Thursday, December 30, 2010

intense in tights

I took these with my new camera! A canon Powershot. I figured out a really cool and special feature, a self timer that you can program!!  You program how long you have until it takes a picture and how MANY pictures you want it to take.  I took the pics during dusk too, most (if not all) of the pics were bright enough without editing them.  Definitely more high tech than my old camera.  

I bought these tights like a year ago. You can see my knees are stretched out. I took A LOT of pictures of earrings for my Etsy and was kneeling, crouching down to do it. Between Etsy and my blog pictures I took around 300 pictures today! It is so easy with my new camera to take MANY pictures. (Can you tell I'm happy and excited with it?!)  I didn't realize until after the pics that I am practically wearing Red, white and blue.  Oh well ;)  

I had a sick day today because yesterday I had a low grade fever of 99 because of my cold.  If I have a fever then I am contagious, and can't go to work.  I wanted to work today, I was suppose to, but I didn't want to give my sickness to my "Old lady." The lady I care for. Yeah I work tomorrow!  

Maybe I should jazz up what I wear to work a bit.... 

I actually sketched in my journal what I wore today.

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Artfully Awear said...

Cute! I loved seeing your sketch. Isn't having a new camera the most fun ever?? Happy New Year!