Thursday, December 30, 2010

End of Year Sale Coupon

I just added two new pairs of earrings to my Etsy shop.  I also retook the pictures for two of my more recent listings.

My new earring listings: "rose sonnet" and "render unto Caesar."  The rose beads in "rose sonnet" are re purposed from a vintage necklace my grandmother gave to me.  I re purposed the fake coins from possibly vintage earrings for the "render unto Caesar" earrings.  I enjoy re purposing!

These two pieces were re shot.  My sister modeled "Vintage Ethnic" as she was about to head out the door to work.  The lighting on "3 pearls" was better than before! Can you tell I'm enjoying my new camera? :)

I am offering a 20 % off "End of Year Sale Coupon." Just put this code in when you check out: ENDOFYEARSALE

intense in tights

I took these with my new camera! A canon Powershot. I figured out a really cool and special feature, a self timer that you can program!!  You program how long you have until it takes a picture and how MANY pictures you want it to take.  I took the pics during dusk too, most (if not all) of the pics were bright enough without editing them.  Definitely more high tech than my old camera.  

I bought these tights like a year ago. You can see my knees are stretched out. I took A LOT of pictures of earrings for my Etsy and was kneeling, crouching down to do it. Between Etsy and my blog pictures I took around 300 pictures today! It is so easy with my new camera to take MANY pictures. (Can you tell I'm happy and excited with it?!)  I didn't realize until after the pics that I am practically wearing Red, white and blue.  Oh well ;)  

I had a sick day today because yesterday I had a low grade fever of 99 because of my cold.  If I have a fever then I am contagious, and can't go to work.  I wanted to work today, I was suppose to, but I didn't want to give my sickness to my "Old lady." The lady I care for. Yeah I work tomorrow!  

Maybe I should jazz up what I wear to work a bit.... 

I actually sketched in my journal what I wore today.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Agony and the Ecstasy

My dad received some old Charlton Heston movies for Christmas. Last night I watched "The Agony and the Ecstasy" with my sister and brother.  A movie about Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel.  I pulled up some pictures from the movie and from the actual chapel.  

It was neat to watch a movie about an artist and the dynamics he went through to create one of the most important pieces of his life.  As an artist myself in some ways I could relate to him.  

It was fascinating to see Charlton as Michelangelo talking with the Pope about his take on God reaching out to Adam. "The act of creation is an act of love... I'm thankful for his gift to me."  What he painted in "The Creation of Adam" was how he saw God.  And the Pope's reaction to Michelangelo as an artist. The pope felt Michelangelo was doing more good for the world than he had as the pope.  I believe Artists have a special calling and ability to communicate truths in a poignant way that reaches and touches deep into the soul, as Michelangelo has done with his masterpiece of the Sistine Chapel.

Art is the language of the soul.  To be an artist is to be vulnerable.  You put your heart and your soul out there for others to see.  Our artwork is truly a part of us.

Charlton Heston as Michelangelo, he did a superb job!

Michelangelo's "God"
The Creation of Adam
I don't know who the lady is, but she's lovely
I could relate to Michelangelo's desire to do his best.  His desire for excellence.  I also believe that an Artist sees and feels the world differently than others.  I am an artist and I think I feel things deeper and harder than others do.  I am a sensitive person, a sensitive artist.  Many times I see it as a weakness but God has been teaching me through others encouragement the strength it is to be sensitive.  I know one of the ways I experience God is through my emotions, my heart.  And one way I share my heart is through my Art.  

For me too, at times, it is Agony and at times, in His presence it is Ecstasy.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

remember the Tartans

 To me this pic has a bit of an "old" feel to it, cept for the smile.  In those old black and whites they didn't smile.
(below) This is my "quirky" picture. It makes me chuckle. Kinda strange eh? ;)

my "Vogue" shot.
faux camel leather boots: Steve Madden
black leggings: I've had for a long time
Vintage Plaid tartan kilt: tag reads "Made in Great Britain  from Pure New Wool for the Edinburgh Woollen Mill"
zip cardigan: Gabriel brothers
black scarf: Walmart
vintage long silver toned necklace: thrifted
giant ring: from my sister
ethnic earrings: gift from an African man selling at a festival
long sleeve blue shirt: Target 

A girl at Bible School passed this plaid skirt on to me.  This is my tartan kilt. I don't know much about Tartans. It's a cool piece. It actually has leather buckles.  I hardly ever wear it. I may take this pics and post it onto my Etsy shop to sell it. 

I took these pics a couple of weeks back. Since I took them my sister graduated bible school. It snowed and the snow stayed. I got a job!  

I won't be posting "Fashion Blogs" as often because of the job I started and because I'm more busy now.  My job is not as conducive to outfits like this. I wear my L.L. Bean Mary Jane clogs almost daily. The are Mary Jane's instead of a closed clog.  I do get to wear "normal" clothes.  I am using my CNA licensing but get to wear jeans instead of scrubs.  I have wondered about wearing scrubs, that way people know I'm associated with the nursing profession.  

On another note, I got all of my Christmas Shopping done.  I do need to make a present though. I will be making Peacock Feather Earrings for my sister.  I'm writing it "aloud" knowing she doesn't read my blog.

Merry Christmas! I've got things to do! Like wrap presents and eat pecan pie.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I have a new job!

Hey all. Just dropping by quickly to give you an update on my life.  

I may have mentioned that I've been looking for work as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) for awhile.  The Lord opened the door for me to work with a local Agency that places people in private homes to help care for/be a companion to/home helper. It's a non medical agency but they do have a "Personal Care" service. I want to mostly do PC.  You have to be CNA licensed or other licensing to do it.  I have worked 3 days so far. (Also I get paid more than HH, or C.) 

My "main" job is a couple that live close to me. I help care for the wife.  I will call them Bill and Jenny. Because of H.I.P.P.A.A. (confidential laws) I can't say their names or any vital info.  

I definitely see it as my ministry right now.  When people are in the end stages of life and they choose to keep their loved one at home and you go and provide what they need to keep that possible, it means a lot. I'm learning from them.  Just the love the husband has for his wife is amazing. It is sacrificial, unconditional, loyal, true. It's a beautiful thing to see. It hits a deep part of my heart.  Some day, in God's time it's what I want.  

Yeah! My work is paying me earlier than normal cus I asked them to so that I'd have money to spend for Christmas!  I've been broke practically.  Tomorrow I might do some Christmas Shopping!!  It will be fun!

Today was one of my best days in a long time.  I had a good day at work.  I made a BIG soup for my old people. (It was so much he probably won't be able to eat it in 2 days, and will have to freeze some!) And the Young Adults bible study I go to had a fun Christmas party. We played A LOT of pictionary/just having fun playing our own version of pictionary. 

Dinner was good too! We eat dinner at the Bible Study. It was a "deconstructed chicken pot pie." Like the innards of the pie was a soup and then the lady of the house made the "crust" evergreen tree biscuits you put in the soup and eat with it. So good!! I told my friend "look I have a forest in my soup!" 

Time to head to bed. Boy it's late and I am TIRED! Night.  

Thursday, December 16, 2010

How to make a simple spaghetti dinner

I know many people know how to make this simple "all American" (Italian) dish. Mines kinda "special."  I made this awhile back and documented the process as I worked on it, so I confess, I could blog about it. It was fun! And my family definitely enjoyed it (I have proof), there was HARDLY any left. 

*most measurements are guestimations. I didn't make this with a recipe  

Cooking the Noodles

1. Fill up your large spaghetti pot 3/4ths way full, throw in a bit of salt (1 T. or so) and some olive oil (1 T.). Put on stove to boil.  
2. Add one box of healthy spaghetti.  (Organic is great, or wheat) They often say one box=8 servings.  My one box=4 servings, 2 grown men and 2 ladies. We almost ate all the spaghetti.  
3. Return to boil. Cook until "al dente", about 10 mins. 

4. To make sure spaghetti is finished I always do the "wall test" (this is fun!) Take a noodle from the pot and throw it on the wall. If it sticks your spaghetti is FINISHED! 
5.  Remove from heat and drain with a colander.  Put back in giant spaghetti pot. Put a lid on it.

To keep this simple (for me explaining and for you understanding) I will keep the making of the Meat Sauce and Spaghetti separate. I actually make both simultaneously.  You can try that too.

Meat Sauce
1 pound lean ground beef, Worcestershire sauce, oregano, salt, garlic clove/ or garlic powder (and any other seasonings you so desire), one onion, one medium green pepper, one can 26 1/2 oz. tomato sauce (I used Del Monte) and oil. 

1. put the lean ground beef on the stove in a skillet or frying pan (Iron Skillets work great) Throw in a dab of oil to keep it from sticking to the bottom of the pan.   Fry it partially. Add seasonings to flavor as desired. Shake a bit of Worcestershire sauce (maybe 2 t. to 1 T.) to add some yum-yum flavor! (optional drain any grease)

2. Dice onion, green pepper and cut the garlic clove into tiny pieces. Throw into meat and complete frying. 

3. Open the can of tomato sauce and pour into meat, onion and green pepper. Cook until simmering (simmer: little bubbles popping up in the sauce vs. boiling BIG bubbles frothing up in the sauce.)

Setting the Table
-an ethnic table cloth/piece of material  
-stemmed water glasses (got mine at the dollar store)  
-white or cream vintage plates (it's be fun to have a "set" of all non matching plates, cloth napkins that go with the table cloth  
-a flower arrangement (optional)  
-matching butter knives and forks.  

2. Place plates and glasses around the table 

3. fold the napkins simply but neatly and place in the center of the plate

4. Lay forks and butter knives on the napkin on the plate

5. Place flowers in the middle of the table

6. put down hot pads/trivets and put spaghetti and meat sauce on those onto the table. Place tongs in the spaghetti and a big serving spoon in the meat sauce.

*set out your choice of beverage

"It's Dinner Time!!"

 This is my brother Adam. He likes my spaghetti.  See, I'm showing you proof!
And he licked the platter clean. (almost!) 
Help yourself! To seconds (and thirds and 4ths....)

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

I made a sale just for you! %15 off

Hey all in the blogger world. I just made my first coupon at Marie's Miracles, my etsy shop. I was inspired by wanting to make a coupon specifically for my Vintage Ethnic earring necklace combo listing. But, lucky you, it's a coupon for any order. 

It's my first time making a coupon.  I'm not sure how it works. I believe it's for one coupon per person.  I believe it's for anyone that uses this coupon, as long as I keep it active.  I'm learning too!  I will keep this active until I return home from Texas, Saturday or Sunday! Enjoy!

When checking out use this coupon code (I know it's spelled wrong, which totally cracks me up): 182010JOURNEYGIRL4GO 

On your mark! Get set! SHOP! 

the green eyed girl

I wore this yesterday to the young adults Bible study. Every week that we go the family that hosts it cooks dinner.  Last night was breakfast for dinner, and boy was it good!  It was one of my favorite meals they've cooked so far.  We had grits and shrimp (my first time ever!), biscuits and gravy and some sort of French toast bread pudding with blueberries.  Some good eatin'!

 I think certain colors work on me better than others. I really like coral, in many different shades and I like green and sage green. I haven't been so sure about this sweater, thinking maybe to get rid of. But I've rediscovered it and I do like it.  I wore it in my first post,  (which wasn't my favorite look.)  I've really been getting into the fashion world more lately.  Looking at fashion blogs a lot. Doing my own fashion blogging. I even read a lot of Tim Gunn's book "A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style" .  

I want to be more deliberate about getting nicer pieces.  I do a lot of thrifting but that can give me many things instead of fewer nice things.  Don't worry I'm not going to give thrifting up completely.  I've gotten some nice shoes and boots thrifting.  

Big news!  I am going to Texas. My parents paid for a last minute ticket for me to go. My sister needs someone to ride with her as she drives her home from school in Texas. She graduates the 10th. Since my mom has some physical issues it's better for me to be on a road trip for 2 days instead of my parents.  So I get to see my baby sister (7 years younger than me) graduate from Bible School! I'm happy I get to go. Thanks God :) Yeah!  Ohhh I get to see my nephews, my brother and my sister in law.  

I had fun editing the pics and making some of the pictures more Artsy Fartsy!  Ohh and I added my two "funnies" of me (truly singing) and then pretending to play the piano.  I can play but I don't much.

J. Jill army green corduroys:  thrifted in Michigan
Ann Taylor coral long sleeved shirt: Gabriel Brothers
Ann Taylor lime green sweater: thrifted
Brazilian leather booties: $1 thrifted
vintage necklaces: Grammie
pearl bracelet: reused vintage beads handmade by me
rough cute emerald ring: $13 Thai/Burma border
fresh water pearl earrings: made by me for a friends wedding