Friday, February 10, 2006

The Bigger Picture...what does it really look like?

I just made myself laugh. Remember it's Friday night and I'm also tired...with that said. I was sitting here at the computar, couphing... and it was making my temple hurt. And then I'm like... where does the Holy Spirit live... you know our bodies are the temples of the Holy I'm laughing at myself... you know temple-temple. It went something like that. Maybe he has a little apartment complex up there in my head. Don't you get frustrated when you're trying to get across what just happened but you forget the exact verbage of went through your head:) anyways

I did my little regular shopping trip to 2nd hand stores today. I "shop" bout once a week at mostly Salvation Army. One of the places I go is actually run by two guys...they are more than friends. It's called Thriftique...they are really nice cool guys...they're just lost. I'm hoping that in some ways I can be a light to them. I actually gave one of them the brochure from our church and invited them to come. Sometime I man bring some of my earrings there for them to sell. I wanna keep the bridge open for them to come to church if they ever get around to it. One of them's said they would sometime. Pray that the Holy Spirit will move them too. They need Jesus' freedom and healing. By the way I bought a pair of jeans for $2 there.:)

Then they referred me to Sally's store. Another 2nd hand shop in the area. They were telling me how to get there and I'm a visual learner so people can be like you go down such and such a street and it's 2 rights from this street...basically I don't get very far:) with those type of directions. I'm like "huh? what?" So I asked what it was near and I used my knowledge of the area and the business card had a little map on it...and got there. This ladies store was packed! Packed with stuff! Tons of clothes all pushed together on racks...just too much stuff. I bought a skirt and a movie for my Dad there. Skirts for me!:) It had so much stuff that it hindered me from actually looking as much as I normally would've...yikes:) Too much!

Than I hit the Salvation Army. Got my mom a cute white short sleeved button down cotten shirt, um a 2 video movie, an oldie, black and white, with Shirley Temple and another Actress I've seen's about the "Homefront" as the dad's away at World War II. Probably watch at least part or all of it later tonight. We do watch alot of movies. I feel like what I do for fun is watch movies and read. I'm kinda tired of reading some. Even when I sub sometimes I'll read alot. I do draw sometimes, like for the art class. I'd like to do more with people. I live so far from alot of my friends. And too all my BIble School friends especially. Hey it'd be fun to hang out with all ya'll sometime. Hmmm....Come to think of it I do have a good friend that lives like 15 mins. away:)

I don't think we're going to the Father Daughter dance after all. (refer to previous post) Wish we were. WOuld've been nice. *sigh*:) We might do something special in the evening with Krista, Dad and me dinner and a movie. Another movie... I really do love stories... whether in a movie or book! Like I said before.

Today I taught ART and really enjoyed it. I actually worked on the same project the kids were doing and sat with them and talked with them. It was interesting:) Met one kid who's a satanist...but I don't really know if he's a die hard satanist or just says he is to be in rebellion against his parents... cause they are catholic and being a catholic is boring... anyways. I was even talking about suicide bombings and how I was in Jerusalem, living there the first I was in Isreal and how 2 went off and talked about the one on French Hill. We actually had some intelligent conversation. I like 8th and 9th graders:) There's a girl I had in one of my classes and her last name is the same as mine P______:) She was an emotional creature, laughing alot then the next minute ticked at someone... that period was intersting. THe teacher made a note, this is the only class that can misbehave...:) hmm, after having the class I understand what she meant. They're the kids from I think inclusion, where special ed is with the regular class. This class the kids were more loud and immature... they probably have more emotional and family problems and learning difficulties. One of the boys in there was actually gay too...

I'd say I have a heart for kids 6th grade to highschool-young adult. They are at a stage where they can understand things differntly and you as an older person can love them and influence them differntly than if you were one of their peers. I'd like to do that, but how effective can just subbing here and there with differnt kids everyday be. There are kids I do see every so often...that I remember. It's at least good training and I learn about this generation and their lives just from being around them. It's an education in itself. Which can be sad. But hey these kids are people too. They're just kids, they just want a friend, someone to talk to, someone that cares... and I know I can be that person to an extent for some of them. Even if they get positive acknowledge from me once in awhile if I'm at their school, they can know someone likes them. An adult likes them. That's good huh:) Just to love them. That is the most important thing. "The greatest of these is love." Half the time I'm not interacting with the students the way I was able to when I was the ART teacher. What would a ministry look like that catered to this age groups specific needs and was such that was able to reach this area? Youth groups are good...are really good. But there are soooooo many kids just here in Front Royal. The school today that I was at is only 8th and 9th grade, but there's around 950 kids in that one school! Isn't that crazy! There's such a huge need it's overwhelming. Huge need for Jesus and a life changing relationship with Him and Christian mentors and discipleshipers!:) And if I got training in a certain area, I'd be gone and these specific kids would be 2-4 years older... but that shouldn't stop me from pursuing a goal and becoming better equiped to minister to this age group. Hmmm. Something to think about. I have been ya know.

Life is kinda overwhelming... trying to figure it out. I know all the "right" things to say as a Christian... but It's just gonna havta be a journey of trusting God to lead me. To show me what's next where to go, when to go. I just really have trouble with fear. I don't want to try to do something and it not be God...I've done that before and if you think it's God it can be really painful if it doesn't work out. But I know God has some important things for me to do. He has a calling on my life. I have a destiny to fufill, a purpose to walk in. And if I'm willing even though I may be scared to death, God isn't scared, God will move me in that direction. I just need to keep putting one foot in front of the other. He's knows my weakness. He is gentle. He is my gentle guide...with big plans for me. What I just wrote can be applicable to all ya'll too! If you're followers of Jesus:)

It's friday night so Shabbat Shalom ya'll. God bless and love ya'll too!

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Shay Dawg said...

yay for 2nd hand stores. It has been forever since i've been, but it's so fun, especially when everything is half off. Glad to read that sub teaching is going pretty well. I'm sure you're a light to all those kids.