Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hye I'm back. So soon you say? Well I'm at home no job... so I can stay up late and blog if I'm in the mood...(do you have a problem with that, huh? Huh?)
Well today I sent in my application for YWAM-the school of Art. My mom said the school is staffed by single woman. It's single woman only. Hope some of them are youngish:)
Anyways. I cleaned my room today. Well to an extent. I live in the basement so there's alot of bug carcases(sp?) every where that could stand to be swept up. Some gross specimens too! Which are a WHOLE LOT WORSE WHEN THEY ARE ALIVVVVEEEEE ugh....
Um, what can I write about? Well.... it's raining outside. I wonder if it's dregs from the hurricane down south?

This weekend our church is putting on a Youth Retreat. It starts Friday night for Leadership, that ends like Sat. 2ish... than we go back to Berryville, near our church and people get their friends and then we head back to the Farm where the retreat, retreat is (yes I retreated 2x's on purpose). But we don't give em directions we have a scavenger hunt to tell them how to get there:) For real.
We as leaders get to try out the hunt Friday... at least we'll have what the kids have to figure out, I don't know if we have to figure it out or if we just drive (literally) through it.
We're gonna do alot of really fun stuff with and for the campers. We're doing skits, some funny(like the Catch All Skit...Jeff Turner, you know this skit.... and you got tired in it) and some poignant, with spiritual truths portrayed. We're gonna paint ball! AHHHHH! I've never paint balled and I'm scared of it in some ways. I don't like pain!(the word pain is in paint... there must be a reason, I bet cause paint ball hurts, she said rather seriously and dramatically emphasizing the point with her eyebrows... ahhhhh! Yes it's true, I am a girl and I'm wimpy...(to an extent:)
I'm gonna lead a tie dye time (how in the world do you spell tie dye... is it tye die, or tye dye or tie die? or tye, die... that looks really bad). Where we'll i


Kim Kelley said...

Hey Marie welcome to the world of blogging.. I will be praying that everything goes good for you for this school.. It sounds really cool

brilynne said...

Nice to see your blog, Marie!

asaphat said...

Just don't get hit in the eye with a paintball like Ben Lower. There, does that make you feel better?