Thursday, February 09, 2006

Killing Time and Filling Space..........

Thanks Asaphat you inspired me to post today! I'm back at work today. First day back since being sick and tired. Day was ok. I was an English teacher in high school.

Day after day the teachers at lunch...well when it's "English Lunch" vent about certain kids...the roughness of it all. It's kinda negative. Not very uplifting. Anyways I think part of the problem is there are incidences... where a teacher will stand up to a student, discipline, and its serious and the administration won't support the teacher. Sad huh! How are they suppose to run a school if the teachers aren't supported.

Anyways, my last period we watched like 50 mins. from the movie Remember the Titans. I was gettin' into it:) You know they type of gettin' into it where you're not as aware of your surroundings as at other times.:)
Came to the library and tried to find it...they don't own it yet...oh well:)

Did I mention that when I was teaching 2nd grade on monday a girl asked me how to spell, "olina"... She has this wicked cute soft sothern drawl...I asked her a few times, "huh?" "alina"...she needed to know how to spell the rest of Carolina! I love it when kids are cute like that. She was really cute even without that question:)

Well tomorrow I'm an "Art Teacher." Yea ha! I am looking forward to that. I hope we actually get to do something...and not just "busy" work. It's Jr. High-8th and 9th grade. WHich is the long blocks...(periods) one and a half hours long each. I think the teacher knows I'm artistic so hopefully she'll trust her "treasures" (students) to my care and let us play with the paint!(or markers, or pens, pencils, crayons,

Nest Thursday I'm going with a number of people from my church to a David Crowder, Third Day Concert. I haven't been to a concert concert ever, really... not like Christian contemporary...actually years ago I went to a Steve Green Concert and once to a George Beverly Shay...(he sings really low...hymn music):) I'm not even huge on David's or THird's music, but I wanta go, the whole experience will be fun. WE're stopping at Chipotle to eat giant burriots. I wanta go:) David plays a hoe down I'll probably where my sweet cow boy boots, cept they hurt sometimes.

It's nice outside today cept cold. We're supposedly getting snow on Saturday. Oh yeah Krista, Dad, Mom and me are all goin' to the eye doc. on Saturday. Yes! I haven't gotten new contacts for years. Maybe got my last pair in Bible School, yeah I think so. It's a special deal where you get contacts, the exam and glasses for like $150... I possible will add some more to get nicer glasses or at least to be able to choose differently than what they have in that "price bracket."

I'm waiting here at the library for 4:30ish to pick up my sister from work. When I first sat down I had two rough lookin' guys on either side of me... a little was really big...the other has a big tatoo on his hand...he's still next to me, in a camo jacket and'd be embarressing if he noticed I was writing about him, hurry up and read what I'm saying so he doesn't see okay!;)

Um what else could I write. Do you ever get a sensing that God is moving you in a different direction? But you don't know where. SOmetimes it's hard to believe that He'll show you what's next...that's why He surrounds you with people to remind you that He will.

Okay, kinda random I know. That's my middle name, random... I was known for my randomness when I was younger. And when I was younger, like way younger 2 people told me I talked too much... I don't really have that problem now. SOmetimes I personally feel I don't talk enough. anyways moving on...:)

I've thought about getting a dog. Just thinking about getting a puppy, puppy thoughts are heart warming. But my dad wouldn't want us to get another pet. To have a friend you know:) I do have friends but I don't own them. They arent "mine" the way pets are.

This Saturday is a Father Daughter dance. I hope we go. My dad hasn't decided yet if he's going. It'd be fun. Never been escorted to a dance by my dad:) It's going to be alot of different ages...I think mostly younger girls with their dads. But I have a friend in high school (senior) whose goin' with her dad and sister. I was gonna help with decorating but I have the eye appointment saturday. My dad doesn't feel very confident in his dancing skills, he's okay with waltzing, but I think he means the way you "waltz" at a wedding where it's like you step back and forth, back and forth...not really a "real" waltz:) Anyways, just moving to music's know just be joyful!

I'm kinda killing time and filling space.

Here are some of my all time favorite jokes...they are the guys with no arms and no legs jokes. I love 'em. If I get the right type of people around me I'll let 'em rip! I think I learned them at Bible School so this may be old news to alot of you. Enjoy for the sentimental value okay, gimme a break;)


What do you call a guy with no arms and no legs in a pile of leaves?........

give up...

come on....


Isn't that great! I love it!

Ok, what do you call a guy with no arm and no legs hangin' on the wall.........



ART! I love ART! Poor guy wonder how he got up there.

Ok, what do'ya call a guy with no arms and no legs, being pulled behind a motor boat?

...oh this one's painful...


Whad do'ya call a guy with no arms and no legs, in a pool?

...come on this one's easy...

BOB! (hilarious laughter fills the room as everyone stands and gives Marie a standing ovation...Marie rises and gives a short oration, "THank you for listening to these hearfelt sentiments I've treasured for years...which I learned in Bible School oh those tender years where I was very impressed upon with the important things in life...)

Earth to Marie... must indulge in a few minutes of insane revelry at least once a day if you can.

Boy I may be or am a little embarressed by my previous lapse of insanity. But you know take it or leave it, the choice is yours!:)

Do you like shopping just for that little bit of job you get from purchasing something. Even if it's just from the dollar store. I just had a momentary craving to go and buy something at the dollar store. I don't have any dollars on me today. Just tons of dimes, they were rolled... and I opened them and put alot in my wallet to buy my $2 lunches at school:) I like public schools chocalate milk. I get it ever lunch. Yup. That's what I used to get when I was a younling going to school. Oh the days, just kiddin'. But at least I got my chocalate milk back... without the homework.

Oh, I need to get goin' it's 4:35... I need to go pick Chi-Chi up, that's my sister, not her real name but her "pet" name...whatever,

Vasha Strana Prekrasna...(that's Russian... I won't tell you what it means!)

Paka! (russian too, but I will tell you what it means, it means bye, informally, that's what you say to your friends...I think it means bye...hopefully...well that's what I mean anyways. Chill till next time ka?!!!)


Steph said...

Hey Marie! We need to talk really bad and catch up! Lots of things have been going on with me and i could use your encouragement. You are so lucky to get to see David Crowder! I love David, thanks to Tyler from RGC. Well i'll talk to you soon hopefully!

melbrown said...

Thanks for the happily rambling post, Marie! It was just what I needed after a long and exhausting day...
I miss laughing with you!

lis said...

Yeah, I do know what it feels like to know that God is moving you somewhere different, but you don't know where or what yet. Hang in there! I think of getting God's will as putting together a puzzle. He gives you one piece at a time, often over a long period of time. Each one is important, but it isn't until He gives you the last one that you can see the full picture. It's an adventure! :O)

asaphat said...

What do you call a guy whose legs are cut off at the knee?

give up?


Hahaha...the family favorite.

Or what do you call a woman with one leg shorter than the other?


Both family favorites since one is my dad's name and the other was my grandmother's. (Granbeth, as it were.)