Wednesday, May 04, 2011

I've hit 100 (plus one)!!!

On April 29th 2011, I hit 101 sales in my Etsy shop, "Marie's Miracles."  A friend of mine, Marlisa told me about Etsy years ago and said it made her think of me.  Because of her suggestion I opened my little shop on October 5th 2008.  It's been a good experience for me.

Last year I actually sold more directly to buyers than through my shop. But having an online shop is a good platform to sell directly. Because I can say, "do you want to see my Etsy stuff?"

I have been rather busy in my life so I haven't really worked hard on my shop for a long time.  It would be really neat to live off of selling what I create.  Maybe someday.

It's good to hit the 100 sales mark.  Here's to another 100!


This is a smattering of items I've sold in my Etsy shop over the years.  The items I sell are hats made from old sweaters or clothes (all hats pictured are made from re-purposed material), faux beach glass wrapped in wire, earrings, t shirts made with a special bleaching process, and hair flowers.  

I enjoy the creative process of having an Etsy shop. I have to make and create the piece, photograph it then edit it and finally list it. Even in the listing I often come up with a creative name like "Heart of the Ocean" (the green wrapped beach glass piece pictured on the right is called that) to "The Gatsby" (the first hat pictured with a feather poof!) and I often come up with a creative paragraph describing the essence of the piece or where it could be worn etc...

Here's a couple examples of said paragraphs:
"These little ladies have many stories to tell. Dancing, running down the street to catch a bus, dressing up a child as she pretends to be a princess. What stories will they tell from your life?"

"Waves crashing, salt air blowing, sea gulls calling, dreaming in dappled reflections off ocean waves...a girl stands eyes out to sea, holding her hands to her heart as she envisions the day her man comes home."

I would like to grow as an entrepreneur, I'm not sure Etsy is the avenue I should stay with. At this point though I will keep my shop open and slowing add new things. I do have quite a stash of vintage that I want to photograph and list.  

I have made a special coupon code to commemorate my  100 sales, when checking out put in this code "100SALES" and you will receive %25 off of your order! Tell your friends and your mother for heaven sakes ;) 

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