Friday, November 19, 2010

pin striped with cameos

This is my 2nd day of photographing what I wear. I was even in bed last night (early am) putting this together in my head. I started with a different cardigan but tried this little school teacher one instead. As an artist it's fun getting dressed (as a human, sometimes FRUSTRATING!), Instead of the colors being "matchy matchy" they have to work together. I would have never paired the red scarf with the sage green cardigan but I'm making it work.

I like camel with blue. I've worn my belt, pictured, with cobalt blue before (and some amazing 2 toned Steve Madden pumps!) but now it works with chambray blue.

It's hard to say what colors things are. I don't wear a lot of primary colors. Ok, it's easy to say the scarf is red. But what about the color of the background of the cameo? Would you say the cardigan is sage green? I actually googled sage green images, and that's what I got. It looked the same. :)

I need a new camera. I may be getting one free or I might have to spend a bit and go buy one. I've been thinking about one at Walmart that has a charger with it!! I have to practically wrestle with my batteries to make the camera work/upload to the computar. The flap that holds the batteries in place is held there with tape!

I also need to work on my facial expressions and poses. (shucks) I've seen fashion blogs where the girls (almost) always look good. It takes practice to stand in such a way that's interesting and looks good.

camel boots: christmas gift, Steve Madden
cream knee high socks: $2 Gabrial brothers
skinny jeans: Ross, $15
men's pin striped button down dress shirt: hand me down from a guy!
sage green and argyle cardigan: christmas gift, Target
stamped camel belt (I love!): vintage thrifted
cameo necklace: from my Grandmother, vintage avon
red wool scarf: christmas gift from my brother
fish earrings: thrifted (vintage?) they remind me of the goldfish crackers:) $2
corduroy blazer: YMI thrifted, still had a tag on it, it was a sample $2

As you can see I thrift ALOT. It's a bit of an addiction for me. I find the coolest things sometimes for not much! For example a pair of leather stamped women's cowboy boots made in spain for $1! But I can also waste money and not get items that are in the best of shape.

I grew up not dressing well and not having a lot. I was brought up very conservatively. I didn't wear pants regularly until my early 20's. I didn't get my ears pierced until I turned 20. Now I have a total of 4 piercings (all in my ears ;)

I have dreamed about attics/storage areas full of clothing. I even dreamed once about a rich lady that had a big closet with vintage stuff. It seems like I couldn't get to that closet. I think some of my dreams were because I haven't always had a lot/or the nicest of things. I do enjoy clothes and figuring out what I can do to be creative and stylish. Fashion is an extension of my creativity.


Kate said...

Oh, I love cameo necklaces :) Great outfit!

Marie said...

thanks, I don't love how the photography came out. But I went in and edited the pics ;) Yeah I wear that necklace a nice amount! Plus I wear coral a lot so the background of the face goes well with my colors.