Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I have a new job!

Hey all. Just dropping by quickly to give you an update on my life.  

I may have mentioned that I've been looking for work as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) for awhile.  The Lord opened the door for me to work with a local Agency that places people in private homes to help care for/be a companion to/home helper. It's a non medical agency but they do have a "Personal Care" service. I want to mostly do PC.  You have to be CNA licensed or other licensing to do it.  I have worked 3 days so far. (Also I get paid more than HH, or C.) 

My "main" job is a couple that live close to me. I help care for the wife.  I will call them Bill and Jenny. Because of H.I.P.P.A.A. (confidential laws) I can't say their names or any vital info.  

I definitely see it as my ministry right now.  When people are in the end stages of life and they choose to keep their loved one at home and you go and provide what they need to keep that possible, it means a lot. I'm learning from them.  Just the love the husband has for his wife is amazing. It is sacrificial, unconditional, loyal, true. It's a beautiful thing to see. It hits a deep part of my heart.  Some day, in God's time it's what I want.  

Yeah! My work is paying me earlier than normal cus I asked them to so that I'd have money to spend for Christmas!  I've been broke practically.  Tomorrow I might do some Christmas Shopping!!  It will be fun!

Today was one of my best days in a long time.  I had a good day at work.  I made a BIG soup for my old people. (It was so much he probably won't be able to eat it in 2 days, and will have to freeze some!) And the Young Adults bible study I go to had a fun Christmas party. We played A LOT of pictionary/just having fun playing our own version of pictionary. 

Dinner was good too! We eat dinner at the Bible Study. It was a "deconstructed chicken pot pie." Like the innards of the pie was a soup and then the lady of the house made the "crust" evergreen tree biscuits you put in the soup and eat with it. So good!! I told my friend "look I have a forest in my soup!" 

Time to head to bed. Boy it's late and I am TIRED! Night.  

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Eva Girl said...

Glad to hear it! Hope all goes well with your new job! Blessings abound when you see peoples love for each other like that!