Saturday, November 20, 2010

"...I hope you find a lot of beauty in your day..."

A friend of mine left me a comment on my FB wall this a.m. "...I hope you find a lot of beauty in your day..." Because of that I delibratly wanted to. Isn't that interesting how people can speak into your life and you want to do what they said, in a sense prophesied into being.

My dad has done that for me a couple of times while I was in Richmond. He would text me and text something to this effect "God has something special in store for you today." And I would live with that expectation and something would happen. :) It's awesome to sow positive expectations into others lives. We don't make it happen but that expectation can highlight a seemingly ordinary event and make it extra-ordinary.

I went with my family down to the tail end of our local Christmas Bazaar. Outside of the community center where it was held I had my brother help me in photographing my outfit today.

Ohhh! And a lady, who's our neighbor gave me the vintage brooch I have in my hair! I LOVE IT!

I got 4 pair of NICE jeans yesterday at the Salvation Army, $2 a pair. Two were Levi Strause and one pair were Calvin Klein and the 4th were dark wash skinny jeans! Score. Maybe 3 pair are too long but I can hem or just cut 'em off and have the frayed edge look.

My leather "men" shoes were scored yesterday too! I'd seen pics of other fashion bloggers that had ones like it. They make my feet look so little. But they are cold :( not much too them and I found out one already has part of the sole coming off... nothing a bit of glue can't fix!

little "men" shoes-leather thrifted "new" to me $5
Calvin Klein jeans-"new" to me thrifted $2
long sleeve thermal grey shirt-Gabriel brothers (the "gloved part is sweet!)
long sleeve button up sweat shirt-Gabriel brothers, actually juniors size (one of my faves, had for years!)
magenta scarf-walmart $5
giant ring-gift from my sister
vintage brooch/used as barret-gifted TODAY!
purse-from Christian Freedom International's import store in MI, $15? (made in Nepal?)

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Rebecca said...

SO cute!! I love the shoes and what you did with the scarf!