Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Now I think I know.

Well I think I know now. Hawaii is not going to happen. I talked to my pastor today... counsoled with him. He doesn't feel a peace about it... and we got into alot of details I won't cover hear. Also I don't have the money. It's not like it was the mission field either. It was to get some sort of education and that should be my responsibility to cover. Make sense... I'm dissappointed in some ways. But it is a relief in others. I haven't told my art teacher contact person yet...ugh!

I don't know what to do next. Pray for me! Maybe I'll join a convent... jk! My brother Dana said I could move to Texas and he'd find me a good job....

The pastor thinks it would be really good for me to study art, in a christian school. He says He could see it really, (in my words) fit together with missions. Maybe I'll work and study out art colleges and scholarships etc... I don't know.

I should just make myself a t-shirt that says that, "I don't know."

Sigh, I've been at crossroads since after Bible School 2003... I have what you'd call a "transitional lifestle."

I just need God's will. Sometimes He tells us so plainly what to do and other times it seems we "stumble" upon it. Make sense.... we just keep moving with an open heart and we get there... or are there... cause it's a journey.

That's what I am, journeygirl... maybe I should make a shirt with that too...


I love that name! It soo cool:)

I splurged the other day! and bought a $13 book at a .... not a book store, not on-line... guess where!?

a gas station! Really. They were also selling DVD's there... strange... whatever.
I bought the 4th book in the Abraham's Daughter's series... Christian fiction about 4 amish sisters... and it's really well written and intersting. THe type of series that you wish was in one book so you didn't have to wait or get the next book later.

I haven't started reading it yet. I'll probably start it after I finish "Anne of Avonlea."

Well Adam's leaving tomorrow to drive to Bible School. Than it will only be Krista and myself here for kiddies.

Please pray for me I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO next... options. ahhhh......sigh......
any ideas let me know:) for real.... you never know, I've done so many different things... I'll tell you some of what I've done:

tour guide in a caverns-because of the job went spulunking (cave exploring!)
traveled to Isreal 2x's
traveled to Ukraine, and Russia
Lived in Richmond for 3 months with YWAM(youth with a Mission)
Been to Dominacan Republic
Was a waitress for about 3 months at an Italian Restuarant
Was a Site Director for a day camp for a summer
Have been sub counselour/counselour/ head counselour at christian camps
lived in California for 3 and a half weeks-also painted 2 smallish murals there
painted a very big Lion King mural_room sized for my nephew
Lived in Texas for 5-6 weeks and helped take care of my nephew
I was homeschooled, public schooled and, private christian school educated
I was an au pair for awhile,in Maryland 6 weeks or was it 3 months... don't remember
I've hit a deer drove, into the back of another vehicle, and had 2 differnt cars die on me in the time frame of maybe 30 days...
I worked at Burger King of and on for 2ish years...

I've done some very differnt types of things... I'm glad I have.

I have a heart for missions, for kids, youth, love art... and want to do GOD's will...

God bless you other "withosoevers" out there. God has a special interest in our lives...and he's not gonna leave us hanging (I need that truth too!)

Love you all. :)


Caleb Nei said...

This is a good way to keep track of what's going on with you...

I'll be praying for you. Buck up! It'll work out.

lis said...

You're right! He won't leave us least, only until the very last minute, when He then informs us of the next adventure!


At least, that's the way it works for me.

Sorry about the Hawaii thing...but glad to know you feel peaceful about it.

Prayin' for you!

Marie said...

Thank you Lis,

I have some thoughts about another possible adventure... we'll see:) Who knows why God turned Hawaii aside... He has reasons.

Thank for prayin'-Love ya