Monday, December 06, 2010

thank you, Daddy O'!

I took these pics on Friday.  I did get "blog burnout".  I am an extremist at times, also I have tendencies toward perfectionist and over achiever. If I'm into something I can put hours into it at a time. Balance and moderation are a bit healthier. :)  

I had this look in my head, I wanted to use my dad's flannel shirt with skinnies.  I found this one, and liked it because of the bright red.  Definitely a POP of color!  ( I actually forgot how to spell color for a second!)  

skinny jeans: Ross $15
flannel shirt: from my Daddy O's closet
sweater: department store sale
socks: Gabriel brothers
boots: Salvation Army, $1
Old navy leather belt, men's: yard sale $1
vintage locket: with pics of my grammie and grampy when they were young, from my Grammie

I could have also called this blog something about a Lumberjack. This is definitely a lumberjack's shirt. Like stereotypically Lumberjack.  "Man of the woods, and cutter of trees!" Yeah that's me ;)  I did learn how to make a fire today in our wood stove!  I'm keeping it alive too!! (does that mean I have a red thumb?)

My parents are going to TX for my sister's graduation from Bible school on Wed. My dad wanted me to learn how to build a fire. Keeping the furnace on costs a lot of money.  We are thrifty country folk!

I went and filled out an application at a nursing home here in the country and left my resume. I'm willing to start part time. The owner said they'd call me! Hope so!!!

Ohh, last night I finally got the "groove" on to decorate the Christmas tree. Mom and Dad helped a little bit. I'm the family  "decorator." If it wasn't for me, who knows when it would have gotten done. (Maybe when my sister moves back home.)  I even put evergreen branches on the piano with our nativity scene with red glass balls and pine cones.  Maybe just maybe I'll posts some pics sometime.   

It's official, Christmas has come to our house.

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