Saturday, November 27, 2010

"Woodmen's wife"

I reminded my sister of a "Wood men's wife," hence the name of the post. I asked her what I should name the outfit and she said "Wood men's wife". I laughed out loud! I dressed this way because I knew later we were going to go get our Christmas tree. I've never worn my L.L. Bean boots all day long! I even wore them shopping. I think I want to wear them this season more often. They're fun and "woodsy"! (She also looked at me across the dining room table and said "You look like a fairy." I think it was the hair ;)

I went into town with my dad today. We stopped at Walmart. I got the supplies to make a display to sell my jewelry, mostly earrings at a friend's business. Then we stopped on Main Street and went to a couple of thrift stores. My dad was looking for a used VCR. My grandmother has sent him Sarah Palin's show recorded on video for him. (And we have a HUGE collection of videos and our old VCR went ka-put recently.) I bought this long black beaded necklace at the thrift store. The beats are probably glass. I will probably take it apart and use the beads for earrings. I also bought some new beads, fun! To make earrings with to sell.

I think I am a words of affirmation person. My sister told me "You are a trend setter." Because of my creativity and uniqueness in dressing. She said that she herself is more of a follow the trends person but I'll do something different and others will do what I do. It made me feel good:) I wouldn't have thought of myself that way. It's neat when others see you in a way you don't and they tell you and it can be surprising in a good way!

Our evergreen tree is standing bare and stark in all it's natural beauty in our living room. It is waiting to be clothed in baubles and lights. Memories of years gone by will be lovingly placed on it's out-stretched arms. Branches wide open welcoming each of us with love and belonging. The humble tree will be crowned with a shining angel to christen it "The Christmas Tree."

-L.L. Bean boots: from my Grandmother, she worked there for awhile so she can get L.L. Bean items for SUPER cheap (these possible were $3)
-Skinny jeans: Walmart sale
-long sleeve green and white shirt:  Gabriel Brothers
-wool hoodie: Gabriel Brothers
-leather brown belt: yard sale, men's Old Navy
-special hiking socks: thrifted (from 2003!)
-vintage brooch on headband: gift from a neighbor
-earrings: borrowed from my sister
-ring: rough cut emerald from Thailand, near the Thai/Burma border (bought on my mission trip there in 2006, it was $13!!) (I looked at the pics and I see that I don't have a pic of it. It was under my gloves I promise!)
-brown scarf: Walmart $5

I took my braids out this morning. (Remember my peasant do yesterday?)  I was going to re braid my hair today. But instead, my hair ended up looking really wavy. So I took advantage of it :) 


Eva Girl said...

I think this is my favorite post yet. Love the outfit - I see some of the Maine girl still there : ) And the hair is lovely.

Marie said...

thanks! I was shaped by Maine for 14 years. Yup some of the Main'ah is still in me. I tell people down here that I'm a Yankee ;)