Monday, November 22, 2010

"POP" of red

I like red. The walls in my room are red. My comforter is red. I have a red fuzzy chair. (I didn't actually paint my walls red, my sister did and I inherited that fabulous color when I moved in.)

I actually don't have a lot of red clothes. I have 2 pair of shoes that are red, 2 red scarves, a belt, a coat and a sweater (I might not keep.) Sounds like a lot-ish, but I have a lot-ish clothes too.

I told a friend of mine today that I have an addiction to thrift stores. She told me, "At least it's not an addiction to high end stores." (hehe). True I can fork over $2 any day for a cute pair of shoes instead of $435 (big smile!).

I sometimes feel guilty buying stuff, or after the fact. I grew up not having a lot and really conservative so spending money can make me feel guilty. Or, like I shouldn't spend a lot. That could be one of the reasons it's easy for me to "drop" money at thrift stores, because it's not a lot. And it can feel more "ok" to spend a little than to spend more. Maybe if I saved money and didn't spend as much as I did at thrift stores I could buy some pieces that are better quality for more money. (But, where else than a thrift store, can you find Steve Madden leather heels for $2!!! Ok, to be honest, they did need some glue, and are a bit scuffed. But, They are so classy!)

These are a bit late night ramblings-esque. I'm tired, it's 1 am. I just watched Iron Man 2 with my brother. Fun movie.

I don't know if I can keep up with posting my outfit every day... it takes time. But I do want to do it more often than I did before, which was "not at all." It's also a good way to take my pulse on how I dress.

Any suggestions on how to make my face look "good" while doing "self shots?" On a number of the pics from today you're seeing the handiwork of my father. (He made me laugh. check out the 2nd pic, I'm reacting to him :))

p.s. I actually wore a different pair of boots to church, my "sexy" black boots, but we did a bit of shopping after church and they got to a point where my feet were HURT-ING! So I put on my loyal grey leather "pirate boots" and left 'em on for the picture taking. (Is it bad that I'm calling inanimate objects as if they are living creatures?)

Red faux patent leather purse, "Nine West": $2.95 thrifted
jersey grey dress: Gabriel Brothers $(guess $4)? cheap
black lace pattern tights: ?
"pirate boots": $2 vintage thrifted
long necklace (Avon?): vintage thrifted
faux crystal necklace: $1 jewelery store in Tx.
filigree bling bling earrings: $1 jewelery store in Tx.
bling bling ring: gift from my sister
super cozy sweater: gift from my sister

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