Thursday, April 14, 2011

tulip red

It was a warm day today. I wanted to wear a skirt with a t shirt.  

This outfit is very me. I love to travel. I love bohemian and ethnic flair.  The t-shirt has an ethic lady and almost art deco background.

I pulled out my BIG red skirt I purchased in Israel in 2003 for $20.  (Yes I remember such things.)  The funny thing though is that it was made in India. I really liked it and spending $20 for a piece of clothing was a lot, and still is.  It's hard for me to spend $20 on one piece of clothing. :) (I recently spent close to $17 on a skirt from Old Navy. It's an investment right!)

My dad took me outside to show me the tulips.  Both he and I took some pics of the tulips. I think the red of my skirt is similar to the red of the tulips.  

I arrived back last night late from Massachesetts.  The wedding was really nice.  Very personable... for example differnt people they know brought a big pot of chili. There were 13 types! And they had a stack of vintage/thrifted/old plates to eat dinner off of.  After you ate off of it you could wash it and bring it home.  (Somehow I lost my plate... oh well.) I love that idea of the plates!  (Maybe I'll do that when I get married.) 

I was able to catch up with different ones I knew from Bible School.  I especially enjoyed talking with my cousin Lisa from Florida (who I got to know through Bible School.)  I also spent a lot of time at my brother's place and with my Aunt Roxy.  

moccasin flats: Old Navy
skirt: Isreal $20
tank: Old Navy
t shirt: Gabriel Brother's
green hoops: Old Navy
feathers: gift from brother-Peru
necklaces: thrifted and from Grammie
ring: vintage thrifted

I used coconut body wash and Suave Mango Manderin lotion and I have smelled my yummy smell all day. Just thought you needed to know ;) I just looked up the lotion for the link and see they have it in body wash too. I'll haveta check that out!! I'm all about scents.

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