Tuesday, April 05, 2011

yellow for Joy

March 20th was the day I wore yellow.  I wore yellow in memory of a very special person. A student of mine that I taught when I was in Thailand in 2006 for 3 months. I taught Art and ESL.  Those kids were my life for that period of time.  I gave them a part of my heart. 

P'Saw Paw (her american nick name was JOY) was the special little girl.  She went into the arms of Jesus to a place of no more tears and suffering at the end of February. She was only 19 years old.

Since my time in Thailand the miracle of resettlement happened for many of the students, two being P'Saw Paw and her sister.  She was adopted by an American couple, who I happen to be related to.  She was adopted with her sister Moo Nay Paw.  Their story was written in Reader's Digest.(you have to scroll down to get to the story.)

Her mother asked people to wear color or the color yellow to her memorial service which happened on March 20th.  Yellow was P'Saw Paw's favorite color.  I couldn't make it to the memorial service so I wore yellow by myself in her memory.

You can give money "In Memoriam" of P'Saw Paw to help other children like her that Christian Freedom International is helping.  

yellow shiny pumps: free from a girl in TX (one size is half a size bigger than the other)
grey slacks: free from my sister
yellow and white tank, wet seal: $3 thrifted
long clear bead and chain necklaces: $1 from a store in TX.
yellow under tank: $2? thrifted
grey sweater: $3? Gabriel brothers
yellow glass and brass vintage ring: $6 thrifted
yellow rhinestone earrings: from sister

total: $15

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Eva Girl said...

I never posted the comments I had for this post:

Amazing outfit!

Stunning shoes!

I love the colors of yellow and gray together.

You're a beauty!

: )