Monday, September 07, 2009

"Maiden in waiting" and "Caribbean Blues"

So I have 2 new necklaces posted on etsy. Did that today. One is called "Maiden in waiting"... a lovely necklace repurposed from a funky old necklace I had. The old necklace had 3 strands of with silver and faux pearls and silver beads spaced out in the chain. And a funky chain tassle.

I took the chain with the faux pearls and silver beads and took the beads out and connected the beads together than added a flower attachment. I made the flower from cloth flowers, a rhinestone center glued to a button. The button has beading wire looped on both sides to connect to the chain. The pearls and silver beads are in the center of the necklace than the flower is off to the side. Very lovely and pretty...if I do say so myself!!

The 2nd necklace is made from beads with some colors I love. I called it "caribbean blues". The focal point is 2 strands of chunky green than chunky turquoise glass beads hung between chain.
Very pretty and bold.

This necklace has already had 30 views today. I posted it in the evening after dinner.

I hope to sell one of the necklaces before too long!:)

Thursday, September 03, 2009

been Etsing all day long!!

You can see I've been busy!! I made 3 new shirts today (one I plan on keeping), another one was a reserved listing... a special order... and the third was the blue shirt you see here with all the dragonflies!

1. and 2. the reserved listing
3. Pretty in Pink
4. Red Love (women's tunic jersey shirt)
5. The Messenger (man's black shirt)
6. I Believe (in gray)
7. Dragonfly sky

Some of the other shirts I had made but had never photographed or had photographed. I took pics of my shirts being modeled... I modeled shirts... than I uploaded the shirts and did editing... and I also washed alot of the shirts. After they're made they MUST be washed... the bleaching process smells strong on the shirts.

Right now Etsy is one of the ways I support myself financially. I am in Michigan volunteering with the family that started Christian Freedom International. The husband and wife are adopting 8 Karen kids. So I live with the rather LARGE family and help the mom out. Like today I did dinner, delegated some cleaning/dishes, worked on laundry and drove with one of the girls as she practiced driving with her permit!!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

I've hit 40! (sales that is on ETSY!!)

Today I opened up my etsy account and I saw that I that I had to leave feedback for 2 items...which meant that I had 2 new sales!!!

From a good friend Sarah from my DTS with YWAM. She bought #39 and #40 of my sales in my etsy shop.

I thought it was kinda fitting to be at 40 sales on Sept. 1st! The beginning of a month at 40!!!

I'll have been on Etsy for one year on October 5th... Soo almost a year. I hope to hit 50 sales by my one year anniversary on Etsy. I have one month and a bit to do that.

(sometime I'll try to post a picture of one of the items she bought.)

Yeah for God blessing me in my etsy sales. I'm doing good with Etsy!! (Someday I'll hit 100 sales if I keep my shop open;) )

Thanks to everyone that has supported me in my shop!!