Friday, September 23, 2005

I am tired:) and Horsin' Around!

How's everyone this fine night:) The last two days I've been "super electriacian(sp!!!!) woman!":) I worked with my dad, doing electrical stuff. My mom and I and my dad almost wired a whole house, well the outlets... at least the preliminary stuff. It's not the funniest(I really meant funnest! That's hard to type funnest... try it!), but I can weild a hammer. I did hit one of my fingers, but not too bad:) are you surprised:) Than yesterday my dad and I were working on putting in PVC pipe in the ground that would have wire running through it for some outside outlets. We were at a farm. It was a beautiful day, and there were like 3 sizes of horses there.
One really big size, the big farm horse type that pull wagons in parades... than a pony than the last size was kinda funny about how I became aware of it. I was looking at the stall where it was, but not over the door... and I didn't see anything, when I looked down there was this little horse, kinda like a my little pony. That's what it looked like. I was comiserating with it because of it's height. I was like I bet they pick on you cause you're so short... I was standing there talking to him. Poor guy, I know what it's like to be on the shorter side.
Horses make me a little nervouse cause they can bite. I told my dad, "I'm glad I'm not a horse." You can add that to your little repatoire of "marieisms." He thought my little declaration was funny:) Well I'm glad I 'm not. Sometimes those poor buggers have flys all over their eyes... gross but true...! ok, ok... enough of this horse play;)
What do ya think I'm horsin' around or sometin'!?
Nay, you say.......NAY!

Ok, ok, marie settle down. Hold your horses........(Mr. Pass you should read this sometime, you'd possibly appreciate it:)

Oh by the way, for some reason with the last blog I had trouble getting the whole blog posted, so I'll get that edited sometime.... now with it missin stuff it doesn't make tons of sense.

Well I think the cows have come home so I better be gettin off the computah;) See ya'll later, ya'll come back ya heah!


Jessica said...

Horsies!! Yay Mawee! I'm a blogger too!! woohoo! Thanks for the cool post! I wanted to tell you (carried over from last night at youth) That I love you and thank God for you every day. You are such a light in my life and I appreciate everything that you do for me. You rock!! LOVE YOU MARIE!

Tara said...

Cool blog!!! u should update more!!! I heart u!! Horsys r kool