Thursday, November 18, 2010

Limeade and blues

I really enjoy fashion, clothes and colors. I do own it, I am an artist and as such I love to put outfits together. With this outfit I put together blues and lime greens. And a touch of burgundy.

Yesterday I browsed many fashion blogs. There is one Kendi everyday that I looked at ALOT yesterday. She is doing this really cool challenge called "30 for 30." What you do is pick 30 pieces from your wardrobe and wear only those 30 pieces for the next 30 days. You also cannot buy anything for your wardrobe during that time. It is to make the most of what you have and to also learn how to "remix" your pieces. I want to do it, but my camera isn't in the best shape.

But I did find some batteries that worked, I ended up using 4... they all had a little juice left and photographed what I'm wearing today.

So this is my first "fashion blog" about what I personally am wearing.

Fashion bloggers also post where they got each piece. The prices are guestimates.

grey leather boots: thrift store (vintage), $1
blue/teal tights: Gabriel Brothers, $2
mini denim skirt: thrifted (?)
lime green Anne Taylor sweater: thrifted $2
long sleeve turquoise and dark blue striped shirt: Target sale
lime green gradient scarf: $2.50 K-mart
earrings: thrifted $1
burgundy belt: thrifted, vintage

As you can see I LOVE bargains.


Rebecca said...


Marie said...

I'm not the most photogenic and it's not my fave outfit in the world but it was fun to do :)

Nika said...

i also love bargains and second hand shops. so many good deals... cool blog by the way. you have some cool outfits and an interesting style.