Monday, November 29, 2010

The Hippie Trail

When I lived in NYC a young Indian man told me that he thought my parents were hippies. Far from it!  It was because he saw me with my long hair straightened and I had a tunic sweater on with 70's colors, like lime green and brown.  

I have thought my style was hippie boho... sometimes it is, and sometimes it ain't, like yesterday.  I do love me some ethnic earrings and scarfs though.  

I haven't been feeling well today.  I feel better now but not perfect.  I am soo thankful for health, a lot of the time I feel OK.  I have friends that have regular migraines and chronic pain. When I'm hurting I just shut down and stop and rest.  My friends, if the pain isn't too awful just keep on with life.  Wow, that would be tough just having to cope and move on even if you feel like crap.  

I took these pics myself! I LOVE my "throwing leaves in the air shot." The lighting came out cool.  

Tonight if I feel up to it I'm going to a young adults bible study. My goal is to have a jewelry display ready and all my earrings ready to go on the display to pass off to my friend. She owns her own natural health care business and offered to sell my jewelry there!  

-"Naot" brown leather clogs: $60 from Israel
-American Eagle jeans: $2 thrifted
-brown tunic: Old Navy, pass along
-cream cardigan: Gabriel brother's
-scarf: $6/$7 Walmart
-wooden hoop earrings: $5 forever 21
-grey ribbon in my hair: from a hotel in DC, they used it to tie up the towels ;) I snagged it (we asked)
-Aeropostale faux suede belt: (if my memory serves me right) it still had tags on it, thrifted 

I have had my Naot's for years. I used to wear them a ton. I don't wear them as much since they aren't as "fashionable."  I like this outfit!  To me it looks put together.  Wow! I just went and counted 12 fashion blogs. Today makes number 12.   

I was thinking I might post some "decorating tips."  I have a bit of an eye for it.  

Which outfit/look is your favorite? 

Sunday, November 28, 2010

"Tis the season to be jolly!"

That is definitely a JOLLY coat! I think Mrs. Santa Claus would be jealous!
Yeah, I guess I am a bit sassy sometimes.  I have personality! (I have had times of being very in high school, I was shy and awkward. Fun stuff.)  

Doing this project of having my outfits photographed daily is teaching me things about myself.
1. I like my more sassy full of personality pics.  Some of the "quiet" pictures aren't that fun or me.
2.  It helps me dress better. To be honest sometimes I dress kinda quirky ;) It actually gives me motivation to put a creative/fun/nice outfit together.
3. I'm learning about getting photographed.  I keep asking my mom to do it because she does a good job! "Go mom!" (and she's patient and she doesn't *sigh* about it.) There have been times in the past and I'm "posing" for a picture and in my head I think I look good and then I see it and it's like "ewww!" We don't always know what we look like, whether good or bad. 
4. I wear a lot of blue and green 

I visualized this outfit while in bed. I did visualize it with a different belt but ended up with the all black.  I am an artist so at times I can see in my head what could go together.  But then there are times when I take this and that and see what works. Yes I have those days where I try on 3 to 5 outfits.  I feel like everything doesn't look that great.  Do you have those days?  It can be painful.

I went to church with my parents today. Normally I drive about 1 hour to my own church.  The sermon today was exactly what I needed to hear. There was also a worship band at church called "Beyond the Veil." They did some great 3 part harmony! It was 3 sisters singing, one was on drums, one on electric keyboard and a young man on bass.  

My younger brother is leaving tonight to go back to Liberty.  Bummer. It will only be my mom, dad and me at home.  I hope to find out about a possible job this week.  

The Christmas tree only has 2 ornaments on it and lights. Krista and Anthony put the duo of ornaments on, side by side, they're actually touching.  Little love ornaments?  Lonely little tree. I'll probably work on it  tonight with my mom.  

Soon we'll be sitting down for more Thanksgiving leftovers!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

comfy cozy

Thanksgiving break is coming to an end.  *sigh*  My sister had her new boyfriend, Anthony, come and stay with us and share Thanksgiving with us.  She left awhile ago to drive him back to Richmond.  She flies out from Baltimore super early tomorrow morning.  She said her good byes already. Someone, we haven't decided yet, will have to leave about 3:30 am to bring her.  So I might not see her again until Christmas.  

God has truly blessed her with Anthony. He's loved her for 2 years and finally she is fully loving him back.  In our family we believe in waiting until your married.  That is what they are doing.  They are honoring each other with not going beyond specific boundaries. They really want to focus on the relationship and not be distracted by other things. They are even an example to me in purity.  I am thankful that God has blessed my sister with this young man.  

Anthony is also a great cook. He brought this beautiful cheesecake that he made at home for Thanksgiving. It was good. Today he made Chicken Parmesan. Wow, it was delicious. Adam and Krista were in the kitchen helping him with the cooking.  

My mom dreamed about the time when her kids would be grown up and they'd fix a meal and invite her over.  We're at that point now. She has enjoyed us adult grown up kids preparing full meals, without mommy's help.  It's good stuff.  

Since today was Saturday I wanted to wear something casual and comfy.  I got dressed, had a lighter top on under the sweater and flats without socks. I went with my dad to get the mail and BOY it was cold!! So I put a tunic sweater on under the cardigan, socks and hefty shoes.  I am cold blooded.  

-L.L. Bean leather clogs: from my Grammie, she got them super cheap
-grey patterned socks: ?
-Levi Strauss jeans: $2 thrifted
-over sized striped sweater: thrifted
-turtle neck tunic: gift from an artist in NYC who runs her own non profit
-medallion: from same artist in NYC
-earrings: thifted
-big rings: gifted from my sister
-bling bling in the hair: gifted from my sister

Thank you mom for being patient and taking all my pics so often :) I do get some good pics from what she takes.  Often I'll go in and edit. Sometimes it's fine the way it is and I don't.  

Anthony welcome to our crazy quirky family!!!    

"Woodmen's wife"

I reminded my sister of a "Wood men's wife," hence the name of the post. I asked her what I should name the outfit and she said "Wood men's wife". I laughed out loud! I dressed this way because I knew later we were going to go get our Christmas tree. I've never worn my L.L. Bean boots all day long! I even wore them shopping. I think I want to wear them this season more often. They're fun and "woodsy"! (She also looked at me across the dining room table and said "You look like a fairy." I think it was the hair ;)

I went into town with my dad today. We stopped at Walmart. I got the supplies to make a display to sell my jewelry, mostly earrings at a friend's business. Then we stopped on Main Street and went to a couple of thrift stores. My dad was looking for a used VCR. My grandmother has sent him Sarah Palin's show recorded on video for him. (And we have a HUGE collection of videos and our old VCR went ka-put recently.) I bought this long black beaded necklace at the thrift store. The beats are probably glass. I will probably take it apart and use the beads for earrings. I also bought some new beads, fun! To make earrings with to sell.

I think I am a words of affirmation person. My sister told me "You are a trend setter." Because of my creativity and uniqueness in dressing. She said that she herself is more of a follow the trends person but I'll do something different and others will do what I do. It made me feel good:) I wouldn't have thought of myself that way. It's neat when others see you in a way you don't and they tell you and it can be surprising in a good way!

Our evergreen tree is standing bare and stark in all it's natural beauty in our living room. It is waiting to be clothed in baubles and lights. Memories of years gone by will be lovingly placed on it's out-stretched arms. Branches wide open welcoming each of us with love and belonging. The humble tree will be crowned with a shining angel to christen it "The Christmas Tree."

-L.L. Bean boots: from my Grandmother, she worked there for awhile so she can get L.L. Bean items for SUPER cheap (these possible were $3)
-Skinny jeans: Walmart sale
-long sleeve green and white shirt:  Gabriel Brothers
-wool hoodie: Gabriel Brothers
-leather brown belt: yard sale, men's Old Navy
-special hiking socks: thrifted (from 2003!)
-vintage brooch on headband: gift from a neighbor
-earrings: borrowed from my sister
-ring: rough cut emerald from Thailand, near the Thai/Burma border (bought on my mission trip there in 2006, it was $13!!) (I looked at the pics and I see that I don't have a pic of it. It was under my gloves I promise!)
-brown scarf: Walmart $5

I took my braids out this morning. (Remember my peasant do yesterday?)  I was going to re braid my hair today. But instead, my hair ended up looking really wavy. So I took advantage of it :) 

Friday, November 26, 2010

I am thankful

It's 2 hours after Thanksgiving but I will post a Thanksgiving post.  
This is a list of a number of things I am thankful for.

-I spent 8 months at YWAM in Richmond, thankful for that
-very thankful for what God has been doing - deep healing in my life with my relationship with my mother
-I shared Jesus with some children while in Richmond and 4 kids asked Him into their heart
-All of my relationships at YWAM
-money to cover 8 months at YWAM, I had to pay my way to be there/raise my own support
-so thankful for God's provision for my CNA training
-thankful for passing my CNA test, finally, I took it 2 times
-I am thankful for my FAMILY!
-The healing that God has been doing has opened my heart and experiences to experiencing more relationship with Jesus.
-I am thankful for two little kids in Richmond, my babies Lee Lee and Kajira
-all the growth God did in me while at Richmond.

Our family is quirky and cool. Us kids took a trip into town after 10:30 to rent a movie. We stopped at the 7-11 nearest us to see if we could get a movie at Redbox, it was froze up. So we drove to Martins, it was closed. We tried Shenandoah Video across from Martin's, they closed at 10.  So we drove across the 2 bridges to that 7-11, they didn't have the movie we wanted. *sigh* So we drove the rest of the way to Walmart. Still not the right movie. But instead we picked up "Temple Grandin." An AMAZING movie about a real lady who was autistic but didn't let her disability keep her from being a truly successful person.  The movie I was looking for was Mrs. Miracle a hallmark warm fuzzy movie.  I hope to find it soon.  

About my Thanksgiving outfit. 
-Old navy flats
-Ann Taylor pants: Gabriel brothers
-argyle sweater: gift from sister, Target
-long sleeved yellow shirt: Target
-earrings: thrifted 
-necklace: vintage from Grammie
-belt: thrifted .50cents
-pearl bracelet: self made
-vintage ring: thrifted
-yellow flower: made by me with a vintage button

I braided my own hair into the "Peasant Braids." I started like 3 times.  I saw another fashion blog recently, she had done an updo, it inspired me.  :)  

I know I am soo blessed. Thank you Jesus!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

...along the country road

My mom took my pics for me today. She actually does a pretty good job. The detail shots were ones I took. I'm TIRED and haven't had dinner yet and it's 9:00. My family is making pizza.  My brother Adam is the "head cook."  He made the dough from scratch! It's such good pizza and I'm so hungry.

I had one outfit in my head, tried it and nixed it.  Part of the initial outfit were these funky blue suede tall boots. Half a size too big.  Worn and weird.  They are BRILLIANT blue.  They do look like Superman's boots. Not the best look.  I took them off and stuck 'em in the bag for the thrift store. Instead of me taking something I'm giving back this time.

Frank Sinatra is crooning in the background.  The smell of pizza is wafting through the toasty house.  The table is set, colored cloth napkins and a table cloth ethnic and woven. A large glass pedestaled bowl holds pink roses floating in water, two candles glowing sentinels, watching and waiting for the family of the house to sit and partake of the Italian dish.

Wow! I am sooo hungry!  It smells sooo good!! (Whimper, whimper ....)

booties: Brazilian leather, thrifted
Calvin Klein jeans: $2 thrifted
patterned shirt: Target thrifted
short jacket: Target
scarf: $5 Walmart
bejeweled earrings: $1 jewelry store in TX.
ring: from my Grammie
black leather men's belt: Old Navy yard sale

The road I'm standing on is the road that we live off of. It goes alongside our land and swings around behind us.  I am having a hard time naming this blogpost.  I'll try something. If anyone has any ideas let me know, please :)



Bet you can't guess where I got the name for this post?   
I like green but this shirt is sooo bright and the green seems rather Christmas-y that I hardly ever wear it. For me it's always been a "formal" shirt.  But because of photographing my outfits regulary, recently, it's given me creativity to try this shirt.  And I think I want to wear it more! (informally)  

Ok, to be honest though I didn't wear it all day. I took off the shirt and jacket for hours and put on a big comfy sweater because I was doing cleaning.  I did some DEEP cleaning.  And it did feel too dressy to clean in.  I put this outfit together because I was going to pick up my sister from the airport, last night or should I say this am. She is one of the best dressers I know.   Her arrival time was 12:55am but she ended up landing around 12:30.  And, by the way, she LOVED the blouse. 

12:55 am pickup time is killer.  And the flight was into BWI, which is a two plus hour drive.  I got a coffee from 7-11 and some snacks. I got the flavored coffee, mmmm, not great. I mixed mine. It was like Pumpkin Spice and Vanilla.   Next time I'll get the regular.  I actually burned 3 discs with a 3 hour long free audio book to listen to as I drove.  I did listen to a lot of it. But the quality was really bad, hence "free audio book." I couldn't understand everything, which is bad if you're trying to follow a story and the different characters. (Oh well :)  It was "Plots and Counterplots" by Louisa May Alcott. I did catch a lot of it and it was interesting, to say the least.   

As you may have noticed I did go to bed late! last night/this morning. Around 4am. I had a bit of trouble falling asleep and I was like, "Oh no, I had coffee!"  I woke up around 10:30. Which right now in my time of life is around the time I wake up everyday. I'm not working, yet and I go to bed late normally.  

leaf necklace: from my sister (my favorite necklace right now)
evergreen blouse: New York and Company, Gabriel Brothers ($6?)
brown jacket: Gabriel brothers, $3, it's missing a button on one of the cuffs (oops!)
dark wash skinny jeans: thrifted $2 (one of my recent finds)
brown moccasins: Old Navy 
vintage ring: $6 thrifted 

I made dinner last night. It was "easy" spaghetti.  I took pics through the process. I know many people know how to make spaghetti but I know many don't know how to cook, so a bit of a "how to" I think would be helpful, for some.  (Maybe later today I'll post that.)  Wow! I'm getting camera happy ;)!!