Wednesday, November 24, 2010

...along the country road

My mom took my pics for me today. She actually does a pretty good job. The detail shots were ones I took. I'm TIRED and haven't had dinner yet and it's 9:00. My family is making pizza.  My brother Adam is the "head cook."  He made the dough from scratch! It's such good pizza and I'm so hungry.

I had one outfit in my head, tried it and nixed it.  Part of the initial outfit were these funky blue suede tall boots. Half a size too big.  Worn and weird.  They are BRILLIANT blue.  They do look like Superman's boots. Not the best look.  I took them off and stuck 'em in the bag for the thrift store. Instead of me taking something I'm giving back this time.

Frank Sinatra is crooning in the background.  The smell of pizza is wafting through the toasty house.  The table is set, colored cloth napkins and a table cloth ethnic and woven. A large glass pedestaled bowl holds pink roses floating in water, two candles glowing sentinels, watching and waiting for the family of the house to sit and partake of the Italian dish.

Wow! I am sooo hungry!  It smells sooo good!! (Whimper, whimper ....)

booties: Brazilian leather, thrifted
Calvin Klein jeans: $2 thrifted
patterned shirt: Target thrifted
short jacket: Target
scarf: $5 Walmart
bejeweled earrings: $1 jewelry store in TX.
ring: from my Grammie
black leather men's belt: Old Navy yard sale

The road I'm standing on is the road that we live off of. It goes alongside our land and swings around behind us.  I am having a hard time naming this blogpost.  I'll try something. If anyone has any ideas let me know, please :)

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