Wednesday, December 08, 2010

I made a sale just for you! %15 off

Hey all in the blogger world. I just made my first coupon at Marie's Miracles, my etsy shop. I was inspired by wanting to make a coupon specifically for my Vintage Ethnic earring necklace combo listing. But, lucky you, it's a coupon for any order. 

It's my first time making a coupon.  I'm not sure how it works. I believe it's for one coupon per person.  I believe it's for anyone that uses this coupon, as long as I keep it active.  I'm learning too!  I will keep this active until I return home from Texas, Saturday or Sunday! Enjoy!

When checking out use this coupon code (I know it's spelled wrong, which totally cracks me up): 182010JOURNEYGIRL4GO 

On your mark! Get set! SHOP! 


Tamera's Take said...

I love that hat! :)

Marie said...

Thanks Tamara :) I made it from an old sweater, and velvet ribbon probably vintage and an old vintage earring! Can't go wrong with deep orange and dark blue ;)

Artfully Awear said...

Beautiful pieces!