without the homework.

Oh, I need to get goin' it's 4:35... I need to go pick Chi-Chi up, that's my sister, not her real name but her "pet" name...whatever,

Vasha Strana Prekrasna...(that's Russian... I won't tell you what it means!)

Paka! (russian too, but I will tell you what it means, it means bye, informally, that's what you say to your friends...I think it means bye...hopefully...well that's what I mean anyways. Chill till next time ka?!!!)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sick and Tired, 24, and Shoes!

Well here I am again. I tend to not post for a long time than I do...yeah, anyways. I've done alot since I last posted a "real" post, you know one of those long posts that tell about everything I've done...well you know what I mean.

Well I had my 24th birthday finally. It was good. I had a few days of celebration. It was on a Thurs. 26th of Jan.-had family presents that morning-before my dad left for work. My parents gave me this really lovely comforter. It's a deep red, it's stripped kinda, I think you could call it a sateen material. There's a sheen to it. I like the thinkness of it. I also got an ivory matelasse coverlet, wich is kinda thin but it's heavy, it's woven thickly, make sense. My brains not working the best today:) Also I got a bed skirt in ivory like the material of the comforter. Haven't gotten around to putting it on my bed yet. I want to iron it first.

Krista gave me this wicked cute little trunk made out of wood and some girly stuff inside.

Friday night my family and alot of my friends and some kids from youth group all converged at the Theather in Winchester, the one not at the mall and watched "The End of the Spear." THe story about Jim Elliot and Nate Saint and the other guys that were killed trying to reach a primative tribe in the jungle of Ecuador... It's a tear jerker. Yes I cried, a couple times. I'd recommend going to see it or at least waiting till it comes out on Video. It's a special story.

After the movie we herded to Cold Stone's-this really nifty ice cream shop. You choose the flavor of Ice cream and then you choose the goodies to go in the ice cream and than they mix it up on a "cold-stone"-marble slab right there in front of you. It kinda looks like big kids with big spoons playing with the ice cream as they mash and mix...and flip it over and mash and mix...etc...
My choice was a "like it" size one of the smaller sizes with half coffee and half banana ice cream with Heath Bar, in a waffle cone(these aren't those wimpy cones you get at the grocery store, these are daddies to those little baby cones). I really like heath bar! It was good... I wouldn't mind some of that today...yum...I enjoyed and was able to eat the whole thing without discomfort, which doesn't always happen. It kinda surprised me:)

I didn't mention that we had to wait in line like 30-40 mins. It was a friday night and the store had actually recently opened. They've gotten tons of business like too much business. It was fun waiting though, cause I was with friends.

After we got the ice cream, we sat around and talked and laughed...we laughed alot. One of my friends is Angela. She's in her thirties... (definately young at heart married) with twins. She was making us laugh and we were making her laugh. We were trying to remember the name of the guy that was from the tribe... it's like know like macaroni...anyways...:)

Than a friend came home with me and spent the night...and the next morning, Saturday, Myleen Sweet came over to have brunch with us. I had a "fruit pizza" as my birthday cake. It was kinda differnt but good. It's like "pizza" made with croisant bread, (from the can) and the "sauce" is this cream cheese frosting like stuff and than the goodies on top were grapes, kiwi, strawberries...definately differnt than cake or pie:)

Than Sunday another friend of mine brought a cake to church with Happy Birthday Marie on it. It was a special sunday, called celebration Sunday, not cause of my birthday but becuase we were celebrating our church, what GOd had done in the church and who He's used to make it happen. Also Angela gave me my b-day present there at church at the pot luck. She gave me this bright red skinny scrarf that's like 8 feet long. I have to wrap it around my neck like 3 times to get it the length I want it:)

Even this Sunday at church I got another b-day present.:) I like presents, in case you were wondering.

Now to totally change the subject... let's talk about my substitued work....

I have been doing alot of Subbing. I worked everyday last week. Which is a blessing but it is tiring. I worked yesterday-MOnday. I was a 2nd grade teacher. It was a rough day. There were 3 boys that made it especially rough. The whole class added to the stress too. But if the boys hadn't been in class it definalty would've been easier. One of the boys, lets call him Joe, just talks and talks. He won't shut up, cept at times... and he's really smart. We were studying George Washington and he mentioned something that George had been, that wasn't even mentioned in what we as a class had read. He also mentioned Ulysses Grant another time... he's probably a walking encyclopedia.
If i ever get that class again hopefully I only have like one of those boys. Maybe the others could be at a family reunion or a doc's appointment!

Another boy, lets call him George, was really annoying too, I actually made him cry. I was a little mean. Felt kinda bad... ah man he just needs self-control. I was mean closer to the end of the day... he was just bad and bad and bad...pushes you...

Man this type of behavior out of 2nd graders. When You think 2nd grade- you think they should maybe be sweet and innocent...yikes not all of them that's for sure.

I did get three hugs and one was a side hug from "Joe." It's easier to love him after the fact of yesterday. Distance of time. I wanted my experience with him to be differnt than what the teachers expected out of him, which was a disruptive kids. He has this chubby baby face... with dark hair and blue eyes... which don't always seem to look at you when you're talking to him...kinda weird.

Near the end of the day I took them to music class. The teacher is awesome. THe class is in another building with this room of chairs all spaced out-facing her piano. The chairs are little kid chairs... one of my kids could've stood having a bigger chair. Each kid had a hard cover music book...when opened covered their laps. The teacher had them sing "The Best Friend Song." They were great! I love it:) They did sound good... you could hear some kid off key, at times they'd belt it out at others it was quieter. It was an idealistic moment... Please music lady sure you can have my kids. This was going to be some of my down time...sigh...

I went and got some chamomile tea... straightened up the desk and then rested my head on my arms on the desk. It was the type of rest where your mind goes on screen saver cause your tired... like you don't think...I had a slight headache at that point...

Throughout the day I kept telling hte class to be quiet. As I got closer to the end of the day my voice was feeling worse. I've had a really bad cold recently. It's not a good experience feeling like your voice isn't that stable, or strong and you want to get the kids quiet... I would clap my hands sometimes to try and get their attention. I got to the point where I wrote in all caps, "PUT YOUR HEADS DOWN!" on the board. One kid was like you guys she's not feeling very well-you need to listen. Nice guy-bless his heart.

At the end of the day one of hte staff in the office asked how my day was "It was rough." I replied. Sigh...
Tomorrow I'm at the same school, also teaching 2nd grade, but a differnt class. I'll pray before I get to class...

I took today off cause of being sick and tired. Last evening I was couphing and couphing.... I actually slept most of last night elevated with pillows on the couch. I didn't hardly cough all night, which wasn't the same story as the night before. It was a blessed sleep:)

...ahhh, I think this cold started last week... If I took my vitamens better I think my immune system would be stronger. But it's not surprising that I'm sick cause of working in the public schools. Around so many people increases the probability that you'll catch something.

YES! On Friday I am the ART teacher at the Jr. High. At the Jr. High they have 4 blocks/periods. Making each perion one and a half hours long...which makes for long classes especially if the class isn't very obedient...which is emotionally draining...but it does mean my "planning" period is like an hour and a half:) Don't get me wrong subbing is not all bad. I'm learning ... and may need to be more bold about being in charge... there are kids that I really enjoy and moments where it's like "Wow, I'm being a teacher.":) The discipline is what drains me...fallen man...Adam and Eve...look what you started:)

Another random bit of info...I haven't been in much of a mood to do my laundry so I had a mini everest of dirty clothes in my room...that was growing daily... finally I'm working on them today. It's going to take 2 loads to topple that mountain. The 2nd load is actually in the machine now. I still have alot of clothes that are clean but am short on items like socks, and nylons...and also my more favorite clothes...

I really like the direct answers to prayer that God gives. The other day I was going to shop at one of my favorite stores in town, The Salvation Army, and before I went in I prayed that God would help me to find something special. I came out with 2 pairs of boots and a really cute pair of strappy heels. I actually got a pair of cow boy boots...they are really nice quality, real leather with alot of designs all over the top part... I wear them alot, they were made in spain. The other pair of boots are "tight"-they are real leather-in black, short boots, with quite a heel. I wear them sometimes when I sub. at the Jr. High cause I don't have to walk as much. They are my power boots:) by the way they were made in Italy. Did I mention price, each pair of boots were $2 bucks each and the shoes were $1, and every pair is in excellent condition... it's cool when God answers prayer like that. Yeah!

Ok... keep droppin' by to check out my blog. You never know when I'm going to post next and you never know what I'm going to post.

There's more I could write about but I'm gonna sign off. Keep with God. Amen:)