Thursday, December 02, 2010

the princess and the pea

leather boots: vintage? thrifted
leggings: ?
dress: old navy summer dress
sweater: free
snakeskin belt: thrifted
scarf: walmart $5
necklaces: (probably vintage) 2 chains & pendant 
from Grammie, one pendant thrifted
brooch on headband: vintage Grammie

I added these pics for humor's sake. I think the one on the left, I look like I'm growing out of the woodpile.  It cracks me up! It's like a bad fairy tale. Like babies growing in a cabbage patch? maybe.  The one on the right was when I was trying to stand on the wood pile in boots that don't have much traction.  

I think this was one of my favorite outfits and photo shoots.  Me use the term "Photo shoot"? I know I'm not a model, so what should I call it?? It was rather cold outside while taking pics.  I'm totally layered today so that kept me warmer.  This outfit is really comfy too!  

I went into town because my dad did a show.  I have a confession to make. (Some of you already know.) My dad is an (drum roll please)....... ELVIS IMPERSONATOR! For real. No joke, no I'm not pulling your leg. And I didn't write gullible on the ceiling.  Yup my dad is Elvis! (OK he pretends to be Elvis.)  He actually kinda looks like him. We were recently watching Blue Hawaii and they had a shot of Elvis at the end kinda blurryish and for a second I could have pretended he was my dad, he looked like him. Or should I saw my dad looked like Elvis.  

My dad sang for his dinner (well, not quite) at a nursing home in town. I drove in with my mom. We got FREE dinner. It was yummy.  It was kinda funny because the young people waiting on us kept on forgetting to give us things. Like my mom and I got decaf coffee.  I had to ask for creamer and a stirrer.  We got our dinner, without silverware and napkins.  When they brought us the plates and forgot silver ware my mom and I looked at each other and laughed (after they had left the table).  We weren't upset but it was funny because they kept not giving us things. So I asked for the silverware and napkins, and water.  

I asked God if I could help someone tonight.  I went to the Library to hang out. (Got a ton of books, some on fashion, one on antique buttons, even some on dating, and an Elizabeth Goudge novel.)  I was walking out with a lady. Held the door open for her.  I walked to my car. She kept walking. I wondered in my car if maybe this was the answer to prayer I had prayed. So I drove out the driveway. I turned left, she was on the sidewalk. I stopped (no one was coming in either direction), and asked if she wanted a ride home. She got in.  I took her home. It was a ways from the library.  

Her name is Victoria. She doesn't have a job. She visits her mom in town. She likes town because it has things to do.  I think that night some men in a truck offered her a ride. I don't know if she rode with them. I'm glad I was able to give her a lift home.  It's a cold night too. I don't think Miss Victoria is totally right in her mind and she was soo trusting.  

I was a bit nervous as I was considering doing it and was nervous while doing it. I didn't know if she lived in a rough home. Was I putting myself in danger? But God kept me. I was fine. Believe me, I don't make a habit of picking up strangers, but I really like helping people.  I felt OK about this time.  If any young ladies are reading this, please be super careful about doing what I just did.   BE WISE.  It felt rather good to do it.  It was an answer to prayer.  I almost didn't stop. I'm glad I did since it was quite a ways for her to have had to walk at night.

So I named my blog. Anyone have any other suggestions for names?  I think my name is OK. But if there's any better names that'd be great!  


Vanessa said...

I like how you doubled up on necklesses!

Artfully Awear said...

Green is my favorite color! You look lovely :)