Tuesday, September 01, 2009

I've hit 40! (sales that is on ETSY!!)

Today I opened up my etsy account and I saw that I that I had to leave feedback for 2 items...which meant that I had 2 new sales!!!

From a good friend Sarah from my DTS with YWAM. She bought #39 and #40 of my sales in my etsy shop.

I thought it was kinda fitting to be at 40 sales on Sept. 1st! The beginning of a month at 40!!!

I'll have been on Etsy for one year on October 5th... Soo almost a year. I hope to hit 50 sales by my one year anniversary on Etsy. I have one month and a bit to do that.

(sometime I'll try to post a picture of one of the items she bought.)

Yeah for God blessing me in my etsy sales. I'm doing good with Etsy!! (Someday I'll hit 100 sales if I keep my shop open;) )

Thanks to everyone that has supported me in my shop!!

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Kay said...

Congratulations! Onward to 100!