Friday, November 26, 2010

I am thankful

It's 2 hours after Thanksgiving but I will post a Thanksgiving post.  
This is a list of a number of things I am thankful for.

-I spent 8 months at YWAM in Richmond, thankful for that
-very thankful for what God has been doing - deep healing in my life with my relationship with my mother
-I shared Jesus with some children while in Richmond and 4 kids asked Him into their heart
-All of my relationships at YWAM
-money to cover 8 months at YWAM, I had to pay my way to be there/raise my own support
-so thankful for God's provision for my CNA training
-thankful for passing my CNA test, finally, I took it 2 times
-I am thankful for my FAMILY!
-The healing that God has been doing has opened my heart and experiences to experiencing more relationship with Jesus.
-I am thankful for two little kids in Richmond, my babies Lee Lee and Kajira
-all the growth God did in me while at Richmond.

Our family is quirky and cool. Us kids took a trip into town after 10:30 to rent a movie. We stopped at the 7-11 nearest us to see if we could get a movie at Redbox, it was froze up. So we drove to Martins, it was closed. We tried Shenandoah Video across from Martin's, they closed at 10.  So we drove across the 2 bridges to that 7-11, they didn't have the movie we wanted. *sigh* So we drove the rest of the way to Walmart. Still not the right movie. But instead we picked up "Temple Grandin." An AMAZING movie about a real lady who was autistic but didn't let her disability keep her from being a truly successful person.  The movie I was looking for was Mrs. Miracle a hallmark warm fuzzy movie.  I hope to find it soon.  

About my Thanksgiving outfit. 
-Old navy flats
-Ann Taylor pants: Gabriel brothers
-argyle sweater: gift from sister, Target
-long sleeved yellow shirt: Target
-earrings: thrifted 
-necklace: vintage from Grammie
-belt: thrifted .50cents
-pearl bracelet: self made
-vintage ring: thrifted
-yellow flower: made by me with a vintage button

I braided my own hair into the "Peasant Braids." I started like 3 times.  I saw another fashion blog recently, she had done an updo, it inspired me.  :)  

I know I am soo blessed. Thank you Jesus!


Vanessa said...

I love your braids so much! I wish I had long enough hair to rock that look! And your combo of green and yellow is so serene and cheerful - a hard mix to master!

Marie said...

thanks Vanessa, I wondered if the yellow was too bright with the green :)

Artfully Awear said...

I LOVE your hair in this post!