Monday, November 29, 2010

The Hippie Trail

When I lived in NYC a young Indian man told me that he thought my parents were hippies. Far from it!  It was because he saw me with my long hair straightened and I had a tunic sweater on with 70's colors, like lime green and brown.  

I have thought my style was hippie boho... sometimes it is, and sometimes it ain't, like yesterday.  I do love me some ethnic earrings and scarfs though.  

I haven't been feeling well today.  I feel better now but not perfect.  I am soo thankful for health, a lot of the time I feel OK.  I have friends that have regular migraines and chronic pain. When I'm hurting I just shut down and stop and rest.  My friends, if the pain isn't too awful just keep on with life.  Wow, that would be tough just having to cope and move on even if you feel like crap.  

I took these pics myself! I LOVE my "throwing leaves in the air shot." The lighting came out cool.  

Tonight if I feel up to it I'm going to a young adults bible study. My goal is to have a jewelry display ready and all my earrings ready to go on the display to pass off to my friend. She owns her own natural health care business and offered to sell my jewelry there!  

-"Naot" brown leather clogs: $60 from Israel
-American Eagle jeans: $2 thrifted
-brown tunic: Old Navy, pass along
-cream cardigan: Gabriel brother's
-scarf: $6/$7 Walmart
-wooden hoop earrings: $5 forever 21
-grey ribbon in my hair: from a hotel in DC, they used it to tie up the towels ;) I snagged it (we asked)
-Aeropostale faux suede belt: (if my memory serves me right) it still had tags on it, thrifted 

I have had my Naot's for years. I used to wear them a ton. I don't wear them as much since they aren't as "fashionable."  I like this outfit!  To me it looks put together.  Wow! I just went and counted 12 fashion blogs. Today makes number 12.   

I was thinking I might post some "decorating tips."  I have a bit of an eye for it.  

Which outfit/look is your favorite? 


Rebecca said...

I LOVE this!!! you've inspired me... i'm going to try something similar when i go to the concert this weekend. :)

Marie said...

thanks! You go girl :) it's fun to do. I'm following all these fashion blogs... too :D Kendi everyday is a neat one to look at. She's big.

Artfully Awear said...

Very fun pictures!!