Friday, September 23, 2005

I am tired:) and Horsin' Around!

How's everyone this fine night:) The last two days I've been "super electriacian(sp!!!!) woman!":) I worked with my dad, doing electrical stuff. My mom and I and my dad almost wired a whole house, well the outlets... at least the preliminary stuff. It's not the funniest(I really meant funnest! That's hard to type funnest... try it!), but I can weild a hammer. I did hit one of my fingers, but not too bad:) are you surprised:) Than yesterday my dad and I were working on putting in PVC pipe in the ground that would have wire running through it for some outside outlets. We were at a farm. It was a beautiful day, and there were like 3 sizes of horses there.
One really big size, the big farm horse type that pull wagons in parades... than a pony than the last size was kinda funny about how I became aware of it. I was looking at the stall where it was, but not over the door... and I didn't see anything, when I looked down there was this little horse, kinda like a my little pony. That's what it looked like. I was comiserating with it because of it's height. I was like I bet they pick on you cause you're so short... I was standing there talking to him. Poor guy, I know what it's like to be on the shorter side.
Horses make me a little nervouse cause they can bite. I told my dad, "I'm glad I'm not a horse." You can add that to your little repatoire of "marieisms." He thought my little declaration was funny:) Well I'm glad I 'm not. Sometimes those poor buggers have flys all over their eyes... gross but true...! ok, ok... enough of this horse play;)
What do ya think I'm horsin' around or sometin'!?
Nay, you say.......NAY!

Ok, ok, marie settle down. Hold your horses........(Mr. Pass you should read this sometime, you'd possibly appreciate it:)

Oh by the way, for some reason with the last blog I had trouble getting the whole blog posted, so I'll get that edited sometime.... now with it missin stuff it doesn't make tons of sense.

Well I think the cows have come home so I better be gettin off the computah;) See ya'll later, ya'll come back ya heah!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

"Losing Shania"

I'm now in the process of painting part of 1st Corinthians 13 on the walls in our cheery yellow bathroom. I haven't eaten dinner yet, 10:28 at night so I'm a little shaky. Probably go eat something after blogging.
I'm painting the scripture in a dark brown. It's a process. For example I've stood with one foot on a chair in the tub and one stuck in the little cubby for the soap, to paint above the bathtub. The chair in the tub isn't the most stable because the tubs walls aren't wide enough to have the chair standing directly on the bottem of the tub. So the feet of the chair are pressed up against the walls of the tub...
I've been thinking about painting walls quite a bit recently and finally took the plunge:) I take the plunge sometimes at night... a strange time... tonight I plunged probably sometime after 9.
I watch alot of movies. I watched Miracle today. It was pretty good. About the US Hockey team that took Gold in the 1980 Olympics(?)

Last night we watched "Losing Isaiah." It's a rough movie about a white family that adopted a black crack baby. The baby had been left in a box, basically in the trash. Garbage guys actually found the baby before they almost crushed it in the back of the garbage truck.
It's really sad! The crack mother goes to jail for stealing, while she was high... and ends up going through drug rehibilitation.
Eventually she's cleaned up enough that the people helping her help her track her baby. And she wants Isaiah back! He's been with the white family, his family for like 3 years... So there's a trial that happens... and the judge decides to take Isaiah from his home that he's always known and places him into his biological mother's home. He doesn't talk for like 2 weeks and has alot of fits.
It tears his "mama's" heart apart! It was alot like what my mom went through. It was really sad. Made me cry. Just the raw emotion of what the lady went through. The can't get away from it when you've poured yourself out into a child like she did and like my mom did.
It doesn't totally end on a negative note. You can watch it if you want, with TV G:)
We, my family, had our own story of losing a foster child. We had Shania Nicole McCutcheon for around 4 years. She came to us when she was 5 and left when she was 8.
We put alot of love into her. Alot of prayers. She was what social workers call theraputic foster care. Because she was "theraputic" my parents had to take more training classes to deal with her. It means that she has more baggage or bigger baggage than other foster care kids.
I remember the first day Shania came to us. She was wearing a yellow sundress. Adam said she had the look of a mute girl, I think in the sense of not really there. Or withdrawn...As we loved her and she knew she was safe with us she opened up and blossomed. She was very affectiaonate. She'd sing to me my name over and over again, "Mawee, Mawee, Mawee, Mawee..."
Even though she would be a really good girl at times, she'd also act out in very dramatic ways when she was bad. That's hard, especially if you can't discipline her the way God teaches us.
Near the end some really big things happened in the course of one week. Because of the way the circumstances played themselves out it was finally decided that Shania would leave us. It was very hard on my mother as it was on the lady in the movie.
We lived out certian scenarios that the movie showed.
The night before Shania left we went and watched a kids movie at the two dollar theather called, "Because of Winn Dixie." A heart warming storey about a girl who's dad is a pastor and she has no friends. At the beginning of the movie she's sitting in church and dubbed over everything is her praying to God that he'll give her some friends.
One day she's at a Winn Dixie, a southern grocery store and there's this dog, tearing through the store, making chaos. The dog's in big trouble. So to cover for the dog she says it's hers. So she comes home from the grocery store with a gangly mutt. She names him Winn Dixie, the place of his roots. Because of Winn Dixie she ends up with a number of really good friends. God answered her prayer through at dog. It's a pretty good movie.
After we ate out at Wendy's. A high falutin' restaurant! Than on the way home everyone of us in the car said something good about Shania. She ate that up. Really liked it:) Than she said something nice about us in how we related to her, for ex..."Marie is nice to me.":)
The next day the social service lady showed up around noon. She was there as our family got in a circle held hands and prayed for Shania.
We said Good bye to little Shania. Hugs and kisses. Than she got into the van with some of her belongings. It was very anticlimatical. I got the most emotional of anyone, kinda wet in the eyes...and felt sad. She was sitting in the back seat, seatbelted looking at us. I remember that clearly. She didn't show hardly any emotion, maybe a little uncertain. It was as if she was going to someone's house for the weekend.
Many people were praying for the whole situation that day... otherwise I'd wager it could've been a messy emotional time.
It's been tough for Shania to have to go another place. We heard some reports, but not very detailed at all. One time we heard that she was confused, another time that a lady that has connections with her "new family" heard Shania throwing a fit in the background... same thing she'd do with us....
She's a little girl that didn't have the blessing of really really belonging to a family... because her mom wasn't what Shania and her siblings needed. God led our family that it was time for her to go somewhere else. At least we gave her about 4 years of love and prayers, and quality family life... that is a lot actually.
Pray for Shania... I know the prayers wouldn't hurt. Ask God to bring her to your mind sometimes, she could use a network of praying people, her "christian family." I love her alot.
When she was here I'd put her to bed sometimes. We go through her nightly ritual... read a book, I'd sing her a number of songs... pray with her. Than I'd tell her what God thought about her. I told her that she would change the world. I believe God will use her to change the world. She gave her heart to Jesus and Jesus will always be with her, He won't let her go ever. These next years of her life, most likely will be really rough as she grows and matures... pray for Shania Nicole McCutcheon and her new family.
This is my story of "losing Shania."

Friday, September 16, 2005


Well actually there's an animal kinda of the dragon species makin me scared in my own house! If and when I see it, ah... I won't be killin it. It will be scarin' me! to death!
Earlier tonight Krista saw a snack in our house, I believe down stairs in the computar room where I am now. As far as we know the "dragon" is still down here. Krista wrote us a note about it, we got home late from the BIG business meeting, she was in bed so she wrote a note. She said it scared her REALLY bad:) So now I'm down here where I believe it was SEEN! and I'm a little nervous... imagined it being in my blanket..(.imaginations sure make you scared sometimes!) cause my room's down here too....I'm actually sitting indianish style on the chair, keepin' my feet up off the floor. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I'm kinda scared... anticipation is bad... if I did see it, it'd add flair to my blog, I'd be able to write about it. But I don't want too! Makes my face contort because of the possibility of SEEEING IT! I' m sitting here looking uncertainly around the room... face in a worried expression... gettin what I'm sayin, ya feelin it...never know there could be a snake in your room tooo! SPECIALLY IF YOU LIVE IN WARMER WEATHER! I'm goin' i n to HYSTERICS!!!!!!!!!!!!! jk, but I am nervous...........
Ugh! I won't be on here as long because of it, also I have to be up at a certain time tomorrow so I shouldn't be bloggin' too long tonight anyways.
I finally sent an e-mail to my YWAM-Hawaii contact saying I won't be coming. Short and to the point. It was something I wasn't lookin' forward to doing. Now it's done.
Well it's really! late. Good night all...well not quite yet I guess....

I made an easy decision to sleep upstairs tonight. The "dragon" can be down here in his "lair," all by hisself!(she said sarcastically) He adopted it... if you want your own place, or room just turn into a snake and take up residence, (at first I wrote the word snack instead of snake, than I noticed it so I changed the snack into a snake...I'm snickering at myself:) people will leave pretty quick if you are a snake, or a snack, especially if you're a snack with eyeballs!

I know I'm kinda weird and random in my blogs... Hope I'm not tooooooooo strange;)

It's now 1:49 am... I'm tired. I think I'll get ready for bed and read somemore out of my gas station book. It's good! I'm at a very climatical point (and no Craig they aren't kissing, *refer back to the comments from the previos blog.) than go to bed...

Well it is now 1:57am... if you hear me scream it's cause I saw the snake, snack... Maybe if I tell him he'll be my snack if he makes an appearance he'll stay hidden.....unless HE'S or is it a SHE is REALLY BIG LIKE AN ANACONDA, I'LL BE SNAKE SNACK.... my face is now contorted in nervousness......(exaggerated faux mixed with the reall thing nervousness) I should've been a female Ernest.... I'd have so much fun... if I was in the right mood at the time.... like tonight..........or I could be Steve Irwin and 'rastle me a snake.... I'm still lookin around me to see if I've been spotted by HIM! I should get outa here when I can... I'm gettin' a little more nervous as I think about HIM! AHHHHHHHHH!

Ok for truth and for surely GOOD NIGHT!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Cary Grant, Fred Astaire, Anne Shirley and Royal Blue Necklaces

"Sigh"- That's what life is right now, a sigh.... I'm bumming about this whole Hawaii thing. I won't be going after all. I think I already spelled that out. ....a n y w a y s....
I'm not sure what I'm gonna do next. I have options...we'll see won't we....

Anyways I watched a really good old black and white movie tonight, called "Top Hat." It has Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire in it. They do alot of dancin, tap dancing and ball room type dancing. The movie's from the 1930's. Some of those old movies are really good.
Recently I watched "Talk of the Town" that was a black and white one too. It has Cary Grant in it... also very funny. I'd recommend that one. Cary Grant is really witty in the old movies. The movies he's in don't even hardly ever, if ever- have kissing... there's romance but that's about it for the lovey dovey stuff;) Feel free and prove me wrong about that!
Today I also spent alot of time making jewelery, maybe 4 hours... who knows. I made this really labor intensive necklace out of royal blue glass beads. It's kinda a "collar" type necklace. It's got this dangly fringe... kinda hard to explain. My finger's sore in places because of all the wire I had to bend and cut to make the necklace and I also made 2 pair earrings. I used alot of wire. I put each individual bead on a piece of wire except for 36 beads that were directly on the wire for around the neck. And each piece of wire was curled on both ends and conncected to other beads to make a dangle:) I put these dangles hanging in between the other beads on the wire. It came out nifty looking. Fancy pancy:)
..........Pardon me for keeping you waiting I actuallyjust scanned the necklace, so I'll get the pic of that up soon...

Did you know you could actully scan real items on the scanner and make pictures. Try it sometime- it's fun. I made a "collage" once with memorabilia from my trip with YWAM to Ukraine and Isreal.

I finally finshed reading, "Anne of Avonlea" today. It was really good. The end is when Gilbert gets sick and Anne has a "REVELATION" that she DOES love him:) and they get together... but can't marry yet cause Gilbert has 3 more years of medical school. Anne almost got engaged to another guy, Roy Gardner, who was "perfect" in alot of ways, rich, had looks too, but was boring and had no sense of humor.
Anne has a girlfriend whom we'll call Phil, (that's what her friends call her.) Phil goes to college with Anne at Redmond. Back in Phil's home town there's 2 guys she's considering marrying. They are Alfonso and Alec... (ahhh, not quite sure of their names... that kinda seems right, anyways 2 A names.) She keeps being wishy washy, has no clue which to marry... BUT some other dude, or should I say gentleman, he's clergy come's along, and he's ugly but has a great personality and sweeps her off her feet! So she didn't haveta marry anyone she wasn't sure about, but ends up marrying Jo, the ugly personable clergy man. If you haven't read the Anne series I would highly recommend it.
Very well written, even at times laugh out loud material! I know I found myself laughing out loud today while I was reading Anne of's true I tell you:) Good clean lit.
Tomorrow night is a BIG business meeting. And I will grace them all with my presence, lucky people! Actually luck has nothing to do with it, so I shall say they are
blessed immeasurably!;) It's when the smaller "open's" (open oportunity meetings) get together. At this meeting, which is dubbed the "Fleet Open" there's 4-5 hundred people that come! Ya'll should join me sometime. It's pretty cool and exciting:)

I redid my parent's bedroom awhile back. (man am I random or what!?) I'm not totally finished with it yet. Sometime I just may paint some scripture on part of the wall, like above the bed as border. I'm thinking of "His banner over me is love...." and maybe some more scripture. I "designed" for there to be a swag curtain thingy above the bed. Kinda royal looking. The gauzy curtain is held up and held back by 3 tie backs... I guess you could call them. It peaks at the top at one gold tie back, than comes down to the other two almost in line with the sides of the bed and then the curtain flows to the floor. Gracing the middle of the curtain configuration is a big mirror with a heavy brassy golden frame.
Their bed has a deep scarlet comforter. I bought the comforter and a whole new set of sheets for their bed through our internet business. For real! They have all these partner stores... it's really cool. (Well they coughed up the dough for the duds I just did the shoppin'.)
Anyways I've rambled and gotten some chit chat out of my system. It's nice to have a number of people that will "listen" to what I've said over the next few days. Who knows how many... please just at least say "hi" if you stop by:) I'm curious to see who's "listenin," it's like gettin mail actually:)
Good night everyone! So long farewell.........Osta, La Vista Baby... to quote Le famioso...........

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I'm just trying something. I had trouble posting a post last night onto the front page. Somehow it got posted into the archives of Sept... I think. So if you want to see what I wrote about yesterday double click on Sept. and if it's not there double click on August, under archives. You'll know it's the right one if you see me in a picture with a waterfall behind me... You got it right, it's En Gedi... in Isreal.

Anyways I may write later. God bless you all:)

Now I think I know.

Well I think I know now. Hawaii is not going to happen. I talked to my pastor today... counsoled with him. He doesn't feel a peace about it... and we got into alot of details I won't cover hear. Also I don't have the money. It's not like it was the mission field either. It was to get some sort of education and that should be my responsibility to cover. Make sense... I'm dissappointed in some ways. But it is a relief in others. I haven't told my art teacher contact person yet...ugh!

I don't know what to do next. Pray for me! Maybe I'll join a convent... jk! My brother Dana said I could move to Texas and he'd find me a good job....

The pastor thinks it would be really good for me to study art, in a christian school. He says He could see it really, (in my words) fit together with missions. Maybe I'll work and study out art colleges and scholarships etc... I don't know.

I should just make myself a t-shirt that says that, "I don't know."

Sigh, I've been at crossroads since after Bible School 2003... I have what you'd call a "transitional lifestle."

I just need God's will. Sometimes He tells us so plainly what to do and other times it seems we "stumble" upon it. Make sense.... we just keep moving with an open heart and we get there... or are there... cause it's a journey.

That's what I am, journeygirl... maybe I should make a shirt with that too...


I love that name! It soo cool:)

I splurged the other day! and bought a $13 book at a .... not a book store, not on-line... guess where!?

a gas station! Really. They were also selling DVD's there... strange... whatever.
I bought the 4th book in the Abraham's Daughter's series... Christian fiction about 4 amish sisters... and it's really well written and intersting. THe type of series that you wish was in one book so you didn't have to wait or get the next book later.

I haven't started reading it yet. I'll probably start it after I finish "Anne of Avonlea."

Well Adam's leaving tomorrow to drive to Bible School. Than it will only be Krista and myself here for kiddies.

Please pray for me I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO next... options. ahhhh......sigh......
any ideas let me know:) for real.... you never know, I've done so many different things... I'll tell you some of what I've done:

tour guide in a caverns-because of the job went spulunking (cave exploring!)
traveled to Isreal 2x's
traveled to Ukraine, and Russia
Lived in Richmond for 3 months with YWAM(youth with a Mission)
Been to Dominacan Republic
Was a waitress for about 3 months at an Italian Restuarant
Was a Site Director for a day camp for a summer
Have been sub counselour/counselour/ head counselour at christian camps
lived in California for 3 and a half weeks-also painted 2 smallish murals there
painted a very big Lion King mural_room sized for my nephew
Lived in Texas for 5-6 weeks and helped take care of my nephew
I was homeschooled, public schooled and, private christian school educated
I was an au pair for awhile,in Maryland 6 weeks or was it 3 months... don't remember
I've hit a deer drove, into the back of another vehicle, and had 2 differnt cars die on me in the time frame of maybe 30 days...
I worked at Burger King of and on for 2ish years...

I've done some very differnt types of things... I'm glad I have.

I have a heart for missions, for kids, youth, love art... and want to do GOD's will...

God bless you other "withosoevers" out there. God has a special interest in our lives...and he's not gonna leave us hanging (I need that truth too!)

Love you all. :)

Friday, September 09, 2005

God Knows....

Hey all. Guess what? I don't know... I dont' know what this fall holds... I don't know if I'm going to Hawaii.... I don't know............. but GOD KNOWS, ya know. In time I'll know some of what He knows:)

This weekend our family is going to a HUMONGUS business conference, it's in a colleseum(sp). The dress code is business attire... normally I'm suppose to wear nylons, but I think I'll skip over this time cause of my poison ivy. It's doubled since It showed up basically. I found a new "patch"... small bump behind my left knee... I think I may call a pharmacy and see if they can prescibe anything...because I got it horrendously bad a few years ago.[

Yesterday I changed my room around. Swept up all those bugs I was complaining about... there were ALOT under my bed. Ugh! There were alot of the ones with the long skinny legs, they have alot of both sides of their body! ahhhh........ but they were dead. I'm a little sadistic when I spray living bugs in my room, sometimes I'll laugh my evil little laugh:)

I talked to my brother Dana in Texas last night. He says I should move down there and he could hook me up with a job... maybe with an interior decorator, maybe even hook me up with a guy and I could sell my jewelery designs, than they would mass produce them and sell them at a store like maybe Neiman Marcus....I love my brother and all, but again I DON'T KNOW! Plus I like being with my family and I'm involved with my Youth Group... even in a leadershipy way.

Has any one else gotten poison ivy and was itchy everywhere even though they only had it in a few places? Maybe it's pshychological... cause I'm afraid of it in some ways... who knows?

Well I got alotta do... like packing etc... but my room is almost bug free now... it's unfinished so bugs can come in really easy... like there's still spiders in, on the ceiling... it's a nice insulated ceiling of bright pink fluffyness... makes me think of pink clouds... actually it's fiberglass insulation:)

Hey all, by the way it's Friday, so SHABBOT SHALOM YA'LL!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Actually I said yesterday that the people in Hawaii were praying over my application, which isn't true. I misunderstood an e-mail I received. They can't yet. Because they don't have all my reference forms from others filled out.

I hope that's all that they are missing. They have to have the whole application together before they can consider a student and seek the Holy Spirit whether that student is suppose to come. I want to know what the Holy Spirit tells them...

Maybe I'll blog more later. Have a good day ya'll:) Marie

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

"I hate bugs!"

They are sickening. I live in the basement so there are bugs everywhere. I just saw 3 spider carcasses. They looked like they were all the same type of spider. Maybe like a wolf spider, brownish with darker brown markings. One was quite substantial. They must of come out of their "little caves" because they were dieing of bug poison that I spray regularly... basically it's "Raid" or like Raid... haveta check the container.

I need to sweep em up! Grossness! I hate bugs... well not butterflies and some of the "cuter" bugs... well the gross ones I hate!

I just read Lisa Adams blog about, blog block so I'm gonna try one of her suggestions cause it sounded fun. Just write whatever comes to your head. Well actually as i was thinking about it , I was also planning what i'd write.... so we'll see....

I have poison ivy... just little spots, one or two on my right leg and i found a tiny spot on the bottom of a foot. (I own the foot... afore mentioned... was a funny way to put it... like I have more than 2 feet or something:)

I took a walk this evening, I was stressing about this whole Hawaii thing. If it's God's will He'll totally open the door... it's up to him.
The walk was beautiful. I missed the sunset, but I was getting the set part... after the sun dissappears. It was like technicolor the way the world looked so perfect. Dark contrasting silohettes and the burnished orange flamed sky. Very peaceful... the type of surroundings in which you just want to stand and look around, also there was the sliver of the moon, white and bright... God's fingernail... soothing... I was just taking it in:)

God owns the cattle on a thousand hills.....

Wait on the Lord and He will renew your strenth, you will mount up with wings as Eagles, you will run and not grow tired, you will walk ang not faint

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding in all your ways acknoledge Him and he will direct your paths....

Today the people in Hawaii are praying over my application to see if they sense the Holy Spirit is leading for me to go to Art school there....

If it's not God's will it would be bad for me to go. If it is his will, He wants me there more than I want me there:)

God is so much bigger than me. He likes to do last minute things sometimes. He does last minute things so that we know it was Him who did it. Remember Gideon... it was God who was the majority, not the people fighting on God's side....(that's for sure!)

I have my pj pants rolled up on one side and held there by a few bobby pins because of my poison ivy....
I just talked to one of the girls that went to the Retreat and her name is Jessica, she's got poison bad! Even on her forehead, her stomach, her chin/neck! Pray for Jessica and her home life. She and her younger brother are the only Believers in her immediate family... it's a hard home life....

Don't you like the picture at the top. I took it when I was an "au pair" (nanny) for 6 weeks in Maryland. The dad was a cowboy so of couse the little son, Buggy (his nickname) had cowboy boots too, so I took em, (the boots) outside and took a pic of em:) Picturesque eh?

Life is good... I enjoy, reading, am reading Anne of Avonlea now.... I have friends... you guys,my church family, my family... reading blogs... they are interesting... I've read from Melissas and Drew's blog, Claire's, Lisa Noss', Lisa Adams', Rachels',Craigs, Lindseys...etc...

God is Good, he provides all these things. He speaks to us in different ways. He molds us and develops us more into the person He made us to be. He's there, and bigger than we can even comprehend....

Things I enjoy, artsy stuff, like looking at magazines and looking at fashion, beads, jewelery, nail polish,music, like 50's music,Nat King Cole, Natalie Cole, Old movies (from the 50's) with Cary Grant, borrow "The talk of the Town" from the Library with Cary Grant in it, very funny movie...pretty clean... second hand stores!, went to one last week and bought like 4 shirts that were all different shades of green, I bought some other shirts too:) they were having a sale too, adult clothes $1.00 ea, and kid clothes .50 ea... I also picked up some books... they sell paper back for .25 ea... and hardback for .50.
I've picked up Summer of the MOnkeys there, the All things Bright and Beautiful Books... some of hte Anne of Green Gables series....

Well I have to wash dishes for 15 minustes... I wrote again on here today cause I'm lonely....

I don't know where my life is heading? Please pray for me:) I know God knows... I wish I knew:) in time I will:)

God bless, tell me of any of your'alls prayer requests... We can support each other.... Shalom ya'll- Marie... for the last time today, signing off....

Hey there. Good morning. I just got up. It's 10:10 am. Well hmmm... I could tell you about this weekend. We had the Youth Retreat. It started Friday evening and ended Sunday evening. The first part was Friday-Saturday, 3:00. The first part was leadership training, set-up, and practice for skits... Than we went and got the campers.
So the kids arrived. One of the first things we did was play a game called the "Name Game." We got in a big circle. Each person had to say an adjective that started with the same letter as their name than say their name. So I was "Maniac Marie." Plus you had to do a movement with your adjectived name. So I wiggled my hands in the air. Than the whole group has to do the same thing you did. Than it goes on to the next person, and he was "Awesome Adam" with a gangsta movement, than "Kicking Krista" guess what she did for a movement... you got it she kicked... One kid was "Vicking Verick" with little horns...oh and we had an "Effervesant Ethan" with a bubble noise from the mouth:) It was a GREAT way to learn everyone's name, there was alot of names to learn!
The age of the campers was high school and college age. I call em kids cause they are all younger than me. It's amazing I'm like 3-6 years older than most of the "kids."
We did play paint ball. The first time I got hit it didn't really hurt much at all. I got hit in the mask... than later I got hit in the side of the head. THAT HURT... ahhhh.......I was imagining fainting... maybe I should say wondering if I would... or wondering what's gonna happen. I told you I was wimpy!
There was alot of poison Ivy around. I got a tiny bit... but I'm also all itchy all over, so maybe I got sunburned too... I think I did.
Krista and Adam got poison ivy too.
Two kids prayed to ask Jesus into their hearts. The theme of the time was purity. We had skits. One of which was called the "throne Room." Adam was Jesus in it and i was Janna. I had just asked Jesus into my heart and Jesus showed up... I was like Who are you? and he told me, and I was like oh yeah:)... JEsus wanted to go into my heart, I wasn't too pleased about that I thought he was going to go into my "blood pumping organ!" My heart was really messay, I wante to clean it up first...Eventually I let him go in. Of course the first thing he pulls up is "my boyfriend." I keep my boyfriend "inside my heart." I'm not giving him up! (my heart is behing this table cloth on the wall...set up over a corner-2walls, so there's room for Jesus and a few people behind it.) Than Jesus brings up my mom, I'm not ready to forgive her so she stays, but Jesus explains how he loves me and that I need to forgive my mom and that He'll help me.

One thing we did that was hilarios was this little "production" where one person sacrifices their face and another person becomes the arms. We had 4 girls give their faces and 4 guys were the arms. The girls were sitting down and the guys were kneeling behind them. We were 4 girls getting ready for prom. We had toothbrushes and toothpaste. Water, makeup-lipstick, mascara, eyeshadow... perfume... gel, hairbrushes. So each of us girls was at the mercy of our "arms." Adam was my arms and he made me look AWFUL. Also during the time I was laughing hysterically, part of it was a show... and my youth leader was laughing sooooooooo hard ....Adam's there putting mascara on my nose, and lipstick all over my face, and he even threw water at the girl next to me, so the whole time it looks like I'm doing all this to myself except I don't have as much control. At the end they voted for hte "best prom queen" and i won! I was acting ridiculous and naughty:) Adam even put my glasses on me. It was kinda hard to clean my face first, had mascara above my eye, alot, Adam also put alot of gel in my hair.... and one time when he was putting lipstick on me the whole stick of lipstick broke off. I don't know where it went... at first I thougt it was in my hair.
It was great.

I haven't eaten breakfast yet... so I'll be signing off.

Everyone have a great day! Take care! Comment please! a slightly "scarred" and sore Marie....:)