Sunday, November 28, 2010

"Tis the season to be jolly!"

That is definitely a JOLLY coat! I think Mrs. Santa Claus would be jealous!
Yeah, I guess I am a bit sassy sometimes.  I have personality! (I have had times of being very in high school, I was shy and awkward. Fun stuff.)  

Doing this project of having my outfits photographed daily is teaching me things about myself.
1. I like my more sassy full of personality pics.  Some of the "quiet" pictures aren't that fun or me.
2.  It helps me dress better. To be honest sometimes I dress kinda quirky ;) It actually gives me motivation to put a creative/fun/nice outfit together.
3. I'm learning about getting photographed.  I keep asking my mom to do it because she does a good job! "Go mom!" (and she's patient and she doesn't *sigh* about it.) There have been times in the past and I'm "posing" for a picture and in my head I think I look good and then I see it and it's like "ewww!" We don't always know what we look like, whether good or bad. 
4. I wear a lot of blue and green 

I visualized this outfit while in bed. I did visualize it with a different belt but ended up with the all black.  I am an artist so at times I can see in my head what could go together.  But then there are times when I take this and that and see what works. Yes I have those days where I try on 3 to 5 outfits.  I feel like everything doesn't look that great.  Do you have those days?  It can be painful.

I went to church with my parents today. Normally I drive about 1 hour to my own church.  The sermon today was exactly what I needed to hear. There was also a worship band at church called "Beyond the Veil." They did some great 3 part harmony! It was 3 sisters singing, one was on drums, one on electric keyboard and a young man on bass.  

My younger brother is leaving tonight to go back to Liberty.  Bummer. It will only be my mom, dad and me at home.  I hope to find out about a possible job this week.  

The Christmas tree only has 2 ornaments on it and lights. Krista and Anthony put the duo of ornaments on, side by side, they're actually touching.  Little love ornaments?  Lonely little tree. I'll probably work on it  tonight with my mom.  

Soon we'll be sitting down for more Thanksgiving leftovers!


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