Thursday, December 02, 2010

Inside the box, outside the lines

     Yesterday was an inside kind of day. Boy was it WINDY!  Windy, windy, windy, rainy ... and cold! 
From Winne the Pooh and the blustery day: narrator: 
     "Owl talked from page 41 to page 62, and on page 62, the blustery day turned into a blustery night. To Pooh, it was an anxious sort of night, filled with anxious sorts of noises. And one of the noises was a sound that had never been heard before."

     I set up my little tripod, aka stool and a stack of antique books and did my little shoot in our hallway.  It was fun :)

     I put the pants and the long sleeve shirt together then I was like that tunic might work, put it on and it was like a light bulb went off. It was nifty, I looked like an optical illusion. Well almost.

     In the next two pictures I was thinking about how to "emote." So I was like what does surprise look like, and I did it.... not sure what the other emotion was. Bewildered, or confused maybe? (She asked emoting a "quizzical" expression, as she sat typing away at a silly little blog at a ridiculously irresponsible hour.)

     Today I had an interview!!! It went well. They will get in touch with me eventually. I think it's a very good prospect.

     I didn't take any pics of my outfit today since I didn't feel like it 'cus I am/was sooo tired.  Had trouble sleeping last night.  Can anyone say "night before an interview?!!"  I was like, "did I have caffeine?"

     It's late. I AM TIRED. And this blog feels all over the place. Kinda outside the lines eh? ;)

     Some how I am able to write near my pictures. I don't know how I did that. Usually I post my pics on the top of the blog and the writing below.

     I didn't post this yesterday because the electricity went out. I wanted to post it but my dad needed to get to bed and he needed to shut the generator off.  So it was like "what the hey? I don't HAVE to post it tonight." (as in last night)

     I end up taking a lot of pictures usually.  I get "picture happy." There's more where these came from. I should start a blog to put the pics up that I don't post on this blog. (jk...)

skinny jeans: old Navy
pirate boots: thrift store
tank tunic: thrifted
long striped tshirt: old Navy
Grannie necklace: thrifted, vintage 
earrings: gift from sister
scarf: walmart
giant ring: from sister
Beauty Tip:
  I brushed a light brown shadow, then layered it with light blue. 
The blue wasn't as strong as I wanted it.  So I made paint with the eye shadow.
 I just added a bit of water and mixed it in with the brush. 
Then painted it onto my eyelids.  It made a bolder color.
 Fun stuff!  You can also use wet shadow as an 
eyeliner. Just use a lining brush/thin brush.


Artfully Awear said...

This is so funny--the outfit I posted today is so similar to yours (blue & white stripes with a pop of red and boots). Cute!

Vanessa said...

aww... i like how obvious it is that you're having such a good time! I like the double stripes and all the layers. It's a cool look!

Marie said...

thanks ladies for the comments :) Thanks!