Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sunshine and blue skies

I actually took this picture with a self timer!  Amazing! They usually look strange ;)

The full outfit.

 "What do I do, what do I do?!" I actually asked while said camera self timed and took a picture. (I think... I have a lot of personality)

It was a beautiful day when I went outside and took these shots.  It was Monday actually.  Our computer was offline for almost two days because the phone was down. That's why I'm finally now posting these pics. Weird, but a good break from the internet ;)  

A few comments on my outfit.  The necklace is actually my cameo necklace worn backwards.  It has a lovely gold toned design on the back.  I made the bracelet from an old pearl necklace, from my grandmother again, probably vintage.  

I love how I ended up with 2 plaids goin' on.  One in blue and one in red!  The ring I scored recently at a thrift store.  I did some research but I can't find it anywhere online.  I took it to an antiques dealer and she said it probably is what you call "brass and glass."  And since it has a chip it's not worth much.  My guess is that it's from the 1920's or 1950's. I saw rings like it at a vintage store in Richmond.  Around the edge of the setting of the rhinestone are very delicate etchings of flowers and delicate designs.  I also love that color, Amber.  

I did 2 sessions basically of my outfit. The first without the scarf and coat. I talked to my dad and was like the pics of me don't look that great?  And he said and agreed with me that that yellow is too close to my skin tone.  

I added a scarf because I was getting cool. The blue in it looks so much better next to my face :)  In this type of weather I get too warm when I'm moving around than I cool off if I'm still for awhile. So I put on and take off layers throughout the day.

wide leg pants: Gabriel brothers, Ann Taylor Loft
socks: Gabriel brothers?
blue suede shoes: target, sale $5
striped button up: Carriage Court, thrifted (probably vintage)
yellow sweater with blue bows: a brand I'm not familier with ;)  thrifted
necklace: backwards cameo, from my Grandmother, vintage avon
scarf: Christmas gift from Brother
jean jacket: Old Navy $25
glass and brass ring: $6 Goodwill
bracelet: self made, vintage beads 

It's actually 3:38 am right now. I just got home at 3 am from picking up my sister from the Baltimore airport. Wow! Yeah. I'm about to go to bed.

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Eva Girl said...

That first picture is adorable! I Love it : )
Oh you always knew how to make me laugh! "What do you do?" You do that lovely thing you were doing in the first picture L O L you silly, wonderful, girl!