Saturday, August 29, 2009

I've hit 50!!!! (listings on Etsy!)

Wow! I've been on a roll tonight listing hair flowers in my Etsy shop. I've finally hit a total of 50 listings (aka items) in my Etsy shop. I've sold a total of 38 items so far since October of 2008. I've done ok.

My hair pins seem to sell quit well. Also my t shirts sell well too.

The hair pins are "flowers for your hair." They come in different sizes and are named after women I know.

So far I've named a flower:

Tara-(a good friend)
Patricia-(my mom)
Krista-(my only sister)
Lexi-(my sis in law)
Blanche-(my grammie)
Nancy-(one of my aunts)
Katie-(I know a number of Katies)
Sarah-(a good friend from my DTS with YWAM)
and Jodi-(a good friend from my home church)

Sooo go check out my can special order if you want... and keep comin' back for more... and I keep popping up new items. I love variety~!!!


Kay said...

Congratulations in reaching "50"! You are my hero of the day.

Marie said...

thanks Kay are you on Etsy?