Thursday, September 15, 2005

Cary Grant, Fred Astaire, Anne Shirley and Royal Blue Necklaces

"Sigh"- That's what life is right now, a sigh.... I'm bumming about this whole Hawaii thing. I won't be going after all. I think I already spelled that out. ....a n y w a y s....
I'm not sure what I'm gonna do next. I have options...we'll see won't we....

Anyways I watched a really good old black and white movie tonight, called "Top Hat." It has Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire in it. They do alot of dancin, tap dancing and ball room type dancing. The movie's from the 1930's. Some of those old movies are really good.
Recently I watched "Talk of the Town" that was a black and white one too. It has Cary Grant in it... also very funny. I'd recommend that one. Cary Grant is really witty in the old movies. The movies he's in don't even hardly ever, if ever- have kissing... there's romance but that's about it for the lovey dovey stuff;) Feel free and prove me wrong about that!
Today I also spent alot of time making jewelery, maybe 4 hours... who knows. I made this really labor intensive necklace out of royal blue glass beads. It's kinda a "collar" type necklace. It's got this dangly fringe... kinda hard to explain. My finger's sore in places because of all the wire I had to bend and cut to make the necklace and I also made 2 pair earrings. I used alot of wire. I put each individual bead on a piece of wire except for 36 beads that were directly on the wire for around the neck. And each piece of wire was curled on both ends and conncected to other beads to make a dangle:) I put these dangles hanging in between the other beads on the wire. It came out nifty looking. Fancy pancy:)
..........Pardon me for keeping you waiting I actuallyjust scanned the necklace, so I'll get the pic of that up soon...

Did you know you could actully scan real items on the scanner and make pictures. Try it sometime- it's fun. I made a "collage" once with memorabilia from my trip with YWAM to Ukraine and Isreal.

I finally finshed reading, "Anne of Avonlea" today. It was really good. The end is when Gilbert gets sick and Anne has a "REVELATION" that she DOES love him:) and they get together... but can't marry yet cause Gilbert has 3 more years of medical school. Anne almost got engaged to another guy, Roy Gardner, who was "perfect" in alot of ways, rich, had looks too, but was boring and had no sense of humor.
Anne has a girlfriend whom we'll call Phil, (that's what her friends call her.) Phil goes to college with Anne at Redmond. Back in Phil's home town there's 2 guys she's considering marrying. They are Alfonso and Alec... (ahhh, not quite sure of their names... that kinda seems right, anyways 2 A names.) She keeps being wishy washy, has no clue which to marry... BUT some other dude, or should I say gentleman, he's clergy come's along, and he's ugly but has a great personality and sweeps her off her feet! So she didn't haveta marry anyone she wasn't sure about, but ends up marrying Jo, the ugly personable clergy man. If you haven't read the Anne series I would highly recommend it.
Very well written, even at times laugh out loud material! I know I found myself laughing out loud today while I was reading Anne of's true I tell you:) Good clean lit.
Tomorrow night is a BIG business meeting. And I will grace them all with my presence, lucky people! Actually luck has nothing to do with it, so I shall say they are
blessed immeasurably!;) It's when the smaller "open's" (open oportunity meetings) get together. At this meeting, which is dubbed the "Fleet Open" there's 4-5 hundred people that come! Ya'll should join me sometime. It's pretty cool and exciting:)

I redid my parent's bedroom awhile back. (man am I random or what!?) I'm not totally finished with it yet. Sometime I just may paint some scripture on part of the wall, like above the bed as border. I'm thinking of "His banner over me is love...." and maybe some more scripture. I "designed" for there to be a swag curtain thingy above the bed. Kinda royal looking. The gauzy curtain is held up and held back by 3 tie backs... I guess you could call them. It peaks at the top at one gold tie back, than comes down to the other two almost in line with the sides of the bed and then the curtain flows to the floor. Gracing the middle of the curtain configuration is a big mirror with a heavy brassy golden frame.
Their bed has a deep scarlet comforter. I bought the comforter and a whole new set of sheets for their bed through our internet business. For real! They have all these partner stores... it's really cool. (Well they coughed up the dough for the duds I just did the shoppin'.)
Anyways I've rambled and gotten some chit chat out of my system. It's nice to have a number of people that will "listen" to what I've said over the next few days. Who knows how many... please just at least say "hi" if you stop by:) I'm curious to see who's "listenin," it's like gettin mail actually:)
Good night everyone! So long farewell.........Osta, La Vista Baby... to quote Le famioso...........


asaphat said... it was unclear to me whether you think the lack of kissing in Carey Grant movies is a pro or a con. ???

Also, you were describing the thing you designed over your parent's bed, and I was imagining "over" as meaning it was on the ceiling, and it seemed really weird, especially when you said there was a mirror. "She put a mirror on the ceiling???" Then I got that it was on the wall and realized with relief you aren't quite as avant garde as it seemed.

Kim Kelley said...

Marie I think that you should come down here and do my room... I started it, got the walls painted(purple) my bed is really tall.. I can hardly climb into it..Thats it.. I have no time to do anything else to it right now

Marie said...

Well Craig-for certain people it would be a pro for there not being any kissing. But for me personally it's a little anticlimatical:) I wasn't saying how I felt about it in the blog.
I should've said the thing over my parents bed was mounted/attached to the wall. It's hard to explain... Need a picture, you know a pic is worth a 1,000 words especially if you don't know what words to use!
Hey Kim I'd like to help you... but I'm sooo far away. Kinda like Bible School... helpin' each other with room set up... didn't I actually give you "room" input when we were there together? Rings a bell:)
You could get a little step ladder... why is it so high?