Wednesday, November 24, 2010



Bet you can't guess where I got the name for this post?   
I like green but this shirt is sooo bright and the green seems rather Christmas-y that I hardly ever wear it. For me it's always been a "formal" shirt.  But because of photographing my outfits regulary, recently, it's given me creativity to try this shirt.  And I think I want to wear it more! (informally)  

Ok, to be honest though I didn't wear it all day. I took off the shirt and jacket for hours and put on a big comfy sweater because I was doing cleaning.  I did some DEEP cleaning.  And it did feel too dressy to clean in.  I put this outfit together because I was going to pick up my sister from the airport, last night or should I say this am. She is one of the best dressers I know.   Her arrival time was 12:55am but she ended up landing around 12:30.  And, by the way, she LOVED the blouse. 

12:55 am pickup time is killer.  And the flight was into BWI, which is a two plus hour drive.  I got a coffee from 7-11 and some snacks. I got the flavored coffee, mmmm, not great. I mixed mine. It was like Pumpkin Spice and Vanilla.   Next time I'll get the regular.  I actually burned 3 discs with a 3 hour long free audio book to listen to as I drove.  I did listen to a lot of it. But the quality was really bad, hence "free audio book." I couldn't understand everything, which is bad if you're trying to follow a story and the different characters. (Oh well :)  It was "Plots and Counterplots" by Louisa May Alcott. I did catch a lot of it and it was interesting, to say the least.   

As you may have noticed I did go to bed late! last night/this morning. Around 4am. I had a bit of trouble falling asleep and I was like, "Oh no, I had coffee!"  I woke up around 10:30. Which right now in my time of life is around the time I wake up everyday. I'm not working, yet and I go to bed late normally.  

leaf necklace: from my sister (my favorite necklace right now)
evergreen blouse: New York and Company, Gabriel Brothers ($6?)
brown jacket: Gabriel brothers, $3, it's missing a button on one of the cuffs (oops!)
dark wash skinny jeans: thrifted $2 (one of my recent finds)
brown moccasins: Old Navy 
vintage ring: $6 thrifted 

I made dinner last night. It was "easy" spaghetti.  I took pics through the process. I know many people know how to make spaghetti but I know many don't know how to cook, so a bit of a "how to" I think would be helpful, for some.  (Maybe later today I'll post that.)  Wow! I'm getting camera happy ;)!!

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Eva Girl said...

Looking good girl! I love your long hair - so feminine and flattering. I think the green blouse looks good. You carry it with style. It's a happy color and sets off your pretty eyes : )