Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Hey there. Good morning. I just got up. It's 10:10 am. Well hmmm... I could tell you about this weekend. We had the Youth Retreat. It started Friday evening and ended Sunday evening. The first part was Friday-Saturday, 3:00. The first part was leadership training, set-up, and practice for skits... Than we went and got the campers.
So the kids arrived. One of the first things we did was play a game called the "Name Game." We got in a big circle. Each person had to say an adjective that started with the same letter as their name than say their name. So I was "Maniac Marie." Plus you had to do a movement with your adjectived name. So I wiggled my hands in the air. Than the whole group has to do the same thing you did. Than it goes on to the next person, and he was "Awesome Adam" with a gangsta movement, than "Kicking Krista" guess what she did for a movement... you got it she kicked... One kid was "Vicking Verick" with little horns...oh and we had an "Effervesant Ethan" with a bubble noise from the mouth:) It was a GREAT way to learn everyone's name, there was alot of names to learn!
The age of the campers was high school and college age. I call em kids cause they are all younger than me. It's amazing I'm like 3-6 years older than most of the "kids."
We did play paint ball. The first time I got hit it didn't really hurt much at all. I got hit in the mask... than later I got hit in the side of the head. THAT HURT... ahhhh.......I was imagining fainting... maybe I should say wondering if I would... or wondering what's gonna happen. I told you I was wimpy!
There was alot of poison Ivy around. I got a tiny bit... but I'm also all itchy all over, so maybe I got sunburned too... I think I did.
Krista and Adam got poison ivy too.
Two kids prayed to ask Jesus into their hearts. The theme of the time was purity. We had skits. One of which was called the "throne Room." Adam was Jesus in it and i was Janna. I had just asked Jesus into my heart and Jesus showed up... I was like Who are you? and he told me, and I was like oh yeah:)... JEsus wanted to go into my heart, I wasn't too pleased about that I thought he was going to go into my "blood pumping organ!" My heart was really messay, I wante to clean it up first...Eventually I let him go in. Of course the first thing he pulls up is "my boyfriend." I keep my boyfriend "inside my heart." I'm not giving him up! (my heart is behing this table cloth on the wall...set up over a corner-2walls, so there's room for Jesus and a few people behind it.) Than Jesus brings up my mom, I'm not ready to forgive her so she stays, but Jesus explains how he loves me and that I need to forgive my mom and that He'll help me.

One thing we did that was hilarios was this little "production" where one person sacrifices their face and another person becomes the arms. We had 4 girls give their faces and 4 guys were the arms. The girls were sitting down and the guys were kneeling behind them. We were 4 girls getting ready for prom. We had toothbrushes and toothpaste. Water, makeup-lipstick, mascara, eyeshadow... perfume... gel, hairbrushes. So each of us girls was at the mercy of our "arms." Adam was my arms and he made me look AWFUL. Also during the time I was laughing hysterically, part of it was a show... and my youth leader was laughing sooooooooo hard ....Adam's there putting mascara on my nose, and lipstick all over my face, and he even threw water at the girl next to me, so the whole time it looks like I'm doing all this to myself except I don't have as much control. At the end they voted for hte "best prom queen" and i won! I was acting ridiculous and naughty:) Adam even put my glasses on me. It was kinda hard to clean my face first, had mascara above my eye, alot, Adam also put alot of gel in my hair.... and one time when he was putting lipstick on me the whole stick of lipstick broke off. I don't know where it went... at first I thougt it was in my hair.
It was great.

I haven't eaten breakfast yet... so I'll be signing off.

Everyone have a great day! Take care! Comment please! a slightly "scarred" and sore Marie....:)


lis said...

Marie, I wish I could have seen you as prom queen with big guy hands! Woulda laughed my head off!

Marie said...

Lis my youth leader was laughing really hard. She doesn't laugh that hard that much at all! She had tears in her eyes and was red faced I believe! She thought it was hilarious! Marie

Shay Dawg said...

Hi! I love your blog. I'm glad you started one. Where was that beach pic taken. The water looks so beautiful! For a minute I thought that maybe you were already in Hawaii or something. Alright cya.

Caleb Nei said...

Wow Marie. Nice blog. You definitely write more than I do. Guess that's the difference between a "guy" blog and a "girl" blog.

The retreat was a good time. Let's all do it again soon.

Marie said...

let's do it where there's no poison ivy, I have tiny spots... what's your blog address?

Hey all! Shay, that pic was taken in Maine actually!