Friday, October 02, 2009

50 sales before my 1 year anniversary!!

I have hit 52 sales and it's not even my one year anniversary on Etsy yet. I wanted to hit 50 sales by Oct. 5th. I broke the goal and am beyond it! God has really been blessing my sales at my etsy shop recently.

Thank you to all my customers and repeat customers!! It's been a blessing. I've told some people that right now this is one of the ways that I support myself.

I have been up in Michigan since May 20th as a mother's helper to the founders family of Christian Freedom International. They are in the process of adopting 8 Karen kids, while still having 2 of heir biological children at home. So they have had 10 children here at some point while I've been here. At the beginning of Sept. we took the 5 oldest karen kids to Bible School in NH.

Soon I will be goin' back to VA. I'll be movin' back in with my parents for awhile. Hopefully for not very very long... :) My thoughts of what I'll do next is maybe get my CNA license and look for work maybe. I could still use the sales on my etsy... especially as I transistion back into "regular" life where I'm not living as a "missionary" the same way.

I have just expanded my business to include vintage. I have 2 pairs of vintage shoes listed. Here are some pics of my finds! Enjoy....

Shabbat Shalom!!

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