Saturday, November 27, 2010

comfy cozy

Thanksgiving break is coming to an end.  *sigh*  My sister had her new boyfriend, Anthony, come and stay with us and share Thanksgiving with us.  She left awhile ago to drive him back to Richmond.  She flies out from Baltimore super early tomorrow morning.  She said her good byes already. Someone, we haven't decided yet, will have to leave about 3:30 am to bring her.  So I might not see her again until Christmas.  

God has truly blessed her with Anthony. He's loved her for 2 years and finally she is fully loving him back.  In our family we believe in waiting until your married.  That is what they are doing.  They are honoring each other with not going beyond specific boundaries. They really want to focus on the relationship and not be distracted by other things. They are even an example to me in purity.  I am thankful that God has blessed my sister with this young man.  

Anthony is also a great cook. He brought this beautiful cheesecake that he made at home for Thanksgiving. It was good. Today he made Chicken Parmesan. Wow, it was delicious. Adam and Krista were in the kitchen helping him with the cooking.  

My mom dreamed about the time when her kids would be grown up and they'd fix a meal and invite her over.  We're at that point now. She has enjoyed us adult grown up kids preparing full meals, without mommy's help.  It's good stuff.  

Since today was Saturday I wanted to wear something casual and comfy.  I got dressed, had a lighter top on under the sweater and flats without socks. I went with my dad to get the mail and BOY it was cold!! So I put a tunic sweater on under the cardigan, socks and hefty shoes.  I am cold blooded.  

-L.L. Bean leather clogs: from my Grammie, she got them super cheap
-grey patterned socks: ?
-Levi Strauss jeans: $2 thrifted
-over sized striped sweater: thrifted
-turtle neck tunic: gift from an artist in NYC who runs her own non profit
-medallion: from same artist in NYC
-earrings: thifted
-big rings: gifted from my sister
-bling bling in the hair: gifted from my sister

Thank you mom for being patient and taking all my pics so often :) I do get some good pics from what she takes.  Often I'll go in and edit. Sometimes it's fine the way it is and I don't.  

Anthony welcome to our crazy quirky family!!!    

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Vanessa said...

I like this oversized striped sweater. It looks so cozy and warm!
Thanks for your kind comments on my blog!