Friday, December 03, 2010

Ode to the Creator

I'm going to take a break today from posting "what I wore." I did take pics and may post tomorrow. I feel like I've been fashion blogging way too much, you know looking at blogs and posting.  

Today I'm going to post something I wrote the other day while journaling. It was raining. I was sitting at our dining room table looking out the back porch door at the trees.

Ode to the Creator

I see beads of water on the tapered branches of the bare bones of the trees.  They sway and wave their arms in joyous fluid motion. The Bible says, "The trees clap their hands..." and they do.  

I wonder what sound they make as the wind embraces them in his arms and dances with them.  Just a sway, a sway... a simple dance but shows so much affection, even mischievousness.  The wind flexes his muscle and leads the lady trees in a waltz of the wind.  

The trees soak up the life giving tears the sky releases.  The sky gently weeps with quiet relief, speaking of a Creator God that intertwines each facet of nature to give to another.  The sky gives to the trees and the grass, to the earth.  The trees reach up to the sky-touching the sky, arms open wide exclaiming and clapping their hands, applauding the creator. 

The wind, the breath, laughs and plays, singing a tonal song, a simple song that crescendos and decrescendos as he speaks of the wonders of the Creator and of Creation.  The Breath breathes like the tide of the ocean, moving in and out. He goes where he pleases, whispering in my ear and at times gently caressing me or wrapping me passionately in a glorious and smooth embrace.

The earth kisses me with it's raindrops. Embraces me with it's wind.  Celebrates with me as the arms of the trees sway, outstretched in worship, openness and joy.  

Creation exclaims the glory, the ultimate beauty of our Creator.