Saturday, April 16, 2011

turquoise and purple

This outfit was inspired by the pendant from my grandmother that I'm wearing.  I've had it for years but hardly if ever have worn it.  I enjoyed the romantic feel of the pendant and my fluffy curly hair.  In my heart I'm a romantic.  

I did my eyeshadow in turquoise and purple.  I did layers with turquoise and a really light/almost white purple to tone down the turquoise, than added a swipe of purple on both eyes.

Late last night I was on the computer and started feeling itchy and hurting behind my left knee.  I jumped up cus it persisted. I ran into my room and ripped my jeans off, yelled for my mom to come in and check my leg. I had a tick biting me. I threw on some loose carpis, my dad came in and removed it with tweezers.   I don't think it was in my flesh long.  I live in Va and the type of tick that was biting me was a dear tick. They carry Lyme's disease. It was God's grace and mercy that I felt it and we found it and promptly removed it.  

I learned that I shouldn't sit on stone walls in our back yard.  I believe I picked it up when my mom was taking my pictures.  She did good didn't she!

butterfly flip flops: from Thailand
rainbow embroidered jeans: thrifted
purple lace tank: Gap from Gabriel Brother's
turquoise tank: thrifted
necklace: from Grammie
vintage goldfish earrings: thrifted
re purposed vintage earring hair pin: by me

I'm driving today to Richmond to go to a really good friend's wedding tomorrow. I just got back Wednesday from New England for a wedding last weekend. I'm thinking about doing a post from the weddings. :) Is love in the air?  I needa get me some of that air....


Vanessa said...

Eek! Scary about the tick!
Your hair looks so pretty today. I love the curls and how you've styled it.

Eva Girl said...

I've alway been afraid of blue eyeshadow - yours looks fabulous!!!
The brooch is so pretty and I like the layered blues.

Rebecca said...

Love your hair here! So pretty!

Anonymous said...

♥nice post.)) love your blog♥