Wednesday, December 08, 2010

the green eyed girl

I wore this yesterday to the young adults Bible study. Every week that we go the family that hosts it cooks dinner.  Last night was breakfast for dinner, and boy was it good!  It was one of my favorite meals they've cooked so far.  We had grits and shrimp (my first time ever!), biscuits and gravy and some sort of French toast bread pudding with blueberries.  Some good eatin'!

 I think certain colors work on me better than others. I really like coral, in many different shades and I like green and sage green. I haven't been so sure about this sweater, thinking maybe to get rid of. But I've rediscovered it and I do like it.  I wore it in my first post,  (which wasn't my favorite look.)  I've really been getting into the fashion world more lately.  Looking at fashion blogs a lot. Doing my own fashion blogging. I even read a lot of Tim Gunn's book "A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style" .  

I want to be more deliberate about getting nicer pieces.  I do a lot of thrifting but that can give me many things instead of fewer nice things.  Don't worry I'm not going to give thrifting up completely.  I've gotten some nice shoes and boots thrifting.  

Big news!  I am going to Texas. My parents paid for a last minute ticket for me to go. My sister needs someone to ride with her as she drives her home from school in Texas. She graduates the 10th. Since my mom has some physical issues it's better for me to be on a road trip for 2 days instead of my parents.  So I get to see my baby sister (7 years younger than me) graduate from Bible School! I'm happy I get to go. Thanks God :) Yeah!  Ohhh I get to see my nephews, my brother and my sister in law.  

I had fun editing the pics and making some of the pictures more Artsy Fartsy!  Ohh and I added my two "funnies" of me (truly singing) and then pretending to play the piano.  I can play but I don't much.

J. Jill army green corduroys:  thrifted in Michigan
Ann Taylor coral long sleeved shirt: Gabriel Brothers
Ann Taylor lime green sweater: thrifted
Brazilian leather booties: $1 thrifted
vintage necklaces: Grammie
pearl bracelet: reused vintage beads handmade by me
rough cute emerald ring: $13 Thai/Burma border
fresh water pearl earrings: made by me for a friends wedding


Artfully Awear said...

Love the color combo. Pretty pics, pretty girl!

Marie said...

thanks! I love color, as you probably do too. And since I'm a bit more mature in my development ;)I put colors/clothes together better than I used to.I used to dress not so great... High school (mmmm, not so pretty)

alltumbledown said...

Beautifully layered necklaces! You have an amazing jewelry collection.

Marie said...

Thanks "AllTumbleDown" :) I have some pieces from my Grandmother which is super fun. And I've found vintage stuff over the years. And gifts.

Vanessa said...

I love how you combined two pendants and multiple layers! It works so well!