Monday, October 12, 2009

Orange Sherbet

I think this necklace is super neat! I found it the other day. It's soo funky and cool. It's a 46 inch chain of chunky white with orange sherbet tassels with gold chain.

You can wear it as a long necklace as a short necklace... wrapped around your wrist. However! I just posted it tonight to my etsy shop. I have a pic here that I didn't use in my etsy shop, so if you visit my blog you may see some "unseen" shots!!

Recently I found many more really neat vintage pieces. I just need to get around to photographing them and editing the pictures. There's this one grecian sea foam 70's gown... I don't know if I can part with it. It's just amazing... and it's totally VINTAGE!!!

Oh my word I found some amazing things. Even found a pair of "bug eye" sunglasses (BIG LENSES) with red rims...!!

Keep comin' back to the blog for new updates and go to my shop to see what I have for sale. I also posted a number of vintage blouses!! Great for that classy secretary/artsy look!

Update about my life. My car is road worthy and I will be leaving either at the end of this week for my LONNNGGG trip back to VA or I will leave sometime next week. I've had a bad cold and hope I'm not gettin' sick again... I've been gettin' over the cold, but than had a low grade fever tonight and havent' felt right.

I want to be feeling good when I drive 16 or so hours to the south!!

Soo come on by my shop and see what's new (ok VINTAGE ain't new, but you get the point) and if you're from the south, VA around let's do coffee or somethin'! It's will be hard to leave Michigan, even though it's gettin' cold and we've already had a touch of snow AND some hail I'll miss people here. It's about the people right!!?

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