Sunday, February 12, 2006


Good evening senorita, I love your sombrero! Will you be my amiga! This was at my birthday dinner. Krista and I went out to eat at Jalisco's a mexican resturant in town. It was very nice.

Krista got chicken quisadilla's that were excellent! And I got this grilled chicken platter with mexican sausage on top of the chicken and cheese and the refried beans etc...

I asked the waiter guy if they did anything for birthdays... and he found out it was my birthday. They did.

So like 5 of their employees come out with this huge desert, and they sing to me. You can see it in my picture! It was fried ice cream with all this whipped topping and rainbow jimmies, a candle and a cherry on top. It was really yummy, and BIG... so they have this polaroid camera and one of the mexican guys gets a bite of the whipped topping and puts it on my noise/in my noise and they snap a picture, oh yeah and i was wearing this huge sombrero, the pic is kinda cheesy that they took. The whole birthday thing they did made me blush. It was embarressing, they sang this Birthday song while they were clapping to the beat and the whip topping in the nose guy would whistle these loud shrill whistles at certain times during the birthday song:) It was great. That hat's not comfy at's stiff and my heads too big...or something. Maybe it's suppose to perch on your head. I don't know I don't normally wear a sombrero:)

My platter of food was huge. Oh and I got this cool mexican soda, mango soda, I actually asked for strawberry but he misunderstood me or something. Oh well, it was still good.

I may just go back there sometime and get the chicken quasadilla's:) (wiggle eyebrows in anticipation!)

Come visit and maybe we can go to Jalisco's and we can say it's your birthday...(jk.-but it's fun... yeah and wrong.)

Enjoy the pics. We did. and do and are still doing.

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Tara said...

LOL! That is ssoo funny! sounds like you had fun! Hey thanx for the Valentine - I got it today! your ssoo sweet!